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A timely and uniquely compelling plea for the importance of nurture in the ongoing nature-nurture debate.In this era of genome projects and brain scans, it is all too easy to overestimate the role of biology in human psychology.
Backdrop design of human feature lines and symbolic elements to provide supporting composition for works on human mind, consciousness, imagination, science and creativity. Dreams of the Deceased: a Message from the ‘Other Side’ or a Trick of the Subconscious Mind? All humans have a brain, many people know how to use it and only few know how to use it effectively without going over the limits of harmony created by Nature. We also have our heart and even though it may seem that it is an organ that is much easier to use, human feelings and emotions have to go through a challenging refinement process for us to perceive what is really happening.
Thanks to our brain we can communicate with the world, we can perceive and transmit information. Human heart, on the other hand, seems to have only one major function in our body – to pump blood.
The following model (based on the new scientific field of Infosomatics and the research of the International Institute of Social Ecology) gives an easy to understand explanation on how things really work.  The beauty of this theory is that it does not contradict existing scientific or esoteric models. To understand this model we just have to see a human body in a form of electro-magnetic waves where human brain is a complicated radar system that can perceive information and transform it into energy, while human heart is a “power generator” that creates an environment for the needed information to be transformed. The emotional shell is responsible for the amount of flat parallel cosmic rays that our brain can receive.
This model gives a great explanation to how mutual work of human brain and heart create our life. To really know more about human aura, chakras, human brain, energy-informational world and visualization techniques that can improve the script of life that you are writing everyday -> watch our 5 hour Free Webinar. Beyond Human Mind -the Soul Evolution of Heaven's GateAuthor: Rio DiangeloThis book redefines the story of Heaven's Gate told by the last insider. By using this Web site, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Use. But in this passionate corrective to the idea that DNA is destiny, Jesse Prinz focuses on the most extraordinary aspect of human nature: that nurture can supplement and supplant nature, allowing our minds to be profoundly influenced by experience and culture.
He presents a unified empiricist picture of mind and language and morality that matches the ambition of Hume and Russell. Would the information that passes from the physical senses still be limited or would we be able to accept a deeper, nonlocal connection between ourselves and the world? Erwin Laszlo, a leading scientist and thinker of our time, states that our brain is not a classical biochemical system, but a macroscopic quantum system and therefore can capture and process information beyond sensory perceptions and tangible, deterministic logic.
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Artistic background made of brain, human outlines and fractal elements for use with projects on technology, science, education and human mind.

Because of our brain we know how our skin feels when we touch something, we know how the birds sing when they do, we know how a rose smells, we know how an apple tastes, we know sunrise, sunset and then again sunrise when we see it. A more effective way will be finding a model that can explain the work of both without giving more importance to one or the other. When our brain receives waves of information from the surrounding environment (flat parallel cosmic rays), it transforms them into energy and sends it all over our body through biologically active points (the existence of these points has been proven by several scientists and they have been used in practice in Chinese medicine for the last 4000 years). It’s like a magnifying lens that concentrates the rays on the top of our head (crown chakra in esoteric teachings) so our brain can process them. There is really no need to claim that human heart is more important than human brain or the other way around. For deeper knowledge and advanced visualization techniques check our seminars on video or request a personal consultation for guidance in finding the true cause of problems with health, personal or professional life. Backdrop composed of human head and fractal elements and suitable for use in the projects on human mind, consciousness, brain, reason, logic and creativity. Drawing on cutting-edge research in neuroscience, psychology, and anthropology, Prinz shatters the myth of human uniformity and reveals how our differing cultures and life experiences make each of us unique.
Though Prinz can't match the literary merit of the great empiricists, he successfully carries out the project set out in the subtitle of Hume's Treatise: "An Attempt to Introduce the Experimental Method of Reasoning into Moral Subjects". Prinz is a philosopher, and he believes that the nature-nurture debate has swung too far towards nature in this era when molecular biology and neurobiology are ascendant. Our logic acts as a filter for information and our feelings are often very hard to interpret and understand. If we are involved in complicated brain work, our heart sends extra blood to the areas of the brain that need more power.
This energy is what forms energy centers (chakras in esoteric literature) that are responsible for certain organs and systems of human body. Along the way he shows that we can t blame mental illness or addiction on our genes, and that societal factors shape gender differences in cognitive ability and sexual behavior.
This book was written to try and swing the balance back towards nurture.If nature is a bigger factor, then we are all stuck with what we were given at our conception. In his opinion, “some things that appear in our consciousness convey information about the world even though they are not based on sensory data. She is particularly interested in topics regarding introversion, consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe. It seems that both of them can’t really exist together in the same room, much like fire and water. Some claim that we use only 10% of our cerebral brain capacity (films like “Lucy” and “Limitless” are great examples of what happens if you tap into more than those few %).  Perhaps at this moment of our evolution we can only give explanation (or give scientific model) to mere ten percent of human brain work.
If human brain shuts down our heart can only beat for few seconds and if our heart stops, then supposedly we have up to 5 minutes to turn it back on. Along the way he shows that we can't blame mental illness or addiction on our genes, and that societal factors shape gender differences in cognitive ability and sexual behavior.

A much-needed contribution to the nature-nurture debate, Beyond Human Nature shows us that it is only through the lens of nurture that the spectrum of human diversity becomes fully and brilliantly visible. Even with all the modern equipment and devices there is still a lot of mystery as to how brain really works. Many people use this fact as a proof that human brain is more important than a human heart. Our heart (together with the energy center that is responsible for its work) creates another shell (emotional shell) above our human aura (see the picture). When you have a big emotional shell (it happens when you are true to yourself and positive towards things that happen in your life) your physical body gets sick a lot less.
With quantum operations, our brain can receive information not only by the means of our senses but directly from the world without being locally connected with it.
However, if you really know how to use both you can create something like a steam engine, where both fire and water are used to create power. However, heart is what makes us feel and be human.  Through our heart we can interact with the world on the emotional level. Big emotional shell ensures a larger number of rays that your brain can then transform into energy.
Realizing soon after the group of monks were the "Second Coming of Jesus" and His present day Disciples. Thanks to our heart we can be compassionate, we can express kindness and care for something other than our own survival.
This process makes your energy shell much more stable to external harmful influences.  Our Energy shell is just like an atmosphere of our planet that protects it from meteor showers and asteroids that can harm our planet.
This model is also supported by the latest scientific research which claims that people who see the world in negative colors get sick more often than those who have a positive look on life.
Then he systematically pokes hole in every aspect of the arguments, and builds the case for nurture.
Many people on their spiritual path believe that Love is the only true way to the “enlightenment” and that brain should always listen to the heart, but that is just tilting the vessel to one side and making it go in circles without noticing the need for a balance in order to go forward on a spiral of spiritual growth and evolution. Of course he doesn’t argue that nature has no effect, he’s just providing a correction to the current love-affair with the idea that everything is rooted in biology.For example, research has shown that intelligence is variable throughout an individual’s lifetime, and the environment a person is in has a lot to do with how much of that person’s potential is expressed. There are a lot of interesting ideas in here, such as the concept that human emotions like guilt are actually blends of simpler emotions. Perhaps guilt is just a blend of fear and sadness, and envy is a blend of anger and desire.This question caught my interest: Do we think in language or in images?

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