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New York dining mores have experienced a seismic paradigm shift in the past decade, toppling Old World restaurant titans and making conquering heroes of chefs that champion accessible food served in casual environments.
Swiss chef Daniel Humm mans the kitchen at this vast Art Deco jewel, which began life as a brasserie before evolving into one of the city’s most rarefied and progressive eateries. Unlike so many of its vaunted peers, Jean Georges has not become a shadow of itself: The top-rated food is still breathtaking.
A vibrant redesign by Adam Tihany has brought Daniel Boulud’s classically opulent restaurant into the 21st century.
Gramercy is the restaurant that transformed Danny Meyer from a one-shop restaurateur to a full-blown impresario, made Tom Colicchio a star and launched a citywide proliferation of casual yet upscale American eateries.
Although a slew of Luger copycats have prospered in the last several years, none have captured the elusive charm of this stucco walled, beer-hall–style eatery, with well-worn wooden floors and tables, and waiters in waistcoats and bow ties. This week, Yelp ABQ offers a energetic list of vegan and vegetarian eateries that win in northern and executive New Mexico.water pillow. To accumulate a list, Community Manager Howie Kaibel mined information from 3 cities, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos, to find top-rated eateries for those who cite withdrawal beef out of a equation. Thandai recipe - Holi recipesI am not that familiar with Thandai, seeing only for past 2 years in blog world, otherwise, no idea or haven't tasted or even heard about it.
Ovdukh RecipeIn order to prepare ovdukh, sour clotted milk is mixed with boiled and cooled down water.
While the sheer idea of eating sushi sans fish is something straight out of your darkest nightmares, Beyond Sushi has somehow figured out a way to turn it into something even Jiro might dream about. Whether you're a vegetarian or not, Bulan is a top-notch Thai treasure that won't leave you compromising taste (or general happiness) with its meatless menu. Without a doubt the most upscale and unique pick on this list, Elizabeth's Gone Raw is a culinary gift to the world (veghead or not) opened by Elizabeth Petty, who was introduced to the benefits of vegan and raw foods when she was fighting breast cancer.
Luckily for you and your taste buds, New York is constantly welcoming new restaurants to its food scene, with buzzy upstarts joining the impeccable landmarks that never disappoint. The original Bouley, once one of the city's great haute cuisine destinations, has over the years becomet increasingly marginal—the chef's dated devotion to an opulent late-'80s aesthetic is as unwavering today as it was when the restaurant first opened 22 years ago. A beet and mango salad with fennel, red onions and feta sounds like any other upscale beet salad.
The food is as fresh as the decor: A raw starter of wasabi-kissed hamachi tartare is paired with hamachi sashimi marinated in a subtle tandoori rub. Excess is the thing, be it the reasonably health-conscious tomato salad (thick slices of tomato and onion with an odd addition of steak sauce), the famous porterhouse for two, 44 ounces of sliced prime beef, or the decent apple strudel, which comes with a bowl full of schlag.
Siam Cafe: In Albuquerque, this is one of 3 Thai restaurants that creates going meat-free a treat.
Thai Cuisine II: The second Thai mark in ABQ to make a list, locals will advise we about a feverishness in these dishes.
Rasa: Keeping it on a light side, this Santa Fe eatery offers some stellar smoothies and soups that occur to be vegan.

Empanadas Mexican Grill: Another grill charity during slightest half of a menu for a beef free, including vegans, in ABQ. Am Spices of India: A comparatively new choice in downtown ABQ, this most buzzed-about eatery is winning over a Indian inspired. Loving Vegan: Nob Hill has a lot to offer vegetarians, and here, sushi is a outrageous concentration for those who can’t do seafood. El Gamal: Taos gets a outrageous win during El Gamal, with unconstrained Middle Eastern plates that pull locals and tourists alike.
Chop skinned cucumber and herbs finely, mix with diluted sour milk, add salt and garlic and put in a fridge. It needs to sit at a specific temperature for a certain amount of time to become the product we all know and love from trips to Italy. So being the lone pescatarian on the national food and drink team, I thought it was time to switch it up and cover places that serve bean & spicy mayo sliders and coconut bacon-crusted everything. Run by a dynamic husband & wife duo, Beyond reinvents traditional sushi using fresh, local, all-vegan ingredients. Well-known for having an awesomely attentive staff, they take traditional, authentic Thai dishes and creatively turn them into bold and delicious vegetarianized versions that still pack the same punch. Their healthy and sustainable meals include a Cajun seitan sandwich with steamed greens, caramelized onions, avocado & chili aoili on focaccia, and spinach manicotti with seitan & tapioca cheese, roasted garlic tomato sauce, tarragon cream, and cashew Parmesan. The original Lakeview location boasts traditional American diner decor while the second spot in Logan Square has a more modern vibe, but both serve up the same comfort food that could convert any carnivore.
This sophisticated Melrose Ave restaurant offers Mediterranean small plates and well-crafted cocktails for an upscale, plant-based dining experience.
Only open on Friday nights, you don't even have a say in what you're eating, as they only have a prix-fixe six-course tasting menu that changes on a weekly basis. Siblings Gilbert and Maguy Le Coze brought their Parisian eatery to Gotham in 1986, and the restaurant has maintained its reputation in the decades since. The new locale is a tricked-out version of the old one (where the sprawling Bouley Market now is). But the heady, epic tasting menus are the true heart of Eleven Madison Park, a format that spotlights Humm’s auteur instincts. Unusually generous entrees include astonishingly tender halibut, roasted on a slab of Himalayan sea salt and served with Thai basil, hearts of palm and a mellow yogurt-curry sauce. These dishes can convert even the staunchest of carnivores -- from vegified classic diner foods to all-vegan Thai and Tex-Mex to gourmet raw food tasting menus.
Colorful and beautifully crafted, your chopsticks should dig into a Spicy Mang roll with black rice, avocado, mango, cucumber, spicy veggies, and toasted cayenne sauce or the Mighty Mushroom roll made up of six-grain rice, enoki, tofu, shiitake, arugala, and shiitake teriyaki sauce. Soy Thai iced teas, deep-fried veggie hot wings, and flavorful veggie chicken pad see-ew (pan-fried flat rice noodles with broccoli, sprouts, egg, and special soy sauce) will surely hit the spot.
Oh, and their chocolate mousse pie and coconut-based ice cream might be the only desserts you'll turn down for.

From their renowned Reuben with corned beef seitan, sauerkraut & vegan thousand island to BBQ, buffalo, and Thai chili seitan 'wings', there's something to satisfy everyone. The small plates are great for sharing, like the "crab cakes" made from hearts of palm & charred corn relish, but for something a little heartier, go for the wood-fired meaty lasagna or pappardelle bolognese. Past menus have included savory options like smoked 'crab' flan, roasted 'chicken' with quinoa, peaches, fennel, marjoram & pink peppercorn, black truffle-fried cauliflower with sun-dried tomato sauce, and white peach & jasmine crisp. Le Bernardin is still a formal place, with white tablecloths, decorous service and a jackets-required policy in the main dining room.
The aromatic apples that greeted diners as they walked through the door are still at the entrance—but now there are more of them, a whole wall on wooden shelves.
Juicy fried soft-shell crabs with morels, fresh peas, ramps and couscous is a thoroughly satisfying, borderline architectural tangle of bodies and legs.
Sure, Daniel is still a big-ticket commitment, but Boulud and his team make a powerful case for keeping the high-end genre alive.
The restaurant, in turn, is expected to deliver one hell of a tasting menu for $250 ($280 if you want foie gras).
In exceptional cases, ovdugh may be added boiled and finely chopped beef and hard-boiled egg.
Don't forget to end your meal with a vegan shake (they have flavors like cookie dough peanut butter, vanilla chai, and carrot cake).
Whatever you select should be accompanied by a cocktail, like the Sophia with blanco tequila, mezcal, Kalamata olive syrup, lime, and grapefruit.
Sure, this'll cost something close to what a night at a steakhouse'll run you, but a dining experience this masterful is worth the price.
But a recent overhaul modernized the room with leather banquettes and a 24-foot mural of a tempestuous sea by Brooklyn artist Ran Ortner. The vaulted ceilings have also returned—constructed from scratch and given an over-the-top coat of golden paint.
Guests who find the $190 tasting menu or $120 four-course prix fixe out of reach can still experience the kitchen’s finesse in the lounge area, via stunning bar snacks.
Dish after dish is flawless and delicious, beginning with Thomas Keller’s signature salmon tartare cone and luxe oysters-and-caviar starter.
Have you tasted steak with mashed potatoes and Swiss chard, or burrata cheese with olive oil drizzled on top, or chocolate brownies with coffee ice cream?

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