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Has two restaurants located in the city and caters a selection of vegan, gluten-free, and organic desserts that include: cakes, the Christmas log, pies, bites, chocolate, cookies and scones.
Raw Vitality specializes in fresh and organic vegan ice creams made with base ingredients such as organic coconut and agave syrup. Some regular ingredients you can use on cakes, muffins, or cookies include their jasmin whipped cream, violet cream, and natural flower extract. Aux Vivres is the city’s first vegan restaurant and remains popular amongst its fans. Another enticing reason to try Aux Vivres desserts is their home delivery service, offered through A La Carte Express. This is another diverse vegan restaurant from where you can dine or grab a delicious dessert to go. All desserts are freshly-made and popular choices include cheesecakes, cakes, cookies, and halva. I’m mesmerized by the pomegranate fauxmage cake in the first image – where can we find this dessert? Emma is a former editor for The Kitchn and a graduate of the Cambridge School for Culinary Arts.
Get adventurous in the kitchen with this Coconut Panna Cotta – your taste buds will thank you! Transform a simple pudding into a incredible experience with this Vegan Raspberry Tapioca Pudding. Treat yourself to something delightfully delicate (and simple!) with Japanese Pearls with Raspberries. So just the other day I met up with my friend Willy Wonka over cups of steaming hot chocolate.
Well, Willy Wonka was in luck because, as a matter of fact, I did know of many wonderful vegan chocolate desserts!
As a favor to him, I took the initiative to compile a list of 50+ of the very best vegan chocolate dessert recipes on the Internet.
January 10, 2015 By Vanessa Croessmann 4 Comments I’ve had some major, and I mean M-A-J-O-R, Peanut Butter cravings lately. Today I will have the pleasure of introducing you to some of these incredible peanut butter creations. If you still have a little devil sitting on your shoulder telling you to stay away from peanut butter then check out these vegan peanut butter desserts.
The brilliant part about these peanut butter cups is that they are no-bake and only have 6 ingredients! I’m a sucker for peanut butter blossoms since my Grandma always made them for Christmas.

Oh my gosh, these all look so good that my problem will be deciding which one to make first. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. With so many healthy food choices, it’s no surprise that Crudesscene is a popular hangout. For example, rawcaroons (raw macaroons) and cookies made from raw organic cashew, coconut flakes, flax seed, and sprouted buck wheet. If you’re looking to give your desserts a twist, this is one place worth checking out. It’s a place where you can enjoy a selection of vegan dishes and an array of desserts. Because of limited seating space, it’s a perfect spot from where you can pick a vegan, gluten-free, or organic meal and irrestible dessert to go. The cafe is open seven days a week abs caters for special orders and custom-made foods, that includes desserts to suit your needs.
We have ten decadent and very tempting desserts that say otherwise, including chewy chocolate chip sandwich cookies, a vegan ice cream recipe from David Lebovitz, and some chocolate-filled tartlettes we can hardly resist. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches from Martha Stewart - This is a version of the cookies served at the vegan bakery Babycakes in New York.
Chocolate Cake with Orange Chocolate Frosting from Bon Appétit - A slice of this fudgey cake sounds pretty good right now.
Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream from David Lebovitz - Another winner from our dessert guru in Paris! Pear and Macadamia Pie from Sweet Road - We love the combination of pears and sweet macadamia nuts in this recipe.
Plum Kuchen from Vegan Yum Yum - A tender lemon-infused pastry and jammy plums are the mark of a good kuchen. Chocolate Mousse from Vegetarian Times - This mousse is made creamy with a very surprising ingredient: avocados!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Tartelettes from The Knead for Speed - A dollop of chocolate pudding held inside a peanut butter cookie cup.
No matter what you think, there’s a treat that’s perfect for Y-O-U.  Whether you’re craving chocolate, searching for salty and sweet, or looking for something fruity, there’s a dessert out there.
The fella is as weird as ever, wearing a silly hat and talking about golden tickets and children in an inappropriate manner.
Some of these chocolate recipes are simple to make, others are hard, but all of them are orgasmic. Click on the Foodie Widget below to get your golden ticket to all these delicious vegan chocolate dessert creations! P.S.

Did you ever watch the original Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, along with the remake?
Sorry Grandma, these might actually be better than yours :) No flour and only 6 ingredients! Chocolate fudge layer topped with a peanut butter fudge layer topped with crunchy peanuts = Heaven!
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Keep in mind that these desserts are made without the use of eggs, milk, butter, and flour. Whether you’re looking for floral base ingredients or ones to top up your desserts, Fuscia Epicerie is one place where you can find unique dessert goods. Whether you prefer to dine in or take out, Aux Vivres has superb homemade desserts such as brownies, cakes, cookies, and truffles, energy balls, and more to keep you coming back. Most were submitted by our close blogging friends and fellow Finding Vegan bloggers (okay, we did sneak in a couple of our own vegan chocolate recipes, too!). A big, mega, epic thanks to everyone who submitted these wonderful recipes! You guys are incredible!
There are chocolate bars, chocolate cookies, chocolate shakes, chocolate donuts, chocolate mousse, chocolate muffins – chocolate, oh delicious oozing chocolate! I actually hated the remake because the entire ‘tone’ of Willy Wonka was changed!
Everytime I’m on Pinterest, which is a lot of the time, I get bombarded with food-coma inducing peanut butter desserts. Here are some of our favorite vegan desserts that prove that dessert is made with more than just butter. If Pinterest was sooo amazing to the point where you could just tap on a picture and have the food appear in front of you, I would easily be a 500lbs woman.
Most people are aware of the fact that peanuts are mainly made of fat, so when companies make a low-fat peanut butter, they strip away the healthy peanut fat and have to replace it with sugar and carbs.
Almost all vegan peanut butter desserts are drool-worthy (there’s a couple weird ones) but there are a select few that just make me scream AH-MAZING!

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