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From boats to beer tours to baseball games, here are the real best things to do in Chicago. The Best Things To Do At Disneyland: Disneyland Turns 60 - Pursuitist PursuitistLuxury redefined.
Built by a farmer in 1841,Dallas grew rapidly and today it is a major tourist attraction for most who seeks fun and relaxing holidays. Other than that we gathered some of the things and activities which you can do in Dallas to make your holiday a memorable one. Among lot of theaters available, Dallas Theater Center is a great place to have more interesting and better entertainment experiences with their productions.
Above are some of the few things to do in Dallas, but there are many more activities and attractions to make your holiday a great one.
From a Londoners point of view, these are okay – possibly because we see them all the time (eg Big Ben) or never see them at all (eg Tower of London). Since I’ve been getting ready for my trip to Europe (doing backflips inside), I have been gathering together an itinerary.
Stay tuned for the Best Things to Do in Paris: Locals Edition, probably to be followed by about 100 other Paris articles.
Thank you for my wonderful sister, Margaux (we call her Moogie or Minkus, feel free to as well!) for all your help! On our most recent trip to Paris, last May, we stayed roughly in the Latin Quarter and really enjoyed just walking around and soaking it in.
If the sun shines, take a bateau mouche along the Seine – a nice way of seeing the city.
If you like shopping or just architecture, don’t forget to go inside the Galeries Lafayette and ogle the roof!! If you’re near the Opera, Fauchon is just as great a specialty food store as Laduree, which is over-rated, in my opinion. Located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, Texas, this Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is one of the major art museums in the country and the best thing is that Entrance is completely free for this Museum of Art. Pearl Expy, this farmer’s market is a place worth a visit whether you need items to buy or not.
With the sound quality and elegant looking place, you will have a wonderful time to enjoy live music there.
With all these ideas and activities, hope you will find the best things to do in Dallas during your vacation there.
This church was founded in 960 AD and has been the home of the Royal coronations since 1066!  Also, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, just to name a few, are buried here.  Obviously, this is a pretty historically significant place!

The quirkiest and most beautiful museum in the world… Make sure you ask them to fold back the walls!
I think I’d try to make room on the list for the British Museum, which has an embarrassment of riches (and is free, if I recall). Since it’s been a while (10 years almost) since I’ve been in Paris, my fab sister Margaux (oui! It’s estimated that in order to merely glimpse every piece of art in the Louvre, it would take you more than nine months. It’s very manageable, and the works of the late 1800s have been so much more interesting to me. You can spend as little as a couple hours checking out the palace and the gardens or a half or full day seeing the whole place. If you want to spend money on wonderful European food on the Champs Elysees, go to the Renault store (I kid you not!) and leave the overpriced cafes with rude waiters on the side. In Dallas you will find Gothic Revival architecture in many buildings such as the Kirby Building. With significant changes time to time, Dallas zoo is a popular attraction in Dallas among both kids and adults. Granada Theater and Dallas Theater Center are some other venues to find live music concerts and that will be a great opportunity to spend your time.
But she's not only a luxury lifestyle blogger, she's also a freelance writer and has been featured on The Huffington Post, Fodor's, Forbes, Pursuitist, Just Luxe and She Knows. Who better than someone named Margaux to help you plan a trip to Paris!) gave me a crash course on all the main attractions to see. You could obviously spend your entire trip inside this museum, but you have my permission to give yourself a break and only see the famous pieces in an hour or so!  Don’t worry, they have signs and maps marking the way to the most famous works of art! We recently visited California’s iconic Disneyland during the celebration of their 60th anniversary. Also there are art institutions such as the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center for those who admire artistic attractions. With such a tour, you will experience the culture and traditions where Farmers, artists and vendors from different culinary life gather in a same place.
Most of the musicians rely much on their voices and you will be able to enjoy live music and spend great time there. I’m really excited for London because it has thousands of years of incredibly rich history in and surrounding the city.
For me, it was the Dutch masters and I didn’t even try to see anything other than that.

Other activities which you can enjoy in a trip to Dallas include outdoor activities including cycling, swimming and tennis in numerous parks available. Not only people watching, you will be able to see fresh produce directly from the farms and it will be a great experience to get in Dallas. Many musicals, symphonies and productions are found there and select a concert with your choices. Places that you may not need to spend hours in if you’ve already been before, but places that you have to pop back over to, just for a little.
Additionally, we hopped over to Disney’s California Adventure Park and visited the amazing new Cars Land and watched the stunning World of Color show at Paradise Pier. Those places will definitely be on our next list, which is going to be Paris Must-See lesser-known gems. Ever since the Disneyland Park opened on July 17, 1955, the Disneyland Resort has been a magical and innovative destination for families. The stuff of Disney legends, the Hatbox Ghost returns to the thrilling yet humorous Haunted Mansion.The Matterhorn. This all-new parade features Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell using enchanted pixie dust to paint the night into an incredible evening experience. If you thought the World of Color light show was amazing before, you’ll love the new version called Celebrate! The Mad T Party had returned to California Adventure with live entertainment, music and dancing.A Stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite. Certain guests in the park will win a chance to stay in the Dream Suite — the private apartment above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in New Orleans Square.
You can enter the sweepstakes here.Buy the Glow With the Show ears and the paintbrush wand. VIP Tour Guides will customize your visit to Disneyland and California Adventure by arranging special seating for parades and live stage shows and at the distinctive restaurants at the Resort.
Professional and knowledgeable, VIP Tour Guides will also share their personal insight and experience throughout the tour.
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