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One of the main downsides of constantly travelling and living abroad would definitely have to be the problems it creates with being able to maintain a solid fitness schedule. Whether it’s having a schedule filled with sightseeing and cultural activities, or just simply not knowing your way around your new destination, maintaining a regular exercise regime often finds itself quickly dropping down the traveller’s list of priorities. I am the first to admit to using my nomadic lifestyle as an excuse for letting the consistency in my health and fitness slip.
This was the gym I belonged to while I was staying with friends in a beach side hut just south of Dumaguete in the Philippines.
While one of the house’s best features was its isolated location, this also meant there wasn’t anything resembling a Fitness First or CrossFit Box even remotely close. To counter this problem, my friends, who had been living there for a few months before I arrived, had an out door gym made by a few of the locals.
Using local materials such as Palm timber and recycled metal piping, this outdoor gym looked straight across the water towards Apo Island, one of the Philippines premier marine reserves and dive destinations. The temperature varies between hot and hotter, which would actually have been a great help if I was into hot yoga, so work outs were left for either first thing in the morning or late in the evening and almost always finished off with a swim in the ocean that sat 15 meters to its front. Aside from its epic location, most regular gym goers would probably think that the gym we had was significantly lacking in equipment and hence, limiting our exercise options.
With hard work and consistency, I was able to hang AND lift my feet off the ground at the same time!
It doesn’t take long to realise how incredibly fit you can get without the need for much equipment. A good fitness tip for folks who travel a lot is to find out if there is a particular martial art that is unique to the area you find yourself in. While our humble gym didn’t have all the bells and whistles that most commercial gyms do, I still think it is worthy of the “world’s best gym” title for one main reason – it made us want to keep going back.
Started here 15 years ago, XSport Fitness now has 24 locations in and around Chicago, including many in the suburbs and three smaller Express sites (just $9.95 a month).
Opened in Lincoln Park in 2009, this gym’s claim to fame is its creative group fitness options.

Ten years ago, the Edgewater Athletic Club opened in the historic Sovereign Hotel, aiming to turn an underused space into a neighborhood gym. 1) The first thing you have to think about when joining a gym is how much pleasure will you feel going there. 4) Any fitness gym that is of high quality will offer you the possibility to visit it before becoming a member. 5) Go check out your future gym during the day, when there should be lots of people working out.
Any one who has worked out with these before knows how versatile they are in offering a wide range of exercise options.
Pretty self explanatory, but combine these with a set of gymnastics rings and there’s a whole range of arm and core exercise that open up for you. Set these up the right way and you have the perfect, cost effective tool for working out your core with exercises such a L-sits. As my friend Laura puts it in her post on bodyweight exercise over a Fierce For Life “You don’t have to spend ages doing heaps of different, complicated exercises.
My friends regularly attended an Arnis class where, along with keeping active, they got to learn more about the local culture and meet new people. At minimum, I walk everywhere, always take the stairs, and do body weight exercises and yoga in the morning. With all your travel stuff in it, you have a 10-20kg weight that can be used for a stack of exercises! Alongside the usual kettlebell and body-sculpting classes, you’ll find Fly Yoga (you hang from special hammocks and perform poses in the air), the Caveman Workout (you swing a sledgehammer and pull heavy ropes), and parkour (you leap, climb, and vault off things). In 2005, the EAC transformed the building’s striking domed ballroom into its weight room and, three years later, renovated the entire property and expanded to its current 15,000-square-foot layout. We review them in an effort to remove foul language, commercial messages, abuse, and irrelevancies.
Think about the times when you will exercise: during the lunch break, after work or in the weekend.

While visiting you can find out more about the conditions, cleanliness, and anything else you are interested about. There are some gyms that penalize you if you want to leave it before the expiration of your membership. Due to our remote location, none of us were really up for risking an injury like a shoulder re-construction, so we stayed clear of technical Olympic Lifting moves like the snatch and just stuck to the basics, namely strict press, squats and dead lifts. In London, where it was cold and I was eating like a fatty, I actually ran up and down the stairs of all the museums. There’s also a studio for spin classes and room after room of strength-training machines, including a boxing apparatus you can spar with. The gym also offers CrossFit classes, the hardcore boot camp workout, for a higher membership fee (starting at $125 a month). Definitely not a megaclub, this gym offers some nice features for the price, such as a 20-yard indoor pool, a steam room, and newish cardio equipment. You don’t want to join a fitness gym where you can never workout at the desired fitness machine when you wish to. Cheetah distinguishes itself with some thoughtful touches, such as free coffee in the morning and coin-operated washers and dryers.
The locker room showers could use another round of fixes, but the rest of the space is spiffy and never too crowded. Attention, Logan Square residents: Cheetah plans to open in your neck of the woods later this year. If the gym you have joined isn’t close to your home or office you will start skipping on your scheduled gym time.

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