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Back in the day, hitting the convenience store after school with a pocket full of change felt like you’d won the lottery—you could skip home with a bag full of treasures and enough candy to last a whole week. Liz Adams is a fashion and personal style blogger living in the charming Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago with her husband, Dave, and their chocolate lab, Webster. A little bit about Liz: she’s addicted to coffee, lives for to-do lists, wakes up with the sun, owns too many pairs of ballet flats, laughs at herself, loves to entertain, and believes that confidence is the best accessory. Sequins & Stripes started in 2011 as an outlet for Liz’s background in fashion and textiles and a place to document her personal style on a daily basis. All throughout the year, not only on Christmas, these non-physical gifts should be made manifest and shown to our children both in word and deed. The Princess, the Boy, and the Golden Goose Flannel Board Felt Story (a lesson in kindness) by RisingMoonAdventures.
Or give a someone a free ticket to turn their drawing to a soft toy as a Christmas gift with Pofuff’s Golden Ticket.
Be an inspiration to other parents to encourage their child’s creativity via Facebook!
You'll find us cooking banana-leaf-wrapped fish over Thaan binchotan from master griller Andy Ricker of Pok Pok. Users of this site agree to be bound by the Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We've already given our picks for the 100 best gifts for 2014, and now we're rounding up the perfect presents that won't cost you a pretty penny. Subscribe to our mailing list to find out about new products, trends, community favorites, and DIY crafts! Whether you're looking for something special and unique, or trying your best to save some money this time of year, we've put together some of our favorite finds that also won't break your budget!

No matter how much you try, the holiday shopping, hostess gifts, party planning and glittery heels for the office bash tend to eat up every last bit of available cash.
Not only are there gifts to buy, but there are parties (both to attend and to throw), holiday dinners, travel expenses and a whole other hosts of costs that go along with a celebration. More than two years later, Liz has worked with a handful of fashion brands and labels, including Nordstrom, Kate Spade New York, Madewell, Neiman Marcus, Henri Bendel, LOFT, Refinery 29, Old Navy, Bloomingdale’s, Target, and Topshop, in both creative partnerships and brand representation. You can pin and tweet whatever you’d like, as long as credit is given by linking back to the original post. But since we still impose upon ourselves as parents to buy presents for our children for Christmas, we might as well put the best gifts under the Christmas tree.
Leave love notes, encouraging reminders and positive quotes for your child and other family members. This is not only a bedding to accessorise and beautify your child’s nursery or bedroom. Our editors have selected 100 amazing items to give your loved ones, co-workers, and best pals, and they're all under $150.
On this page you will find a curated collection of our best gifts under $25 that are sure to impress even the most particular best friend, co-worker, or close family member. We usually talk about extravagant shopping adventures around here, but with your budgets in mind, we've prepared a series of gift guides that are tiered by price. Sequins & Stripes was most recently listed as a top fashion blog in Chicago by CBS Chicago and was featured in the SunTimes Splash as a blogger turned entrepreneur. At the end of the day, or even as they grow older, they will remember your words and hopefully guide them as they make life-changing decisions. Not only will this be one of the best Christmas gifts under the tree, but it will also be a gift that will keep on giving as you and your child can enjoy this all throughout the year.

When our children grow older, they will remember how mum combed their hair, or kissed them goodnight every night, or hugged them goodbye before school and upon returning home.
This toy represents a creative journey undertaken by both parent and child as the child explores his creativity and imagination and expresses himself through his art. Start scrolling to get shopping, and make sure to check out even more gift guides for gifting inspiration!
Take it to the next level by grooming and pampering them with a warm bath with fragrant soaps and candles and a gentle massage. There are only a limited number of years where this youthful creativity can be nurtured and cultivated for it to blossom into a passion that can transform and direct your child’s life. Whether you’re on the hunt for something small for someone special or need an emergency back up by for the unexpected reciprocal present, we’ve sourced budget friendly presents to save you and your wallet. Before sleeping is the best time to bond with your child by story-telling, perhaps praying, engaging them in conversation about their future, your hopes and dreams and aspirations for them. Apart from that, the toy can also be a sentimental keepsake for yourself as a tangible object of your child’s youth.
And if you need a personal pick-me up, at this time of the year, $7 for an inflatable queen crown is just the right price.
With visual impact and the interactive nature of the storytelling, as well as your time spent with them, this will be one memorable present for many Christmases to come. And if this becomes a habit, it is one of the best gifts under the Christmas tree that you can give your child.

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