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Recently, sales of coloring books for grown-ups have skyrocketed, and bookstores are having more trouble keeping certain coloring books on the shelves than even popular titles like 50 Shades of Grey. Many of these coloring books have had their fair share of time at the top of Amazon’s best sellers list for coloring books, and a few have even made it into the best sellers for books overall. There’s also a section with my recommendations for what to color with, whether you prefer colored pencils or pens or markers.
I’ve tried to provide notes about the types of designs in these books, the thickness of the paper, and any other special features worth noting, but in some ways, the Amazon reviews are your best friend when deciding what to buy.
One last quick tip: Did you know that you can get your coloring books in just TWO DAYS with FREE shipping by signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime?
The trial lasts for 30 days, and there is no minimum order price in order to get the free shipping (without Prime, you generally need to hit $35 to get the free shipping, and even then, you don’t get it in just two days)!
I am keeping this section up to date with the top 10 bestselling coloring books for adults right now! This beautiful collection of mandalas, flowers, animals, and paisley patterns was just recently released and already has skyrocketed to be a #1 bestseller on Amazon. A #1 bestseller on Amazon, Stress Relieving Patterns features 45 gorgeous and finely-detailed patterns to color. Volume 2 of the beloved Stress Relieving Patterns features another 40 detailed patterns printed on one side of medium weight paper.
Angie Grace’s beautiful stress-busting coloring book for adults is full of 50 circular patterned illustrations, or mandalas, printed on just one side of the page.
This beautiful collection features 29 illustrations to color, with lots of animals, flowers, forests, and butterflies. While this coloring book is a little less abstract than some of the books in this part of the list, the expansive doodles of landscapes, keys, and rooms will give you a lot of room for colorful creativity. This book, designed for maximum relaxation, features around 30 illustrations printed on just one side of the page. This brand new release is an inspirational, spiritual book that celebrates the joy of putting color to the page.
This meditative coloring book was designed by an art therapist and an illustrator to calm you down with 100 high-quality illustrations of mandalas, geometric patterns, water scenes, wooded scenes, animals, and more. Continuing the Color Me series, Color Me Happy is a cheerful collection of 100 single-sided illustrations featuring smiling animals, lovely landscapes, and pleasant people.
If you love the bold and beautiful iconography of the age of art deco, this pattern coloring book for adults is for you.
Another coloring book by Elizabeth James, this book boasts thick pages and relaxing illustrations that will suck you right in. The Mindfulness Coloring Book has a great mixture of full page patterned doodles and more real-life patterns, like waves and sets of teacups. This book of zenlike doodles features sealife, flora, animals, patterns, letters, and more. Marty Noble has brought her illustration talents to this collection of paisley-inspired designs.

This incredibly detailed book features many of the most famous buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Jenn Ski’s gorgeous mid-century illustrations make a comeback in this collection of 30 one-sided designs, featuring interiors as well as mid-century objects. Mandalas and zen patterns provide guidance to those seeking creativity and a more balanced life. Colorists use their coloring books to perfect their shading skills, and share the results online in communities or in the reviews for the books they are working on.
These adult coloring books make great gifts for that friend who just can’t seem to calm down.
The coloring books for adults below have been organized into categories like patterns and architecture, depending on what you’re in the mood for coloring.
And if your favorite coloring book isn’t in this list, I’d like to know about that, too! That’s almost as fast as buying coloring books at the store, except you get a million times the selection (I mean, just look at this list) and you don’t even have to change out of your PJs!
Get those books ASAP by signing up for the free trial (click here!), and if you don’t want to keep the Prime benefits, just cancel before your 30 days are up.
Patterns are some of the most stress-busting designs of all to color because the repetition allows you to really get in the zone about your color selection and shading. The book features 48 images printed on one side only inspired by henna, which vary in complexity from reasonably minimal to ideal for experienced colorists. This collection of 30 mesmerizing kaleidoscopic mandalas illustrated by John Wik is printed one per side on medium weight paper. Paper is of medium weight and pens like the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners should be fine, but you might need to put a scrap page behind to accommodate for bleed from larger markers.
From feathers to loops and swirls, this book is great for new colorists or for experienced colorists planning to practice their shading. The book features animals, repeating patterns, florals, and scripture set in gorgeous typography.
Part of the Cool Colouring Books series, the illustrations are printed on just one side on a medium weight paper that can support ink and, according to the publisher, even paint!
The 30 designs come printed single-sided with perforated pages to make it easy to detach and frame your finished colorings. This book is made up of 30 single-sided pages with perforations to make them easier to remove. The over 100 illustrations are printed on heavy paper that stands up to pastels and even watercolors. Thirty illustrations are printed on the front and back of the page, so the book is not suited for markers, and reviewers warn that too much pressure from colored pencils can transfer the ink to the page behind, so be sure to protect it with a blank page slid in between.
The book features exterior shots and interior illustrations of a typical Victorian-era home. The images are as close to photo-realistic as a coloring book gets, and require a fine point.

This Zen coloring book provides tranquility and few tips in the pre-face on why mandalas were used by tibetan monks to meditate upon to unleash the energy from within the mandala. Some colorists use coloring as an opportunity to explore new topics, like Victorian mansions or art deco, that they might not have taken the time to explore otherwise.
Often, other colorists will share a few pages from the book or share their colored-in masterpieces.
The book offers a good mix of wide spaces for gradient shading and fine details, and it is just repetitive enough to really let you sink into the color selection process. Alongside the illustrations are mindfulness quotes and affirmations to keep your stress down. Keep it and a pack of pencils on your nightstand so you can always turn and spend a few minutes engrossed in a coloring project when you’re tossing and turning. The petite size makes this coloring book the perfect companion for flights or waiting rooms. The paper is heavier than that of most coloring books, allowing all but the darkest of inks to stay put without bleeding through.
It is an older Dover coloring book to be sure, but the ecstatic reviewers keep coming back to it with delight. You can look up real-world images of these places as you color them, or, you know, totally recolor them.
Dollhouse lovers and interior design buffs will love this high-quality book with descriptions alongside each image.
As you color in each mandala, your focus will shift, allowing you to fully relax your mind. Coloring books are really inexpensive (typically in the $5-20 range!) so it’s perfectly fine to get a handful to figure out what you like. With the amount we order from Amazon, I’m sure our Prime membership has paid for itself many times over in quick, free shipping. They’re a great place to start for beginners, although some colorists prefer more concrete topics like animals or architecture. Markers bleed through the pages, so be sure to protext the next one with a few sheets of paper. In addition to regular coloring pages, you’ll find bookmarks, gift tags, and cards that make it easy to share the joy of coloring with your friends and family. The intricacy of the designs will also encourage you to express yourself as you use your own unique palette to fill in every pattern. Remember, it’s way cheaper than a therapist and will provide you hours and hours of enjoyment!
Whether you're new to the practice or have been using mandalas for years, this Zen book will bring you inner calm and maximized creativity--one coloring page at a time.

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