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It’s so easy to list all the features of your product or service, isn’t it?  I bet you could do that right this minute and come up with at least 10.  Why don’t you try it?  Just list the first 5 features you can think of?
Let’s explore that idea a bit further.  If I describe a feature of my product as being ‘machine washable’, is that a benefit to my customer?   No, it’s not!   The benefit is the way in which the feature will directly affect your customer’s life. So take one of your features and keep asking yourself the question (remembering to answer as one of your customers) ‘The product has this feature, which means that xxxx (insert benefit)’.   You might need to go down several levels before you can’t answer the question anymore.  Congratulations! When you next receive a piece of marketing material, take a look and see if the sender has listed a whole load of features or pointed out the benefits.    Ask yourself what benefit their product is to you and see if they mention this in the text. Download our free start-up guideDownload this fantastic guide - "3 Steps to Starting a Successful Business". Welcome to the John Marshall Law School's Employee Benefits Law Student Association (EBLSA).
The EBP deliver innovative work-related opportunities for young people to prepare them for a successful working career.
NewsletterTo be kept up to date with EBP news, please enter your email address below and click subscribe. We believe and perform to give our cent percent in avoiding unexpected failures & production losses for our customers, stepping up overall equipment and system effectiveness and maximizing of asset performance.
The trend of shifting benefits costs and decisionmaking to employees means workers have increasing opportunity and responsibility to make choices that affect both their health and wealth, benefits experts noted during a recent briefing in New York. Reflecting the shift in benefits decisions to individuals, the panelists noted that voluntary benefits and products are becoming increasingly important to employees, a point highlighted in two Prudential white papers, "Optimizing Employee Benefits in the Post-Health Care Reform Environment," and "Voluntary Benefits: A Critical Tool for Improving Employees' Financial Wellness," shared at the event.
Drawing upon the findings from the "Optimizing Employee Benefits" white paper, Prudential's Gemus noted the accelerated pace of change in the benefits space including the adoption of wellness programs, and the shift in cost and decision making to employees.
Winston Benefits is a HR solutions company that helps businesses automate and streamline their employee benefit programs. More and more companies are choosing to offer Paid Time Off (or Personal Time Off), which pools sick days, vacation days, holidays, and personal days into a bank of hours, allowing employees to use it as the need arises. Some employees don’t use their sick time and since sick time is usually “a use it or lose it” proposition it can seem very unfair.
Regardless of your company’s time off policies, it is important to periodically review the policy and compare it to what is actually happening, the practice.
The reasons that a person chooses their particular profession are both personal and practical.
You could list a lot of personal reasons why pursuing an MHA degree is the right choice for you, but you should also consider the practical reasons why this kind of a career is your best option. You could have decades of experience in the healthcare field, but you are not going to achieve your administrative employment goals without an MHA. In most organizations, people who are on a corporate career path in healthcare management or administration will risk losing their positions if they do not get their MHA degree. Some people avoid getting their MHA because they do not feel that the investment in their career will pay for itself over time. If you want to maximize your earning potential in the healthcare industry, then you need an MHA degree. An MHA puts you in line for a position that dictates the future of a healthcare organization. Healthcare is serious business and it takes a strong and decisive individual to run a healthcare organization.

When you pursue an MHA degree, you are faced with having to learn a wide variety of different disciplines.
There is a challenge associated with an MHA degree that does not exist with a standard MBA or almost any other kind of degree. The healthcare field in general will see a significant spike in available positions in the coming years, but this will be especially true in healthcare administration.
Your MHA degree will be the key to a prolonged and successful career in the healthcare industry. When you have your MHA degree, you can choose what kind of medical facility or network that you can work for. If you want a career where you will make a difference in the lives of others, then get your MHA degree and become a healthcare administrator. Simply enter your email address in the box below and you will be taken to the download page.
Our purpose is to provide networking opportunities for Employee Benefits students at John Marshall and to create greater exposure to Employee Benefits program and the work of Employee Benefits students. There are a multiple ways that individuals or businesses can get involved and make a difference both for the next generation of recruits and your company.
They outlined the challenges and choices employees are facing during the annual benefits enrollment season, particularly with regard to voluntary benefits. Custom designed and developed client-specific solutions help enrich their total compensation and rewards programs while optimizing processes such as benefit communications, enrollment and administration. Traditional Leave PlansPosted on October 21, 2013 by adminCompanies sometimes struggle with the best policy for their company.
PTO plans are generally more flexible than traditional leave plans because they do not distinguish employee absences from personal days, vacation days, or sick days. Gone are the days when we considered about how best to categorize the time off, what to do if employees run out of vacation or sick time, or if it is okay to pay the hours from another bucket.
Typically, employers do not pay out unused sick time but they do payout vacation time usually provided the employee provides sufficient notice.  In this case, it is a good idea to have a policy that says how much time you will pay out at termination (with advanced notice).
It is important to make sure that your payroll procedures for dealing with time off agree with your time off policy.
If you are a student who is just considering what career to enter, or you are a person who has years of workplace experience but is considering a change in careers, then you will want to give serious consideration to pursuing a Master of Health Administration degree. Aside from giving you the chance to be successful in the healthcare industry without having to go to years of school to be a doctor, an MHA will give you the solid foundation you need to pursue a fulfilling career. Some organizations may take you on at an entry-level position to allow you to get some valuable experience in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is a lucrative way to make a living, but you will only be able to live up to your true potential if you have the necessary educational foundation.
There is a wide variety of healthcare administration positions available in a lot of different industries, but the median income for a healthcare executive with his MHA is between $82,000 and $117,000 per year. The jobs that pay this median salary are only achievable with the help of the added education as well as many years of practical work experience. Your decisions will affect the careers of potentially hundreds of people as well as the lives of thousands of patients.
The sense of responsibility that comes with these kinds of positions can help to make this one of the most rewarding career choices you could make.

You need to be accomplished in accounting, market research, management skills and you also need to have a strong set of leadership qualities as well. The broad scope of information that you must have at your disposal makes this one of the more prestigious degrees to attain in the business and healthcare fields. As the population of the United States continues to get older, more and more healthcare facilities will open to accommodate the need. You will be able to enjoy advancement in your field and, as long as you continue to enhance your educational background, your opportunities will be significant.
You could decide to become the administrator of a nursing facility, or you may decide to take on the responsibility of running an entire health network. The finest doctors in the country cannot practice their craft without capable administrators. You will dictate the fate of new medical technology and your efforts will help bring adequate healthcare to the area where you live.
With PTO, an employee doesn’t have to wonder, “What happens if I schedule my doctor’s appointments for one day – is that sick time, even though I’m not really sick?” With PTO, all paid time off comes out of one bank.
Finally, companies need to be consistent and also have procedures in place so that employees can access their time off balances. But if you are not going to pursue your MHA degree, then there is only so far that you can go. The income varies based on the size of the organization and the extent of your healthcare industry experience. The notion of taking on more responsibility is one of the reasons why some people pursue a career so diligently.
Not only that, but you also need to become knowledgeable regarding the work that your particular organization does. The trend of urgent care facilities replacing emergency rooms at hospitals is also creating a need for more administrators. The patients that rely on hospitals and other healthcare facilities cannot get the help they need without the hard work of compassionate and dedicated administrators. You can get your degree and return to your hometown to help create the most comprehensive and effective healthcare system that your area has ever seen. In the end, those careers wind up being lucrative, but their relative effect on the public is limited. As the trends in healthcare continue to change, your skill set will allow you to be flexible in the decisions that you make. However, with PTO the reward is the bank of paid time off to use as needed and could possibly end up being more vacation time.
The good thing for the employer is that in this case, it is usually prescheduled (unless it really is sick time).

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