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Lawsuit claims Ezra Nawi and Guy Butavia were targeted in April 2014, after being stopped by police and accused of various traffic offenses, all of which were subsequently dropped. For nine years, Alternative Currents was broadcast on WERU-FM radio and through live streaming on the web. Some of these programs remain, to this day, unedited – but I post them for their valuable content until such time as I can get my hands on a digital editor. Many people in the movement toward awakening global consciousness were interviewed by Arjuna and culminated in this book. A longtime student of Charlotte Joko Beck, Bayda invites us into a deeper appreciation for everyday life. Through years of working with congregants in pastoral-care situations, Mary Murray Shelton, a popular leader with the United Church of Religious Science, has observed that difficult experiences in our lives are opportunities for us to move forward in profound ways.
Guidance from the Darkness is for anyone who wants to grow through pain rather than be shut down by it.
Though there is slight background noise to this interview in places, it’s still amazing to hear Ellsberg the wise elder, 30 plus years after his publishing of the Pentagon Papers caused Nixon’s downfall, still passionate about democracy in the true sense of the word.
An hour long conversation with one of my favorite astrologers, Susan is amazingly approachable, full of heart and always right-on with her wisdom and guidance from the stars.
Susan also founded Astrology Zone, a website I visit monthly to get a handle on what the universe is tossing my way. A psychotherapist who utilizes Apache shaman practices with his clients, having apprenticed under Snow Leopard, an Apache medicine chief, in the mid-1970’s.
A fascinating conversation about Ruiz’ teachings with this artistic, thoughtful woman. From his website, “I used to believe that we must choose between science and reason on one hand, and spirituality on the other, in how we lead our lives. Edward is the best-selling author of a number of popular cookbooks and past president of the San Francisco Zen Center. Pritchard shares his experiences of fasting, his first sweat lodge, going on a vision quest, and receiving his spiritual name. Pritchard adds texture to No Word for Time by comparing Algonquin ideals and practices to other religions. We can’t ignore that time seems sped up, these days – how do we who must live in the world rather than meditating on a mountaintop recover a sense of the sacred when it comes to time?
GREENFIRE WOMEN – GREENFIRE RETREAT (April 2004) – this group of gifted elders ran a retreat facility, now closed, on the coast of Maine. Although perhaps best known for her book The Artists Way, here Julia speaks to how we can discover the artist within through active contact with nature. Kevin does a fabulous job integrating Buddhist spiritual principles with the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. An interesting way of going beyond western psychotherapy, utilizing a more holistic method of transforming habitual patterns.
LOPON KARMA WANGCHUK – MARATIKA LAMA (August 2003) Visiting Dzogchen monk from Nepal –An interesting conversation with a Buddhist monk from the east – the energy in the studio was definitely enhanced by his presence therein, and though his English was not fabulous, you should have no trouble understanding him.
I truly do not know where to begin with Marion – she was one of the wisest elders in her time, and has written extensively on the need for conscious feminine energy, no matter our gender. Interesting interview with a doctoral psychologist who has regressed hundreds of people beyond “past lives” to a place in between lifetimes where they can derive greater meaning from the soul’s journey.
Longtime psychopharmacologist Siegel (UCLA Medical School faculty) puts forth some very interesting information backed by years of research with various addictive substances. A devotee of Ammachi whom many consider the Divine Mother incarnate, Savitri speaks about her experiences with “Amma” both in the book and on the air, interspersing her personal experiences with Hindu myth and interesting historical details.
Interesting story of Bess’ personal experience of being in India with Ammachi when the tsunami hit. Stephanie has given us a beautiful collection of Buddhist essays on consumerism in her newly released book. TERRY COLE WHITTAKER – EVERY SAINT HAS A PAST, EVERY SINNER A FUTURE (June 2001) Having grown up in Southern California, I remember Dr.
I first encountered Ken Silvestro while a student at Vermont College, and thought we could have a fascinating conversation, on-air.
Ken earned his PhD at the University of Connecticut in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
We watch them walking, talking, and otherwise expressing themselves with vigor and variety.

Although I, myself sound tight as a drum in this interview for reasons I cannot now recall (!), I remember Bayda being a genuine pleasure to speak with. In Guidance from the Darkness, she offers an alternative interpretation of what happens in times of darkness, that provides hope and that steers the sufferer into new realms of power, love, beauty, strength, and success.
Going beyond symptom relief to the deeper causes of pain, Shelton shows how our inner divine wisdom can custom-make a permanent healing that involves changing both behavior and thought. At Hell’s Gate is a memoir of Thomas’ service in Vietnam, subsequent emotional collapse, and healing journey through an encounter with Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh, to his ultimate path of service in the Soto Zen tradition.
This book gives anyone a basic starting point in understanding how astrology can affect our daily lives, from Susan’s unique perspective.
She gives in-depth advice that is helpful and astonishingly accurate, informing us not only on one or two aspects of our lives, but in-depth patterns that are affecting us collectively.
Dossey uses scientific backup for his theories and research on prayer, healing and complementary medicine. He helped found and run the internationally acclaimed Greens Restaurant in San Francisco with the renowned chef Deborah Madison.
Pritchard has come up with an astonishingly lyrical and spiritually deep summation of the the myths, history, and philosophy of the Algonquin people and particularly his own Wabanaki people, the northeasternmost of all Native Americans. He writes eloquently about Algonquin purification rituals, the art of giving things away, dance as sacred poetry in action, singing, cherishing diversity, respecting elders, honoring children, and reverencing the earth. Supporting women (and some men) in spiritual emergence, facilitation based on the ancient system of the Enneagram helped empower the individual. How is it nearly impossible to reflect on early psychic programming until the middle of our lives? Meyer is a longtime interior designer who equates home with the womb – a richly symbolic approach to clearing and creating a spiritual living space.
This conversation covers many basic precepts, as well as getting a feel for her wonderful presence as a guiding light in the realm of deep self transformation.
A former student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, this Tibetan Buddhist teaches us how to bring harmony and meaning into the workplace. Paul is a first-class advocate for the common citizen, and this book has become required reading in some college classrooms.
Gross is so engaging – this is a man who dresses up as Socrates and shows up in the middle of cities to get ordinary citizens involved in asking questions rather than taking another’s truth as one’s own. She speaks of Ammachi’s rescue efforts and enormous humanitarianism during this tragic time. Authors such as Thubten Chodron, Judith Simmer-Brown and Kaza herself, along with many others, speak to untangling the greed that dominates our culture and keeps us from experiencing more authentic lives. Actually I interviewed Susan along with my then-19 year-old daughter Amanda, in order that we could get two generational perspectives on dealing with women in our lives and in the workplace.
By practicing mindfulness we integrate body and mind, cultivating the ability to be receptive, fresh and spontaneous. She has an MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy, a Certificate in Authentic Leadership, and has been long time faculty at Naropa University. Zen teaching for awakening to life wherever you happen to be, from the author of Being Zen, and At Home in the Muddy Water.Bayda's gift for taking Zen teaching and relating it to every aspect of life has made his books popular even with people who aren't Buddhists.
Simple practices are not always easy in everyday life, but they are always available to us. Suffice it to say, when a PhD Psychologist meets a bushman tribe in Africa, his life is forever changed. Alternative Currents caught up with him when he was in town presenting at a local zen retreat center.
The author, who taught a course on sacred poetry at Columbia University, was tutored by his Micmac elders and also studied their language extensively.
Megory has a rich personal history in religion and theology, formerly as an Anglican monastic in New York and then as a comparative religion scholar.
This conversation with three of the key women running the retreat provides thoughtful insights. Why is it not possible to achieve a higher or better relationship with the divine than we have with ourselves?
Michael has over 20 years of business experience holding executive positions with such firms as Bankers Trust, Paine Webber, Simon & Schuster and Walt Disney. Using Socratic questioning techniques, Gross will get you thinking better for and of yourself.

Women relate differently than men, and learning about these differences can lead to better communication and understanding. She’s still a great inspirational speaker, backing up her guidance with wisdom from both the West and the East. By practicing the postures of the five qualities, we recognize our patterns and learn to embrace all aspects of ourselves. Her first career was as a dance performer, choreographer and teacher … She is a long time student of Trungpa Rinpoche, a senior teacher in the Shambhala International community, and a founding member of Maitri Council International. He and his team spent time with psychologist Paul Ekman, who is known for his research on emotions, and Dacher Keltner, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.After seeing this animated film, we remembered The Book of Qualities by J. I have included a link to each program’s PODCAST in green, for your listening enjoyment. His practical wisdom is reminscent of Pema Chodron, coincidentally also one of his teachers.
Speaking, writing, traveling, and facilitating retreats, workshops, ceremonies and rituals are my special delights. Can we repair our relationships without the tendency to see ourselves as victims who need revenge?
With more personal awareness, relaxation and friendliness (maitri) towards ourselves, we move away from rejecting our neurosis to seeing our intrinsic sanity. Secondly, Being-Awareness: cultivating a larger sense of what life is, going beyond the basic awareness of the sensory world to transform the narrow experience into a more spacious sense of being. Ruth Gendler in which she personified 76 emotional and abstract human qualities from Beauty and Depression to Innocence, Honor, and Wisdom. In addition to his practice, Ken has been involved in research projects at Yale University and the Department of the Navy, and has extensive university teaching experience. And thirdly, Being-Kindness: Connecting with the love and kindness that are our true nature, and beginning to live from that joyful and compassionate place.
She then talked to a junior high school English class about her approach to treating the emotions like persons and asked them to each select a quality and briefly personify it in three or four paragraphs.Gendler was surprised by the maturity of the students as they grappled with the feelings, thoughts, and observations in these creative portraits.
I’ve been a Center for Spiritual Living minister since 1986, and have pastored large churches, been Dean of one of our school of ministry campuses, and am an instructor for them. People hurt each other no matter how much love they share, and it’s a truism that the greatest hurts are meted out by the closest of intimates. He held faculty positions at Bowdoin College, the University of Montana, Vermont College and Providence College, among others. The phases enrich each other to create a practice that works no matter what the complexities of your circumstances."A clear and comprehensive guide to life transformation.
For example, those who chose to write about Loneliness soon discovered themselves feeling the isolation, loss, and abandonment of others.
No friendship, no marriage, no family connections of any kind would last if the silent reparative force of forgiveness were not working almost constantly to counteract the corrosive effects of resentment and bitterness. Ultimately, he chose to establish his psychoanalytic practice in the beauty of western Montana; it is there that his life and work are centered. Some created dialogues between qualities, thus coming to grips with the contradictory voices within themselves.
Ezra's book brings clarity to the heart and allows Metta and Being Kindness to play their natural role in allowing us to love whether or not the objects of love are inherently lovable. We would keep moving on, searching for perfect connections with mythical partners who would never hurt or disappoint. He deserves membership in the ranks of respected meditation teacher-authors." Publishers Weekly. The wish to repair a wounded relationship, whether it takes the form of forgiveness, apology, or some other bridging gesture, is a basic human impulse.
And the next time you feel like crying (but you can’t because other people are around) observe your reaction. Without this lightness of heart, how could we ever step beyond the protective cocoon?“The transformation of fear does not mean that we no longer have fearful responses. This is what practice is about: learning to stop believing that our deep-seated reactivity is who we are.

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