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There’s a fine line between being confident and being arrogant, but I feel quite confident that you know where that line is drawn and, if not, just take a step back and notice which one gives you a good feeling.
I need to heart this message more often, haha, having a lack of confidence is big struggle of mine. Yesterday I had a lovely intellectual conversation with a Frenchman twenty years my senior (and quite my senior in terms of work titles too) about our jobs and history. I am shy, but I used to be really shy, and afraid of even being out in big crowds when I didn’t know anyone.
By Neal Martin 3 Comments Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Digg Tumblr Print Email Pocket You remember that story about the tortoise and the hare?
As I mentioned in my last article, when you’ve been doing something for a while, like self defence training, and you start to get half way decent at it, there is a tendency to become over-confident in your abilities, a trait that can easily lead to disaster.
Indeed, to be any good at something like self defence you need that sense of confidence or you won’t get very far with it. A recent study of anaesthesiologists found that one of the most frequent cognitive errors was premature closure of the initial diagnosis. We all make snap judgements about things all the time and invariably, we like to stick to those judgements because backtracking is too much hassle usually.
In making critical decisions, you should always question your assumptions, biases, and knowledge.
Those involved in self defence training will often use lots of information and data to support what they are currently teaching or training in, conveniently forgetting the mass of information and data that contradicts what they think they know. Use critical thinking to question what is being taught and what you are doing in training, and do not let over-confidence get in the way of evaluating things thoroughly. Many of these assertions are based on the fact that the person’s opponent was standing still with their arms by their sides when the technique was used. That’s just two examples of stuff that is being widely taught as being high percentage and practical, even though the objective evidence says it is far from it. So those are some of the dangers involved in being over-confident when it comes to self defence. Over-confidence can obviously get you in trouble if you are not careful, but overcoming over-confidence can also result in a loss of confidence as well.
Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ. Assurance of salvation is written all through the Bible and Paul wants us to be sure that we are confident in the Lord's salvation.
Confidence, specifically, is important because it allows you to be the best version of yourself.
Not only does exercise get your blood flowing and energy cranking, you’ll be doing your body a huge favor by burning calories and building muscle. One of the easiest ways to boost your confidence is to sit up straight and take a deep breath, or two.
I remember I was asked to give a speech on global warming to a class a few years ago and I was so nervous before (this is probably where confidence takes the biggest beating: public speaking), but once I started talking, I knew the topic so well that all the unease left and was filled with confidence.
If you feel happy with who you are, what you are doing and where you want to be, the confidence just comes naturally because you’re not worried about what other people think!

I think my confidence comes from certainty and right now everything in my life is really uncertain. It was one of the best conversations I’d had in a while, and I really surprised myself!
A tortoise and hare where having a race and the hare was so supremely confident he would win the race that he took a nap halfway through.
One of the major benefits of self defence (or even martial arts) training is that it can boost your self-confidence in a very major way. You may get away with this most of the time, but what if you make a snap judgement in a self defence situation that turns out to be completely off the mark? Snap judgements are reflexive by nature and they can save us time when we have act to fast, but just be aware that they aren’t always right.
One guy on Facebook recently tried to argue that a boxing jab was a valid self defence technique, despite the fact that all the evidence points to the contrary. Take time to look at your failures, or incidences when you did not achieve your own personal goals.
I remember the days when pressure point was the rage,and we all studied these charts showing magical buttons to hit, rub, or press-carefully as our opponent might die. Often, we find it easier to find our flaws and failures over our favorable attributes and this needs to stop! So if you want to instantly feel better about yourself take a shower, wash your hair, and shave.
But when things are in order, you can think straight, feel in control, and tend to be in a better mood. I was most proud of my ability to answer questions which I hadn’t prepared for at all.
The game-changers and connectors in this world are almost always unmatched in their quiet confidence sense of self-worth. In my early twenties it was hard to truly be confident because I wasn’t quite sure who I was yet. I never get tired of seeing this increase in confidence in new students and it is one of the reasons why I find teaching so rewarding most of the time. Successful people are almost always confident people as well, even if that confidence is a quiet confidence and not the extroverted Tony Robbins type confidence that many successful people seem to exhibit.
There have been many studies done that have involved experts from across many fields and every study has found that these people tend to put great trust in their opinions and overestimate their expertise. Their minds are made up and they stay that way, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.
Seek out a diversity of perspectives, find opinions different from your own, collect additional information, and use that information systematically.
In the same study of physicians it was found that a second common bias was the failure to pay attention to or actively seek information to  challenge the initial diagnosis. Not only will this help you to shape a realistic measure of your ability, it will help you to focus on skills, strengths, or other qualities that you need to work on. Then I remember my first encounter-ever tried to hit an object the size of a dime when it is in motion?

Paul's emphasis here is that we be "confident" in one thing, that God is the one who saves us, changes us, sanctifies us and keeps us. But a straight spine, pulled back shoulders, and a raised chin truly does do something magical to your mood. Research shows that when we nod our head up and down throughout a conversation with others, this tiny little movement somehow improves our state of happiness and confidence. So if your circle of friends are downers, it’s time to make some new ones who have a positive outlook on life. We have certain parts of our lives where our confidence shines, but for some, confidence is lacking in the place that is most important: in ourselves, for ourselves.
As I got closer to 30 I stopped apologizing so much and started to kind of say- love it or leave it! And I think one of the key differences between confidence and arrogance isn’t how you feel but how act. A simple childhood fable, but one which illustrates perfectly the dangers of over-confidence. They then go on to preach the benefits of this technique despite the overwhelming evidence that says the technique is pretty much worthless and unworkable in a real fight.
Again, it may work against a static opponent who hasn’t a clue, but against a moving opponent?
Get a thorough understanding of the basics before moving on to the more “cooler stuff”, whatever that may be.
If confidence is something you want to increase, check out these 10 instant ways to Boost Up! Just don’t forget to bust out the spray bottle and give your workspace and countertops a good wipe-me-down.
And at the end of the day, your To Do list will be done, and you’ll be able to rest feeling accomplished. Because when you’re around confident people, guess what, they build you up instead of tearing you down. I see so many people (and am guilty of this myself quite often) slouching through life, but I urge you to sit up straight, speak clearly, and walk with confidence.
There is a possibility they are right, and because they see you from a different perspective, you should hear them out. If He is the one who began the work in us He will also complete it until the day Christ returns for His bride.
Never trust in yourself and your own works, or you will surely see the fruit of that lived out in your life. Yet the guy who was preaching the merits of this technique could not be swayed from his judgment and was obviously ignoring disconfirming information on this technique.
If anything needs to be increases, we are urging you you believe in yourself and your goals enough to #BoostUp.

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