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I remember being pregnant and although I was excited I was sure I'd still need a "real job" & so I went on maternity leave rather than quitting out right. Being a good mom doesn’t have to look a certain way…How I overcame my fear of being different! Rewind 15 years, back to the days when I was just a rookie at motherhood and taking care of a home. With such a perfect model before me, my differences felt as though they would forever stand in the way of my becoming a good mom. The Mom’s Best seal of approval is the best 3rd party endorsement around, a stamped seal of approval that mom’s love it!
As time goes on, that desire grows stronger and stronger…even as we begin to realize that despite our best intentions, we often feel woefully inadequate when it comes to raising children. Armed with fierce determination in the early days, I immersed myself in mothering and homemaking. Back then, I thought I had to do everything perfectly…and by that I mean doing things the way my mom did them. She didn’t get upset when my brothers and sisters didn’t clean their rooms or finish their jobs – but it was always really important to me to teach my kids to be responsible for their things.
She said, “Jenny, being a good mom doesn’t have to look a certain way.” Suddenly, a world of possibility seemed to open up to me.
My differences – the ones I used to be so scared of – have actually been the keys to unlocking a life that I LOVE!
I have learned that as I am true to myself, happiness settles in around me like a warm blanket on a chilly day.

I have such a hard time certain days or moments when I feel like I'm not "That" perfect mom with the perfect house,kids and so on. As you celebrate what makes you you,  you will unlock the door to living Your Best Life, and discover that you already are the kind of mom you’ve always wanted to be. I have Chicken Tortilla Soup on the stove, and I’m planning to take some to a friend who isn’t feeling well.
And perhaps worst of all, I don’t ever remember her going to lunch, taking a class, or pursuing any of her own interests – and I always felt as though I was drowning if I didn’t constantly have a hobby or business on the side.
What frightened me was the dawning realization that I didn’t like being home all of the time. And when I began to embrace these differences, instead of running away from them, I began to live a life that feels too good to be true.
Judy Garland said, “Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else.” Remember, being a good mom, a happy wife, or a successful person doesn’t have to look a certain way. It's taken time for me to realize that I can only do the best that "I" can and not the version of someone else's best. Along the way, I unlocked my full potential to not only be happy in life, but become the kind of mom I had always wanted to be. Rather than rush through the preparations, I take my time chopping green onions and slicing avocados.
I pictured a house that wasn’t always perfectly cleaned and organized, but felt warm and welcoming – a place where I actually wanted to be. My yard is no longer immaculate (it’s decent, but not picture-perfect,) and some weeks my toilets don’t get scrubbed.

So now, because I spend time pursuing what is important to me, I love the days when I can stay home and take care of my home and family.
And so I resented stacking blocks, reading stories, grocery shopping, and scrubbing floors. But most importantly, I could see myself being a loving, supportive mother who adored and empowered her children, but who also placed equal priority on her own personal needs and talents.
I’ve even gradually allowed my children to take more responsibility for their hair, their homework, their chores and their piano practice – without rescuing or micromanaging them. It’s overcast and rainy outside, and I look out the window and watch the fall leaves swirling around on the grass. Every moment spent doing these activities felt monotonous, and it reinforced my growing certainty that I had other abilities that were waiting for their moment to shine.
And yes, there are those occasional missing assignments and crazy hair-do’s that raise some eyebrows. I can hear the sounds of my two little girls’ voices as they play with their babies in the back room.
I decide to take a break from cooking, turn on the fireplace, and call them to come in and sit on my lap in front of the fire to read a few stories.

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