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Talk a walk with them one-on-one, ask genuine questions and use those active listening skills. When working from home with a little one take a 20 minute break to read a story, color a picture or work on puzzle. With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, my Facebook newsfeed has been filled with quotes and articles about moms. Just now I finished reading a post written by a mom about how moms that “are in the trenches” don’t get the recognition and celebration they deserve. But the downside with these quotes and sayings and articles is that the feelings they elicit are short-lived. And then the very next day (or even the very next moment) you are back in the midst of being your same old self.
And at the end of the day, when the kids are in bed and we can finally relax, the things that pop into our head are the things that didn’t go well.
Place it on your nightstand or somewhere where you will see it first thing in the morning, along with a pen. Get started right now by printing out the template and make sure to place it somewhere you will remember to fill it out. And while you’re at, why not make a list of all the reasons your mom or mother-in-law is wonderful.
For more ideas on how to start your day on the right track and get the most out of it, this article highlights 10 things we can all do. When my daughter went to a Montessori preschool, the teachers taught the children that they each have a little light inside of them that shines brightly and makes them unique.
That idea really stuck with me and I always think of that little light inside of me when I’m having a rough day and it reminds me to feed that flame with positive thoughts.
And I will be celebrating Mother’s Day with a picnic by the lake with my awesome husband and then a birthday party for my little guy. I immediately took a screen shot because I felt that it would make for a great future post.
Groggily, I pulled him up in bed with me for a hug and cuddles and started fumbling for my thermometer and my iPhone, as taking my waking temperature is an integral aspect of natural family planning. If you are not a part of a local mom’s group or Bible study, I urge you to spend some time on Google and see if you can find something to be apart of. This list is definitely not exhaustive, but doing even some of these things on the hard days really helps me. I’ve just found this post on Pinterest and I love it ?? You’re so conscious of that nobody could be perfect and also U seem to be a very loving and normal mother ?? Such a model to me (I’m struggling with some fears related to having a family and giving birth and I look for good models and positive information all the time).
He’s sitting there beaming, not asking for an iPad or a trip to Disney World or a family fun night each week. I’ve thought a lot about that simple conversation I had a few years ago with my eight year old.
A little bit of organization, inspiration, and motivation will go a long way in overcoming those barriers… which translates into a happier, better mom.
Until I deal with unpacked boxes from the last move, paper piles, and dust bunnies, I know I’m never going to stop feeling constantly overwhelmed. Take one week to systematically work through each room of the house de-junking, purging and organizing your space. This guide highlights common problem areas and will help you identify the clutter areas that apply to you. I’ve learned so much from other women when it comes to making the most of your mornings. Begin working through the 30 different projects in the Your Simple Home Handbook. Pick three or four to complete this week and see what a difference they make. There will be days when your best intentions or well laid plans will get overwritten by an emergency, a chance to serve someone else, or sheer exhaustion. I think we all know what a meaningful time with the Lord does for our attitude, words, and actions.
Commit to making a habit of meeting with the Lord first thing every day, before anything else distracts or demands your attention. This post by Lindsey will show you exactly how to assemble your own binder and what you might want to include in it. This course will help identify key changes to make regarding dietary habits that will deliver the greatest health impact.
So, there you have it~ ten practical ways to stop being overwhelmed, become equipped, and nourish your body, soul, and spirit. About Arabah JoyMissionary Incognito and Online Mentor, I disciple others through a mix of story, transparent example, and practical instruction centered around God's word. Try because a mom is given the privilege and honor of partnering with the Living Creator God in the process of creation. If the child (now accountable adult) choose death versus life then the mom (and yes dad) can pray to their God that they will accept what was so freely created in their life by the God who loves them.
PRAYING – That one may seem like a no-brainer but I am trying to become more intentional about praying for and with my children. Congratulate them for good papers, help them mentally prepare for the homework they have to do.
I think of it as a person working outside of the home would, when you have a scheduled break you aren’t doing any work. You have the power to change your thoughts and consequently how you think of yourself with a simple technique.

When you end up in the midst of chaos, your brain will be able to quickly pull out all the awesomeness that is within you and allow you to take a deep breath.
I don’t do it every day, but when I begin to feel that life is pulling me down, I quickly grab pen and paper and start writing. And I have always felt that the little light is such a beautiful way to create an image for children, something they can relate to such an abstract concept. I help parents take the stress and guilt out of modern parenting with my Back-to-Basics approach, which encompasses 20 years of my experience teaching young children and coaching families. I recently wrote a post sharing how I feel like women need to give themselves a break when they are too tired to be a good mom. Ezra continued to squirm, trying to reach for my glasses on my night-table which he said that I needed. I pulled on my pajama pants while rubbing sleepies out of my eyes, all while he exclaimed, “Come on Mommy!!
Three breakfasts and a lunch to make, in between sips of coffee and a short sit-down on the couch to check Facebook. So I turned to my arsenal of tricks and solutions and topped it off with a little bit of grace and a lot of deep breaths.
Rock your babies to sleep. So it was 10am and Ezra had just thrown three things across the room in the space of about five minutes.
Say no to outside stressors. I have learned through experience that I do not do well with commitments when I am mothering a little one. If I think about the reasons I feel bad most days or get angry at stupid little things, it’s because I need sleep. It helps that we like the same TV shows so several nights a week we watch TV together after our son is in bed.
I have had many a day where I could not have gotten by without doing several of the things you suggest above. Roetzer but we do use a natural family planning method (charting temps mainly as well as tracking other fertility symptoms). There are some tough days, but I have done many of the things you mention to reach a peaceful place amidst the kid-chaos.
My husband is a night owl and likes when I stay up late with him, and I often find myself burning the candle at both ends to try to please everyone. He’s not asking for laundry stacked nicely on his bed or for meals to be home cooked or for glass doors to be free of smudge marks. Planning ahead eliminates the stress and pressure to come up with something at the last minute. Say goodbye to unwanted clutter, outdated styles, clothes you’ll never fit into or mend.
Or sign up for music lessons, join a Sewing club, enroll in a photography course, start a blog… the choice is yours and sky’s the limit! Those children have an advantage over others: They have seen Christ in you the hope of glory. Sometimes I do feel unhappy, and I honestly think it is because we are just not sleeping right now. Of course, with all of that came lots of work, travel, wedding planning, and everything else that comes along with impending nuptials and a career advancement. I wanted to be that mom that baked delicious treats, and always engaged my little one with crafts. This lets them know you value them and are not distracted by life not to look them in the eye when you are talking. I told her at your book signing that my hope was that I could be as supportive of Ayva as she is to you! The leave you feeling that YES, this time is precious and YES, you are doing your very best. You internalize the message much more than if you were to just think about (or type it) because more areas of your brain light up. I also run a popular nature program in Pennsylvania, where I live with my husband, two kids and several colonies of honeybees on an acre filled with gardens, tree forts and fairy houses. But I felt like this search term would make great content for a practical post for all the tired moms out there who really do want to be good moms. All the sudden I awoke to Ezra talking over the baby monitor, hearing his door open, and hearing the pitter patter of his feet running into our room. I managed to get my app open and thermometer in my mouth, at which point he exclaimed, “NO! There’s nothing like having hot water running over your head to clear away the cobwebs and sleepies, rest the sore muscles, and make you feel refreshed. I’m not a morning person, and consequently have a hard time eating first thing after waking. I have had to step back from taking on a lot of great things that I would love to do, simply because it stresses me and makes me exhausted. As a mom of four with two in school (K and 1st grade) it is all I can do some morning to drag myself (or be drug) out of bed! I can’t tell you the guilt I have struggled with not being the A1 mom but my three year old now knows Fridays are snuggle days for the first few hours and she looks forward to watching Netflix snuggling next to me. Crystal Paine brings those things together in her 14 day online course Makeover Your Mornings. A Homemaking Binder is just what you need to organize your cleaning schedule, finances, family calendar, to-do lists, meal and grocery sheets, and more.

While we all know this, there is so much info out there on best eating practices it can be overwhelming to sort through.  Just give me simple, actionable information by people who know what they are talking about! The truth is, I’m always so exhausted, and the thought of being SuperMom seemed daunting. Read to mommy” and actually NOT getting on my phone during his imaginary story telling. I’m sure it makes you feel confident enough to take risks knowing that your Mama has your back!
If they are old enough to understand, explain to them that you love them, you just needed a quick break to feel better. Maybe it’s Cocoa Puffs for breakfast or Spagettios because you are too tired to cook. I couldn’t rock Ezra to sleep for a very long time!)  I also usually have on lullabies or praise music for him to fall asleep too, which often helps to calm my frustrated soul.
I don’t know how the rest of this day will go, but I plan to take Ezra out somewhere. I love having less commitments, so I can CHOOSE what I want to do each day without worrying about that decision affecting a lot of other people.
There have been many days when getting myself and the baby out the door for another MOPS or PWOC meeting was the last thing that I truly wanted to do.
I am definitely blessed by an amazingly understanding daughter but I have had to come to grips with the fact that on that day that is the best I can do. Ayva deserves a SuperMom, though, so I’ve been making a few adjustments that are helping me to be able to give her more attention, and create more meaningful interactions with her. Apparently last night it wasn’t shut tight enough so he was able to make it into our room within 30 seconds of being awake. My husband tried to assist, but thankfully I was saved by the beep and was able to take it out before more harm was done. Where did you put the pants you washed yesterday? Do you know where we might have a mechanical pencil? In fact, I greatly dislike that concept and more often than not you can find me in pajamas. Cuddling (especially if there is skin-to-skin contact involved) also helps increase both your and your child’s oxytocin levels which helps reduce stress in both of you. Sometimes I run into trouble if the day gets busy…a hungry mommy is a cranky mommy, and eventually I start feeling it. Our four go-to FREE getaways are local parks, the library (most libraries offer nice children’s sections with books and puzzles, or story times!), the train table area at Barnes and Noble, and the play area at our local mall.
But once I wolfed down some coffee and made it there (harried or not), I found myself refreshed by other moms who had done just the same thing and arrived just as harried and exhausted as I was. Loved all your suggestions I can especially relate to #9 and have pulled back from a lot of commitments recently due to that.
Great reminders and when I do them I feel the difference, although some of them are harder to do now that I have more needy kids than hands (specifically the rocking) Thanks for reminding me what’s important! Currently I am trying to get my very sleepy to quit fighting sleep so I can have a moment to myself.
I think your ideas are great and I really appreciate that you don’t think its horrible to leave your child outside your door for 5 minutes to get yourself together. It is practical and totally doable for the busy mom. Crystal gives you mini coaching sessions each day and an assignment to implement.
As keepers of our homes, we can create a beautiful, inviting space without spending a penny.
You can create one that keeps track of all your personal information, your favorite recipes, your family calendar, whatever you need to stay organized. I definitely think that taking back over my mornings would be helpful in creating a more fluent day. It is important to me that my children remember me as being fun and loving not uptight and bossy. I think that this will help my children feel more secure with not only me but also in their role in the family.
Really, with just a few simple changes and intentional additions to our routine, I’m becoming a better Mom every day in 20 minutes or less. I needed more rest in order to have more energy during the day when Ayva was awake and needed me.
But, sometimes taking off the pjays and putting on a clean and comfortable can make you feel a little less sleepy. Taking time to eat a small breakfast or a snack, even if it’s mid-morning, helps to make me feel a little refreshed. I also started saying no to non-essential travel that would take me away from her, and declining opportunities that would decrease the time we could spend together. My choice for today was cotton stretch pants and a tshirt that reminds me of my beauty in Christ. Remember that you don’t have to be perfect all the time, and sometimes, something has to give.

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