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Before my eating disorder, I was more-or-less ignorant to the majority of things relating to health and nutrition. When I started getting more serious about recovery, one of the first things I did was cut myself off from all of my sources of information about raw foods. I love learning about health and nutrition, and I love experimenting with my own diet and tweaking it based on what I learn, but at the end of the day I need to remember that not everything I learn necessarily applies to me, and that I need to follow my own food rules if I want to feel my best. Recovery is a long process and I think diet restriction is just another way to deepen yourself into an ED.
I couldn’t agree with you more – it is indeed how WE react to whatever knowledge we aquire that makes all the difference! In my late teens, I used to be obsessed with what I put in my body-counting calories and focusing on only foods that were supposed to be good for me-the “Cleaner” the better! The situation reminds me of the times when I believed I was a vegetarian because I thought that it could be my a good excuse for my avoiding meat and eating nearly only vegetables and groats.
I am so happy that you know how to deal with your knowledge and that you don’t let any triggering information pull you back into bad habits! When I became obsessed with nutrition and fitness, that’s when I was at my unhealthiest. This post pretty much sums up why I took a while in starting up K Weigh despite being qualified to do so 3 years ago! I think it’s way too easy to get caught up in diet fads and forget what works best for you. I think especially in the blogging world, it’s so easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest health trend. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I had a vague awareness of the fact that I should eat my veggies and exercise on a regular basis, but most of what I knew was what was being touted by popular media – and we all know the high quality of that information. It was during my time as a raw vegan that I believe my eating disorder really took flight because it was during that time that I learned to fear food.
I think they’re wonderful and an essential part of any healthy diet, but I wanted to show you an example of a situation where a seemingly good thing that I learned did me a lot more harm than good, simply because my mind was in a bad place and used that knowledge in a bad way. Well, a big portion of my studies with IIN involves exploring different dietary theories, and as luck would have it, one of the first ones we looked at was raw veganism. The thing about all of the info out there is that is that all of it will work for someone, but not necessarily for everyone.

One of my family members is convinced that a raw FRUIT diet is going to cure them of all their ailments and I’m so, so worried about them.
Like, I stopped being able to give a good reason for my choice to be vegan, so I started to eat me. I’m aware of that it was terribly stupid and sick but at least I know I have an comparsion. In a way I’m happy I went through all those ups and downs because it taught me so much about myself.
That was exactly how I started my vegan diet years ago – I just started reading and researching and became so convinced that this was the only possible way to eat and be healthy and live happy. I went through a period where I was listening to a lot of paleo podcasts and before I knew it I started eliminating grains, eating wayyyy too much sweet potatoes and a whole lot of meat.
They were far too triggering and I wasn’t strong enough to resist the temptation to return to habits that were doing me a considerable amount of harm and preventing me from moving forward.
I really do admire you so much for all the things you have overcome and the way you came about to doing it. No two bodies react the same to foods or to nutrients so it is important to do what is best for you but without negating others’ beliefs! I know healthy vegans and vegetarians and I can realise that there’s an enormous difference between avoiding animal products and avoiding food. On the other hand, the more I read blogs, the more I realized, that we are all different and that there is no need for me to compare.
It is hard to make your own judgments about food sometimes because we are constantly bombarded with new info about what to eat and not eat. And though plant-based foods, as well as raw foods are great for you, I doubt that everyone could be healthy sustaining just on them alone. I needed that distance to start seeing things objectively, and over time, raw veganism began to lose it’s appeal. I also love your attitude towards the ED things that have happened and you have a positive outlook without having the “woe-is-me” mindset!!
I am also a very social person who enjoys to go out and try new restaurants or cook with others and I truly believe that part of my happiness is not to restricting myself from certain foods that studies claim to be unhealthy and since unhappy people are unhealthy people and get wrinkles and nobody wants to have that, in the end I think not restricting yourself from anything is the healthiest way to live. Then I realized if I just stopped listening to Robb Wolf or Diana Sanfilipo I probably wouldn’t think about it so much. I found myself being serenaded, yet again, by the sweet siren song of raw veganism and the health benefits that it promised.

Luckily this believe is deep enough to fight the temptation of dietary information and new studies out there. Are you also intrigued by how creative chefs have been able to elevate raw food on a gourmet culinary level lately? If so, you are probably just looking into beginning raw food recipes yourself….Hello 10 Minute Vegan Burger! Vegan burgers are a great everyday food that are fool proof, easy to make and seriously good to eat. When beginning raw food recipes it helps to be able to associate the food with something that is more “mainstream”. Everybody loves to put meat (or in this case, nuts and seeds!) between a  bun and eat it with their hands. Other great beginning raw food recipes include soups and smoothies, but those aren’t as much fun to make as a burger.You Don’t Have to Go 100% Raw to Reap Benefits!Although I’m not a raw foodist I can very much appreciate the health benefits of including raw whole foods in my diet on a regular basis.
All that stuff about how eating raw foods will help make your skin glow, give you more zip, pep and go, etc. Instead, try doing what I do, which is to try and eat either one raw fruit or one raw vegetable with pretty much every meal. And sometimes I’ll go completely raw with a raw entree (like my vegan burgers)…but just for one meal.But What Will the Men Think? Will Real Men Eat Vegan Burgers?Although I’ve been experimenting making raw vegan burger recipes for a few weeks now, I’ve really just been making them for myself for a quick lunch. My husband has been hearing me talk about them, but he hadn’t actually had the opportunity to try one. And when they think it’s “raw” and they hear a food processor grinding a bunch of seeds and stuff together they get a little nervous. The tech guy pretended he wasn’t paying much attention to our conversation until he saw Andy give me a look that sort of said “Is that it?
Are we going to eat anything else?” The computer guy started laughing and finally made the comment that maybe I’d better serve some real burgers as an appetizer.Ok, I get it. My husband ate three raw vegan burgers (along with a side of fresh guacamole spread on sprouted whole grain bread chips and a spinach salad with my special lemon hemp seed dressing with fresh berries and coconut “ice cream” for dessert) and he was full.

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