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I have decided to take charge of my current slow running pace and sign up for my first half marathon. SPEEDWORK – includes a warm up and cool down and 400 meter or 800 meter jogs depending on the workout. YOGA – I recently fell in love with the benefits of Yoga and I started incorporating into my daily workouts.
For those of you that want to start running or pick it up again, this is a program designed by Jenny Hadfield, co-author of Running for Mortals, for Women’s Health. This beginners’ program combines cardiovascular fitness activities with strength training exercises to help your body build both strength and endurance, as well as prevent injuries.
Cardio Walk (CW): During your cardio walks, you will walk at a fast pace, while keeping your arms at chest level and swinging them front to back–just as when running. Mile (M): As you increase your fitness levels, the distance of your cardio workouts will increase. Cross Training: Cross is a type of training that incorporates various forms of exercise or a combination of one or more.
Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Pinterest to be the first to try out new workouts and view our latest fitness resources. Just an FYI, on the pdf download, at the bottom it says CW=Cardio Workout instead of Cardio Walk. Hey printed this off and was looking at it and just wondering how long are you suppose to strength train for on Mondays?
It varies between 1 mile and 2 miles weeks one through three as you can see, and then on week 4 and 5 it's 1 mile, including the running. Today I have a guest post from Becky, a friend I met at BLEND retreat, who is so awesome and fun to hang out with! When I first started running, I ran (pun intended!) into many obstacles that made me feel defeated and *gasp* I almost gave up on running.
Awesome tips, I basically started running because one day all the elipticals were taken and I wound up really loving it!
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Feel free to steal them but please remember to cite where you got them from, whether that be me or whomever I’m citing. This is the tentative plan I came up with while trying to incorporate strength, cross training and only having 3 runs a week. As most of you know I have two very special men in my life that both celebrate birthdays in January so I hope you won’t be offended that I’ve spent my last two weeks preparing for both of their special days ?? Logan turned 5 on the 11th!!!! Strength training sessions are designed to impose increasingly greater resistance, which in turn stimulates development of muscle strength to meet the added demand.
Some examples of Cross Training: aerobics, bicycling, brisk walking, jogging, skating, snow skiing, weight lifting, swimming and walking. She posts her amazing CrossFit workouts and photos of her lifting a bajillion and two pounds almost daily.
So today, I am going to share with you a few tips and tricks for beginner runners and a fun running workout to get you moving! One of my typical running “fails” is that I start out on a run too quickly and then lose momentum and energy before my goal time or distance.
I’m very slowly getting back into running after an injury break and its amazing how running 1 min walking 3 and repeat can still feel good.
Running is the easiest form of exercise for me to squeeze into my daily routine soooo I do it even though I hate every minute of it. For me it was all about changing my mindset too as I never in a million years thought I could run let alone get to a point where I could call myself a runner. I am still only running 3 times a week and focusing on core strength in my cross training workouts. Our Running Program for Beginners will help you take baby steps toward reaching your goals. By starting out with a fast-paced walk, you’ll allow your body the time it needs to adapt to your new fitness routine. I ran the half marathon distance on schedule but there was not a half marathon race close but I kept up the running during the week as well as on the weekends.
Walking is not only something you should not be ashamed of, it will actually help increase your endurance!

I think the key is to keep going when it is hard but also build up your distance and pace slowly as if its too hard you just get discouraged.
I am not a fitness Trainer (although maybe one day) but I love working out and sharing the knowledge that I have gained through the years. You should be able to maintain a conversation while running or you’re going too fast. The beginner’s running program, below, is  designed for those with absolutely no running experience. When training for my half-marathon in 2011, I took a short walking break every few miles – it helped slow down my heart rate and gave me a few seconds to recover before the next few miles. I have found that I tend to lose motivation to run if I run the same route daily and unless there are a few feet of snow on the ground or it is 500 degrees outside, I refuse to touch a treadmill.
Their natural pace will be different than yours and will challenge you to push yourself harder – in either distance or pace or both! My biggest obstacle is running too fast in the beginning- without fail, every time I run I start at a faster pace than I finish. It can even be a meditation ~ focusing on the breath, clearing the mind, being fully in the moment. And trust me, with the great conversations you’ll be having, you won’t even notice the extra few miles or the faster pace. Once you get the go-ahead to start the program, pull that hair back, lace up those shoes, and let’s get started! My pace splits vary greatly by mile and I’ve come to realize that this has helped me to become a better runner by giving my legs and lungs rest on my slower miles and challenging me on my faster miles!

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