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Starring the wacky Marvel comic heroes, read the hilarious first book in this upcoming trilogy. ROD MEADE SPERRY is an editor and writer for the Shambhala Sun, North America's leading Buddhist-inspired magazine. Product DescriptionProduct DetailsWith a rich history stretching back over 2,500 years, Buddhism has been described both as a system of psychology and a philosophy for living.
On The Beginner’s Guide to Buddhism, author and teacher Jack Kornfield immerses you in this time-honored approach to living fully and compassionately in the present moment.
A collection of essential Kagyu teachings on the Buddhist path to enlightenment as well as pieces of advice for everyday life. You’re about to discover how to… This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to learn and understand the fundamental teachings of Buddhism, resulting to spiritual enlightenment. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. He was a founding member of what is now called Boundless Way Zen, a rapidly growing Buddhist community based in New England.
Join him as he illuminates Buddhism’s most essential teachings, and how they make it possible to overcome the mental states that challenge us every day, such as fear, selfishness, confusion, and anger. Not just any human body, but a "precious" one that has contact with the Dharma teachings-that's what is difficult to obtain. He has spent decades working with non-for-profit charities throughout south east Asia and has combined his years of religious practice into this easy to read beginner’s guide for everyone to read and learn from. I therefore thank Khenchen Rinpoche and welcome his light of commentary to illuminate the teachings of our great Lamas, making them available to all." Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche. Beneath the ocean is a blind tortoise that comes up above the surface once every hundred years. On the water's surface is a yoke with one hole in the center being blown about by the winds, back and forth.
It would be nearly impossible for the blind tortoise's head to meet with the hole in that piece of log. Yet that is easier-more likely-than to gain a precious human life.It is common sense that everyone wishes to be free of all types of sufferings. Some may be very clever, but if you tell them, "This is virtue and this is nonvirtue; avoid nonvirtue and practice virtue" or "This is samsara. One has to make effort to free oneself from it," they have no idea what you are talking about.
But we human beings have a mind that can understand this, and that is very precious.You can see how many beings there are in this world.

Just think about human beings and animals, including all the birds, small bugs, and sea creatures. Among those of us who study and practice, who really look at the mind-how many are there, and how many are successfully practicing Dharma?
This is the reason that meaningful human existence is said to be difficult to find.Among all the practitioners, how many are enlightened?
In this eon, one thousand buddhas are supposed to come, and it is said that four have already come.
If we don't keep moral ethics, there is a strong possibility we will be born in the lower realms where there is no chance to study or practice the precious Dharma teachings.
Since without ethical conduct it will not be easy to find a precious human life, bodhisattvas keep moral ethics purely so that in their next life they can again be born as humans where there are Dharma teachings.In this life, ethical discipline refers to avoiding the ten nonvirtues and practicing the ten virtues.
It is very important to understand them as the basis of all ethical discipline; all the other disciplines are built on this foundation. For example, on this basis, we practice the six paramitas and develop a pure aspiration to always meet with the precious Dharma teachings and attain enlightenment.Look directly at yourself and see how much Dharma practice you are doing successfully. Watch the mind and see whether negative thoughts are diminishing every month or year, and whether positive thoughts are developing.
With this precious human life we have every possibility, every opportunity, to free ourselves from all this if we make enough effort.Secret mantra refers to the Vajrayana teachings.
Because these teachings were not handed down through their own lineages, some Buddhists say that the Buddha did not teach them. They believe that Vajrayana is something Tibetans made up by mixing Hinduism and the BA¶n religion. However, at the time of Buddha Shakyamuni, only the exceptional, great disciples like Vajrapani received Vajrayana teachings; secret mantra was not taught in public.
We are very fortunate to have accumulated enough positive karma from our many lifetimes so that we can hear these teachings. We should be inspired by their rarity, develop courage, and take responsibility to follow them sincerely.Sometimes we may hear the secret mantra teaching, but do we know it?
Like this, we also receive many empowerments, but our mind has still not matured and remains unaffected.
One day we will go to the next life, but we don't know where we are going or when we will go. On the other hand, if we utilize it in a positive way, this body can achieve much and can benefit many sentient beings; no other life form can do that.
So, our human life is like an intersection: we can either to go to the hell realms or attain enlightenment.

If our breath goes out and just once doesn't come back, our life is finished.Think carefully. It doesn't matter who they are, what kind of culture they were born into, or what kind of belief system they have.
But, you see, happiness doesn't come just by saying, "I want it." Suffering doesn't go away because you say you don't want it.
Because of that, everyone makes effort and works hard in their lives, whether spintually or not, whether they study Dharma or technology. Dharma teachings show us the path, the real way to understand suffering and rid ourselves of its cause.
We are working anyway,so vhy not make a little more effort in Dharma study and practice, which give us incisive wisdom to know the true cause of freedom from suffering? This is very logical.All the past great masters worked hard to preserve the Dharma teachings, so that we have them today.
Now we have the responsibilA¬ity to study and practice this precious Dharrna in order to maintain it for future generations.
He traveled to India on foot through hot, dense jungles filled with bandits and wild animals. After he had received the great teachings, he said "I have walked on such a long journey in the hot jungle where there are many wild beasts. Even though my mind was very stable, my body stumbled when I heard the tiger's roar and the snake's rustling." He had to carry everything on his back-food, clothes, money, books. On his third trip to India, he didn't know where Naropa was, so he searched for many months saying prayers, meditating, supplicating, running here and there. So we too should shoulder the responsibility to perpetuate the Dharma teachings and not take them for granted.Marpa received the teachings in the daytime and then practiced at night. Through this kind of effort, he became accomplished as a great master and translated many important Dharma texts from Sanskrit into Tibetan. So we should not practice just for our own sake, thinking, "How can I become happy in samsara?" Rather, open your heart and build a big mind.
Every individual who is interested in the Dharma teachings has a responsibility to become free of suffering for the benefit of future generations, just as Marpa the great translator did.Considering how rare a precious human life is and how difficult it is to create all the causes and conditions for enlightenment, now that we have one, can we afford to waste this precious opportunity?

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