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Last year I took a huge step out on faith, and quit my cozy, steady paycheck day job, to be a photographer full-time (because despite what many think, I actually wasn’t a full-time photographer already). I personally don’t encourage walking away from a paycheck if you do not already have a study client base. A few weeks ago, I decided that my efforts to find a traditional job was getting me nowhere. Despite cutting back my criteria down to simply trying to find something I don’t hate (regardless of pay, hours, or type of work), it’s been over 3 months since my last job interview. Unlike a lot of other bloggers I know that have left the 9-to-5 type jobs behind, my definition of “self-employment” does not focus solely on earning an income online. Therefore, my self-employment also includes things like babysitting, pet sitting, and tutoring. Although I’ve been supplementing my un(der)employment with my blog and related online work for over a year now, making money online was never my focus. When I decided to really give this a shot, I knew that I needed a plan, and that I needed to set a goal to help keep me motivated and accountable. Making enough money online to replace the income of a more traditional job is going to take time. Majority of this income has been thanks to the friends and connections I’ve made online (extra shout out this month to Vanessa and Anne!). When I was first laid off, I thought about getting back into babysitting, as I’ve always loved working with kids.
When I wasn’t re-hired, I should have explored this route instead of sort of reluctantly taking the job at the gym’s daycare. I asked my friends on Facebook to keep me in mind if they were in need (or knew someone who was), and created a profile on a childcare website that I often saw on other job boards.
After all, when Michelle of Making Sense of Cents started tracking her online income back in May 2012, she only made $362 but is now making over $20,000 each month!
I probably won’t ever reach a milestone like this, but for the first time in a long time I’m actually feeling confident that I can make a living on my own terms.
YOUR TURN: If you are self-employed or have a side hustle, do you set financial goals for yourself? Please read the Copyright Policy, Disclaimer, Disclosure, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions of Use for this site. About 15% of this income is thanks to you, so the least I could do was give you a shout-out.
I'm a 32 year old hailing from Northern Ontario, where I ambitiously try to live a life worth blogging about.
Please read the full Copyright Policy, Disclaimer, Disclosure, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions of Use for this site. Working for yourself may sound like a dream, but the reality is much harsher than you might expect. I would know – I went into it pretty blindly about a year ago, and if it hadn’t been for my network, I’m pretty sure I would have completely failed. When you work for yourself, you do everything: marketing, invoicing, creating a product, delivering on your promises, and networking.
No one is perfect and you’ll make mistakes, especially in the beginning as you learn. If you love social interaction, you might want to develop a network of other self-employed individuals nearby.
There are also co-working spaces on the rise, which allows you to get that office feel while still working for yourself.
Second, I put together a bare bones budget of just the necessities, in case it came to that.
I would absolutely not be where I am today without the support of my clients and my friends. Being self-employed doesn’t mean “one for all and all for one.” Very much the opposite, at least in our personal finance community.
Now that I’ve grown my client base, I’m always happy to pass along any work I can’t take to other freelancers who need it. When you’re self-employed, failure is your friend for many reasons, mostly because it’s going to be a constant companion for a while. I had a week off of work where I actually blogged from home and was very surprised at how lonely I was. Eventually I plan on jumping into self-employment, but it will be in something I enjoy and am passionate about. So the money I make from international clients at international rates translates to a relatively decent living here in cairo.
But for me to be confident and comfortable enough to go full time I need to have a steady VO income. Yet even now while I’m waiting for this event horizon I need to plan on what happens after I take the decision to go rogue and become self employed. As much as you try you will sometimes have months that just aren’t bringing in as much money as they should, and there will be months that are bringing in far more than expected.
As a supplier of goods you are pretty important to your client… so pissing you off would not be a smart move from their side.
Anyone who has ever done any freelancing work can probably tell you about at least one client who only partially paid or didn’t pay at all. Whether it’s updating your Web site, attending educational conferences, refreshing your marketing materials — it is important to sharpen your skills and add tools to your business resources.
I recommend setting up a separate bank account in which you can regularly deposit a percentage of your business income. If you commute every day, you would be amazed how much exercise you are getting compared to someone who works from home. I will add to that that because you are the boss of yourself one of two things might happen… you might over work yourself or you might be far too lenient and end up working 2 hr. This subject is rich with content and I can go on for another 1600 words talking about the dos and doesnts of successful self employment (at least the collective experience from others).
Yet, more and more people join the force of independent contractors, temp workers, permalancers and part-timers in a society that’s still based on old ways of organizing labor. Great article, since I’ve been self employed for a while I can confirm all the above points, especially saving for the lean months and the proper payment agreements. Save 30% off your current Accountant's Annual Accounts charge when switching to Bacs 2 Basics.
Appreciate that setting up and running a self employed business takes a lot of time and commitment.
Produce a financial forecast so that you know what funding you are likely to need and be conservative. Investigate the competition thoroughly, don’t take them for granted and look to take advantage of their weaknesses.
A business plan is an important document to put together even if you don’t need to raise finance. Design your business stationery, ensuring it not only meets your legal obligations but conveys the image you want to get across. Decide on how you are going to keep your accounts and get advice from your accountant from day 1. Make sure you register with all the relevant authorities including HM Revenue and Customs and decide if you need to register for VAT. Consider all the necessary insurances you need including public liability, keyman, stock, business assets, business interruption, bad debts, motor insurance, employer’s liability (compulsory if you have employees), professional indemnity and permanent health insurance.
Whilst there are many common issues to consider anyone becoming self employed, every business start up situation is different and expert advice at the beginning will pay for itself many times over.
Our names are Robert Harkins, Bradley Kubela & Darlene Tarnoski and with our mentoring and assistance, you could be well on your way to more money and a flexible schedule. And once again, I was crushed when I didn’t hear back from the only other promising opportunity since then. Even though I tailored each application to the job (sometimes spending hours doing so), I’m sure my lack of confidence was still somehow evident. While working from home is extremely appealing to me as a homebody, I know I’m not ready to do just that.
Although, getting tutoring gigs is tricky as there are a lot of great tutoring and assignment help services available online. Which is why it made up majority of my income for what I’m going to call my “first official month of self-employment”. At least once a week, someone I only know online sends me a job posting or advertising opportunity.
Shortly after that, I was hired by a young family looking for regular part time care for their 2 year old daughter. I was hesitant to include the numbers in this post, because it is embarrassing to share with those that may not know my story.

And I can’t believe how much of a positive impact it has already made on every other aspect of my life, as well. She is very transparent about how she does it and I still don’t know how she does it. It can be tough to get over the fear of not having a more traditional source of income, but self-employment has so many benefits and no limits!
I write about getting out of almost $80,000 of debt, my struggles to find the right career, and the ups and downs of being a tenant (amongst other things) all while drinking cocktails and watching too much tv. So here’s a list of things you need to consider before becoming self-employed and jumping ship, straight from my own experiences. If something goes wrong with a client, you need to own up to it and figure out how to rectify the situation. That’s okay – just be prepared for not having any scapegoat, and make sure you get things in writing in case a client misunderstands you.
I’m the kind of person that needs to be forced out of my comfort zone when it comes to social situations. I had a five-figure emergency fund, and I wouldn’t have been able to make the switch without it. Luckily, the underlying purpose of the move was to lower living expenses, so being able to afford the basics wasn’t a problem, especially with the savings I had built up. They live a few hours away and while it would have been inconvenient, it was a lot better than the alternative. Besides needing a strong network for opportunities, you also need to get out of any selfish mindset you might have.
After all the amazing opportunities that were given to me, there’s no way I can’t not pay it forward. You’ll end up feeling sorry for yourself and get off track with what you set out to do in the first place.
There are no magical secret recipes for success out there, except for the fact you need to fail in order to succeed.
I was inspired to switch to self-employment because I saw many of my peers making the jump and getting ahead of where they used to be.
If you hate where you’re at in your career right now, it might feel amazing to walk out and kiss your job goodbye. Find someone doing what you want to do, and ask them if they can spare a moment to talk about their experience.
If you are self-employed, was it always a goal of yours, or did you “fall” into it? All of your tips are great but I think the idea of having financial backup is the most important. I definitely don't miss having to take phone calls, but I do miss the random breaks to chat and the company outings that used to take place. I've been forcing myself to schedule lunches and events so that I actually stay in touch with the outside world. I've never seen myself in a management position, and I can't even begin to think about the pressure of having to fire someone!
I can't believe how hard it is to break into freelancing and how many pitches you send out in the beginning, only to hear crickets. You're right, though - when it comes to just about anything, it's who you know, but that's so much more true when you're self-employed. Self employment is something I would like to strive for eventually but like you said, it’s really important to get financially prepared first. Most likely just a means to supplement my financial independence and not a means to support 100% of my expenses. Maybe someday I'll find that great opportunity that will give me the courage to venture out.
I was very lucky my fiance was bringing home the steady paycheck so I didn't feel as fearful about it, but if I was single, that would be a different story. I wouldn't have been able to take the "risks" I did when I started freelancing if I hadn't had my emergency fund in place. I never had self-employment on my radar, but it has offered me more opportunities than I ever had before.
I thought I would love being off on my own, as even in school, I didn't like group projects. Part of it is that it’s very hard to let go of a steady income regardless of how underpaid I am.
It has to do with starting and nurturing relationships with voiceover casting agencies and with voice seekers. That means that I need to keep stretching my business social base until the stream of work is a little more predictable than sporadic.
If you and your client have agreed on a payment schedule then there is no reason for any payment to be late.
They recommend setting aside a certain percentage of your profits (10 percent is a frequent recommendation) for this purpose. Having it already set aside can make it a little easer — psychologically — to spend it for its intended purpose.
I think maybe I should make more parts for this article just to fit in the collective wisdom online!
Dreams are great, but without planning, a strong work ethic and solid business skills, they can easily turn into a nightmare. They could save you more in tax than it costs in fees if you take advice on tax and business from the start of becoming self employed. The rewards can be great but you have to know why you are becoming self employed with your own business and what you are getting into. You can trade as a sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company.
You will have to operate PAYE for any employees you have although your accountant can help with this.
Assistance with business plans for funding, setting up your book-keeping system and tax planning at the beginning are all key areas that we regularly get involved with. We have found so many people these days to be disenfranchised and distraught with the modern state of the world. To this date, our agency remains one that utilizes and harnesses the power of the World Wide Web; in fact, even all this time later, our experts continue to revise and further develop the system, making it both easier to use and more efficient.
The main reason I left, aside from working a full-time job and creating a successful business which equals working non stop, is so I could be outside during the day, and live the quality of life I want. Mine took me a solid three years to get where I am today, and it was really hard and required absurd amounts of patience and discipline. Because you guys, just because you quit your full-time job to become a landscaper, a social media consultant, a realtor, whatever it is, PAID CLIENTS DO NOT JUST FLOCK TO YOU. I happen to have a mortgage (in Orange County, none the less), a car payment, and a lot of other standard bills required to live.
Being home all the time was part of what caused (or to least added to) the slump I was in, and I don’t want that to happen again.
I just wrote about whatever was going on in my life, published posts sporadically, and hoped someone would use one of my affiliate links or click on an ad so I’d earn few bucks. It’s a challenging but realistic goal, and is roughly equal to what I made at my last job, so at the very least I’m not moving backwards.
Majority don’t work out, but I learn and gain more confidence with each exchange and attempt.
I was still hanging onto the assumption that I’d be re-hired at the college, and foolishly didn’t take my unemployment seriously. I’d be interested to know how much more you have to go to replace your part-time day care income and then ultimately your income at your old job at the college!
In my city, quality child care is difficult to find and because of that extremely in-demand.
Try and work as hard as possible to get your business off the ground while you’re still working full-time. I thought my “office” work ethic would translate over flawlessly, but being your own boss and running the ship is very different from working remotely for someone else. Please consider how it’s going to affect all aspects of your life – from your finances, to your family, to your social life. Now my self employment consists of being in charge of only myself and I enjoy that type of employment much better!
Now that I am actively working toward self employment (it's happening, soon!) I see only too well that a network is a hard thing to build when you are rushed. I’m fine with my current job, but I do love freelancing more and I’d like to have the savings, financial stability, and support to walk away one day if I wanted to.
I haven't had the best time finding one for me in the past, and there are definitely times when I feel like working for someone else is easier!

Our goal is to have enough money saved and invested before he does so, so that we aren't stressed during any down times. You also never want to feel like to have to take work on - especially if it's not in line with what you want to do. There are pros and cons for every situation, and I don't think self-employment is for everyone.
I think if I ever went back to "traditional" employment, I would want to work from home as well. It had always been a goal of mine, though it's interesting what you learn about yourself while working for yourself.
But the biggest part is that I haven’t yet reached a specific landmark in my list of mini goals to reach my ultimate goal of being Self Employed. A devout Muslim Arab was anathema and many companies, who were already suffering from the post world towers financial crisis, where laying off people so the market was saturated with options for employers. Ironically work came to me in the form of American clients and I was able to crawl ahead and when the time came to leave North America I was clean of debt and armed with a new knowledge base on what works and what doesn’t.
This might mean that you wake up a little later since you don’t have to commute to work but it does mean that you should set some working hours to get the work done. If you have done the work per spec and within the time limits requested then there is no reason why your client should withhold payment from you or not pay in full. What this means for both these situations is that you will either work yourself into exhaustion or you will run your business into the ground. A month or so back fellow canuck Kim Somers told us about what she does to keep herself and her business running from home. They all have different tax consequences and responsibilities and you should take advice on which one is best in your circumstances.
You’ll also have employment law and health and safety law that you must be up to scratch on. It is time for you to finally gain the job of your dreams, in which you will finally be capable of achieving your goals and making your dreams come true.
In the midst of all that we do and prepare people for, they feel far more confident and find themselves finally able to recoup their losses and prior investments, and get themselves out of debt to a point of financial abundance and prosperity.
And to be honest, I didn’t think the day when I could live as a full-time photographer would come. It’s where I perfected the art of treating people well, so they will want to work with you. I spent three years building a client base, marketing to them, getting my name out there, and doing everything I could to know that when I did this full-time, business would be study. I probably have a higher income quota to meet then say a stay at home mom looking for some extra money.
This approach was vaguely successful, as I made about $500 between January and July of this year. They take off all the proper taxes and deductions, which saves me from having to tax myself. A part of me is hoping that in the not-too-distant future, I can look back at this starting point and see how far I’ve come. I too have recently decided to explore self-employment, and it’s amazing how powerful your existing networks can be.
Like you, we have a large emergency fund that has us covered and allows us to sleep at night in case things are slow. Your salary includes the house expenses, car expenses, any other expenses that you would usually spend your regular salary on and that’s it. Whatever we do to help you out here will continue to be experienced by you for years to come down the road. Then if the door opens for you to do this dream of yours full-time, you’re there already. I’ve gotten some amazing leads from my existing contacts and look forward to seeing where it takes me.
Every dollar counts and everyday you work harder on being completely self-reliant in your own small business is a successful day in my book. Thankfully, we've never had to go into it other than when we first moved from AZ to NC. We love being self-employed, we really do. You're right that buying a home is incredibly difficult (and different) when you're self-employed. Make sure what we do can help you out, and before long at all you will be on the Internet using these automated tools to supplement your bank balance in the best and most reliable of ways.
I never had to borrow anything or purchase equipment on credit (which is a huge accomplishment in my book). And don’t forget, once you start making money, self-employed individuals actually pay more taxes.
We control our income, we are our own boss and the best part is life feels totally in our control. That being said, my husband and I both have interviews for FT positions this week.
That's one thing I do worry about, even with renting and possibly getting a new-to-us car soon, as my income last year wasn't the best.
We are finding people looking for both full time and part time work; this is not unusual at all.
Thanks to our team, you will finally be able to get what you want most in life.Our online style franchise in New York City remains revered and popular. Mine would be from home, so I think I'd still feel self-employed and I could still freelance (even with freelancing, we're still technically "employed" by our client, haha). This way if you don’t make enough money to cover your salary next month then you can supplement it with the extra money from the month before.
Unlike other mentors and business trainers, though, we will help you here by offering you all of our resources and catering around the specific needs that someone like you has. I work hard to give that to every person that commissions me, and I nail it every time (proof, right here on my Yelp reviews). So whatever your passion is, or your dream may be, start somewhere, start today, and make it happen! If you want something better, namely a life where you no longer have to make lengthy commutes to a job you hate through rush hour traffic, we can prove to be beneficial. We are prouder than ever to do our part to aid and assist you throughout this process; men and women come to discover over the course of time that we are the real deal, and can help them immensely.
It just means that the constant hustle, or necessity of coming up with new ideas, the ability to think outside the box, that might not be your cup of tea. We're not certain he'll take it (assuming it's even offered to him), but at this point we want to know our options. See all of the potential results for yourself.Self employed jobs for baby boomers and anyone else looking to get out of the corporate rat race can finally be closer at hand.
That is because when you come to us, you can get started for a lower investment, and the turnkey nature means recouping your startup costs that much faster and easier.
The result here is that you are going to be able to benefit by a substantial margin, growing your bank balance.Amongst passive income ideas for beginners, you cannot do better than this Internet based endeavor.
He uses technology very well and this helps provide top-notch service.see moreMartin Kruusimagi It has been great working with Paul. Who says you have to work for ungrateful bosses, or try starting your own business which you will spend more to run than you generate in profits, as you incur various risks?
The best thing about something like this is that you can use it to replace your income, or simply supplement it, depending upon your specific needs and desires. We can wait the 2 years until we have our self-employment tax returns, but even then it is HARD to qualify when both people are self-employed.Anyways, I'm rambling.
He is punctual and accurate, but I most appreciate the fact that I can go to him with any question, no matter how insignificant or elaborate. Thanks Paul, it's been a pleasure!"see moreA CuryHouse of Greenland Ltd Since the beginning of our start up and especially during busy and pressuring times, Paul has been by our side to help us dealing with accountancy. As a small business owner, my time is valuable and so it's great having the piece of mind that I can rely on Paul to sort out my accounts for me. I would recommend him and his professional services to anyone without any hesitation."see moreJesus CarreraBitien Ltd It took me a while to find an accountant that understands the needs of the modern times. Paul is very good at using cloud systems that reduces unnecessary paperwork (specially in printed form), and accelerate communications. Thanks Paul.see moreTrevor HolmesPrecise Marketing Ltd I have yet to meet someone as meticulous with numbers and calculations as Paul.
He is highly self-motivated, independent and efficient – all the qualities that I look for in an accountant for my business. Paul plays a pivotal role in all my financing activities, which allows me to successfully grow my company.

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