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A wise man by the name of Steve found our website by doing a search for "Home Addition Plans" on the internet. If you look at the before photo, Steve and Cindy own a wonderful colonial and adding a room addition on-top of their garage was a great idea. You have to look at the interior 3D rendering and bedroom plans to truly appreciate the design and beauty of this plan. The new master suite features a spacious bedroom, over-sized his and her closets, private water closet area, a whirlpool tub, and a great tile shower cubicle.
Use our Contractor Finder Below: It's really simple to use, justfill out the form and we'll send you a list of contractors in your area who have built projects similar to this Master Suite Addition Built Over An Existing Garage. Reiki is one of the Eastern healing modalities used for relaxation, stress-relief, and to stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself.  Originally from ancient Tibet, and re-discovered by Dr.
Often, when we have aches and pains or become ill, we find medicines or methods to relieve the symptoms.  While this may help us to feel better short term, it will not address the actual cause of the illness.  By working with the actual the chi or ki, Reiki (and acupuncture and other modalities) addresses the root of the problem to allow blockages to be removed so that healing may begin!
Take a look at our events page to see about upcoming classes, Reiki circles, and other events! Converting your garage is the best place to start when wanting to increase living space to add square feet & comfort to your home. A standard single car garage in Miami can accommodate an extra bedroom and full bathroom or half bathroom.

Canopy bed style is usually popular among girls and couples as this bed type also pays a relaxing and romantic effect on your room. Disclaimer : We do not own any of these products except the articles, which are written by us.
Steve and his great wife Cindy were looking to build a large master suite on top of their garage.
We love the design of this master suite addition, because it really compliments the exterior of the home really well; it looks like it belongs there. The bedroom is a whopping 19' x 14', which leaves plenty of space for all of your furniture.
Most single car garages in Miami are big enough to be converted into an additional bedroom and bathroom to your home. Whether you need a garage conversion due to a growing family or extra entertaining space, Rausa Builders, Corp. A properly constructed garage conversion not only adds livable area to your home but can also increase your property value and possibly bring in additional income as a small rental apartment! Canopy bed style is functional to provide privacy and cover but also these are decorative too, looks very beautiful. You can say a canopy bed is full of fabric and that gives it the most romantic view in your bedroom.

On the other hand traditional will have a Victorian aesthetic, with either metal rod frames or intricately carved wood frames and posts. It’s up to you to have heavy curtains, or net curtains, canopy bed will look stunning in all ways. We have the local building code knowledge to assist you in making the best decisions in your garage conversion plans. From helping you design your new additional living space to its complete development, we work hand in hand with owners in fulfilling their garage conversion needs.
You also can have a themed canopy bedroom having same curtains for your canopy and windows. Our experience with a wide variety of construction styles found in Miami is an advantage when optimizing your current living space to accommodate anything from an extra bedroom or family room to a small guest house or efficiency apartment. Our construction team consisting of certified contractors & residential architects are ready to implement your garage conversion ideas, click here to contact us for a free estimate.

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