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Mahatma Gandhi through his actions has always exemplified that he practiced what he preached to others. The world we live in is abound with problems like poverty, injustice, illiteracy, overpopulation, terrorism, corruption,A  environmental degradation, etc. In order to bring about positive change in the world we need to step up to the plate and do our bit. This statement by Mahatma Gandhi is also like the fountainhead yielding multiple values and virtues and showing the pathways to those looking for a genuine direction to their lives.
He believed that we must be the change we want to see in the world.His life is a great testimony of a person following his principles of truth and non-violence and is a beacon to the non-believers.

It is all too easy to become either angry and frustrated on the one hand or passive and despondent on the other. We might think that great leaders like Gandhi Ji had the aura and mass following that’s why they could create history.
We would crib about these problems in our social circles, curse the government and leaders and think our duty is done. We will wait for someone to come forward and tackle these problems for us but refuse to take any concrete steps ourselves.
Once a woman came to Mahatma Gandhi requesting him to ask his son not to eat too much of jiggery.

They underwent great hardships and stuck to their principles to achieve what they believed in. But not only are these responses ineffective at bringing about change, they are also part of the problem to begin with.

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