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Also, don’t forget to check out our Events page for Special Events and Workshops, which will be held at the studio on Saturdays after noon. My goal to slow down the aging process has been greatly enhanced by Jodi’s flow infusion class .
Lots of exciting stuff going on at the studio and some changes in the schedule too… check out our latest newsletter!
I trust that you had a chance to read the earlier post on – Am I living a balanced life?
So, I had a great Sunday and usually it does not, with somebody being negative or something going wrong or someone doing something that pisses you off. This approach and attention you pay to health (mind, body, spirit) will refresh, recharge and rejuvenate your soul  and enhance the special gift you have to offer to the world. I’ve not been this way either before, but i have more days and more moments (good or bad), that I can now see more good no matter what! Now,  I am more attentive and  appreciative of the things that come my way,  that i am so thankful for the blessings, come what may! Anyways, back to our topic, I will close my night with reading scripture and a few mins of meditation. I got up and did yoga in the morning at my Gym and worked my abs for 30 mins and then hit the shower, steam, went to church, ate kitchdi at an Indian restaurant, hot masala chai (awesome!), worked on a new product launch project for a marketing class i am taking, called a customer from work that was having some difficulty with our tools and devices encouraging him that we will take care of his needs, made a great sourdough with pea sprouts and clover sprouts with fresh avocados and onions with Greek olive vinaigrette and Mexican hot sauce (yum!) on turkey  and got tired of sitting at home, so I went out to cricket nets and thrashed the cricket balls hurled at me from a machine at 75 miles an hour… we even hit 80 miles an hour!  I sweat it out and came home and am writing this blog.
Key visuals for a cross partnership between Hellmann’s and Hillshire Farms to raise awareness in Safeway. Welcome to Balanced Living Fitness Studio: Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Rehabilitative Manual Therapy, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching. When you live or work in an environment where the energy is balanced and harmonious, your life also just flows. Geopathic Stress is naturally occurring, butharmful radiation that rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields created by subterranean running water, underground cavities, sewers, drains, certain mineral concentrations(such as coal, iron and oil), Curry Grid Lines, Hartmann Grid lines,ley lines and fault lines and.

Spending long periods of time over detrimental areas – either sleeping or working, produces a stress reaction your body.
We are all precious in HIS eyes, so the scripture says…so, what are we doing with the precious, just being negative, depressed, and worried. Interestingly, my day started off  by balancing my body and mental chatter as i was exploring, extending and holding postures and performing them on my yoga mat!
Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health and well-being through education, motivation and inspiration.
Astrology helps you to understand your uniqueness and  how to turn challenges into assets”   Pillars Chinese Astrology The Chinese believe that a person’s destiny or “Heaven Luck” is the most important factor in determining a person’s good fortune.
Only when you create space, do new opportunities follow” The energy of predecessors gets imprinted in to every aspect of your home, office or business premises.
Early in the twentieth century studies conducted in Europe found that exposure to Geopathic Stress over a long period can cause cancers, heart disease and numerous other medical problems. Your body needs this state of “rest” so that it can repair body cells, fight infections and absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food you have eaten.
It is the ancient art of reading earth’s energies (magnetic fields) using divining rods and other dowsing tools, and then neutralizing disturbed magnetic fields.Balanced Living FENG SHUI can identify the location of Geopathic stress in your home, office or business premises. However, I do admire some of my friends that are far better in how they go about life so gently.
Not to let the chatter in my head about te stretch to ruin my situation of stretch and twist that i was performing on the mat.
Most importantly, you set the pace for positive health and fitness changes in your life as we journey the path of optimal wellness with you as your personal coach. Arguments, strong emotions or trauma get heavily imprinted into the building fabric itself. However, if you are sleeping in an area affected by Geopathic stress, your body uses all of its energy just to maintain your vital organs.

We use copper or stainless steel dowsing rods and a pendulum to determine the exact location of ley lines, fault lines, underground water and earth radiation. In both Flow Infusion and PiYo we’re just using those poses in a different format, a little bit higher intensity. We are founded on advanced holistic teaching principles and devoted to on-going professional development and the offering of superior individualized exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle programs. What is a Holistic Approach? Once located, these harmful energies are neutralized using copper rods inserted into the ground to weaken the energy. Speaking of balanced life and free to make choices, here was my Sunday – not bragging but goes to show that it can be done! Over time, your body becomes less efficient at absorbing nutrients from food and also less able to fight off infection. The Approach endeavors to address all factors that impact and influence the attainment of the client's goals.
Its impossible to have such a colorful variety of events  in any day or any week, but it can be done if this is a priority for you. As humans, we have needs and one area neglected too long, will make us grouchy and stress-prone and disease-prone. If this is really a problem, get yourself a coach that can push you and support you for your quest to have a more rounded goals.

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