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We offer our Babysitting Safety course at least once a month (usually on Saturday mornings) and they are 5 hours long (but it goes by fast because it’s so FUN!) During the summer, we hold them almost weekly.
Every parent needs a night out from time to time…..give yourself that break, but just do your due diligence first in hiring the right babysitter! It is challenging for parents to find qualified and reliable child care in the Hamptons for on-call and short-term support, especially during the summer months. You will earn a high hourly wage we pay out starting at $16 per hour and you are guaranteed a minimum of three hours of work for each job you accept. We are an online resource to help parents find quality babysitters and for sitters to get babysitting jobs. My name is Kelly Krauter, I am 21 years old and just wrapped up my 3rd year at Roosevelt University studying musical theater Chicago College of Performing Arts.
Babysitter jobs are still in demand, especially in an environment where families do not necessarily live in the same communities anymore.
I needed an after school babysitter for my two kids and found Becky on your site and love her!
I assume you have answered this question before, but searching the site hasn’t brought anything up. I understand that what you pay a babysitter varies depending on a bunch of factors– where you live, how old they are, how many kids you have, etc. I assume you plan to interview any and all potential sitters (and check references!), and this is a perfectly reasonable, acceptable question to ask. Around here (near DC, where everything is HOLY MALTBALLS EXPENSIVE), $5 to $8 would likely be pretty inappropriate for anyone older than, say a junior high mother’s helper. Before that, we had a few college-aged or fresh-out-of-college sitters for nights and weekends, and generally went with $10 an hour, but always rounded up generously at the end of the night.
In Texas where everything is generally less expensive, I pay based on the babysitter’s age and experience. We have two nicely-behaved children and I hire babysitters for convenient daytime hours, not late weekend nights. Whenever I ask teenagers how much they charge, they never know what to say, or they’ll say a rate that is too low. I live in the DC area too and for a college age student with experience I found that the going rate is $15-$20 per hour. We just recently paid a babysitter for the first time (we are lucky that my mom lives close by and generally jumps at any chance to watch our daughter). When you are hired as a babysitter, you have the option of negotiating your pay rate, even if you work with an agency.
I live in the Bay Area and many of my friends including my self charge over $20dls an hour. These are probably 99% irrational fears, BUT, what about that 1% that you do hear about every now and then? Affiliate RelationshipsWe have affiliate revenue relationships with Amazon, and with other retailers that are handled by third parties like Skimlinks, RewardStyle, Commission Junction and Linkshare.
Is it too intrusive or even illegal to ask about a potential sitter's health or if they are exposed to children who have not been vaccinated? I think you should bring your children to the interview to see how the potential new sitter reacts to your children and how they respond and react to her. I am a certified care provider for children and seniors with years of experience especially newborns and infants.

Would you consider scheduling an interview with about 30 min of personal interaction with the kids they will be watching(while i did house chores nearby or something) still an unpaid interview? I also always ask about religion, and if they plan on teaching their beliefs to the children. One of the lowest cost au pair agencies with unbeatable screening, matching and support services. Some of my favorite things to do while babysitting include reading  to the little ones, baking, drawing, playing hide and seek, soccer, and tag! Parents are still busy, and still want to take time out for themselves, whether it is for dinner and a movie or just to spend time alone on a date-night.
I’ve googled and come up with a WIDE range of answers, but I have been reading your blog and advice column since my son was born and trust your advice exponentially more than those anonymous experts that pop up with a search engine. Additionally, it seems like that rate would be inappropriate since most of our sitters are college-age or older. Because the rate varies SO MUCH, even among similarly experienced applicants in the same geographic area.
Not every applicant is going to be a good fit for a variety of reasons, and money can be one of them. They have a handy calculator on their site that tells you the ballpark rate for your area and needs. We only use them for short periods in the daytime, when they’re not far away and their mother is also home if they need a hand. I pay more because I hire child care workers from my daughter’s (excellent) preschool so they already know my child and have great child care experience and first aid training. The babysitter agency will place you in a position, but you are free to negotiate your work schedule and pay with the family. You may be inclined to feel hurt or defensive because you think that the parents are trying to minimize your value, but in reality the parents are trying to be conservative with their money.
Cover the basics, then focus on your rapport with the candidate using conversational questions.
I know it's a slippery slope but I think health is a part of safety and protecting your child(ren).Thanks. Old I have in the past watched over kids from 1-12 but its only been in the family so I'm new to this does anyone know what questions ill be asked? Our best advice would be to start off with a phone interview, then meet in a neutral spot like a coffee shop or library, and then do a final interview within your home. We connect families with great caregivers and caring companies to help you be there for the ones you love. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
In fact if you are a teacher, camp counselor and are already working with children within the community we highly encourage you to pick up extra shifts.
I would love to take care of the kids, because I think my qualifications are suited for this job. They probably won’t have child development-related degrees or anything, but they have or will soon have graduated from college and are supplementing their income or looking for a job in their field. When we were interviewing part-time nanny candidates about three years ago, MOST of the rates discussed fell between $12 and $15.
My best friend asked if she could drop off her son for one morning a week while she went to a meeting and offered to pay $18 for the morning – which ended up being about 5 hours once a week.

I stopped using college students for the most part because of how often they would agree to sit and then cancel at the last minute.
I found a great high school grad that watched my daughter a few times during the day so I could hang out with my husband for a few hours.
You will not want to sign a contract until you have come to an agreement concerning your compensation. Our Preferred + Background Check also includes a Motor Vehicle Record for situations just like yours! Now I feel like I know a little more of what to expect from potential new families looking for my assistance. A friend of mine had an excelent sitter who watched her 4 year old daughter at the sitters house, but while she was making lunch, the kids played in the back yard, her son, who had been sexualy abused, pulled his pants down and grabed the young girl, acting out from his own experience. As I said, I only have one child and, while energetic, he is well-behaved and easy to love and I’m not expecting anyone to do my laundry, drive him around or make him a four course meal or anything. But that was for  a regular, long-term placement with a background check, two (then three!) kids, driving required, help with housework, etc. Plus, she can drive our daughter places and even take her to the pool — she’s a certified lifeguard! For example, the cost for a Chicago Babysitter may be different from the cost of a New York Babysitter. I want to see how clean the house is, kitchen, bathroom, bathtub, my kids need overnight care. The routines are very practical and the job is so much easier if you know what you are doing. The sitter intervined immediatly, and it could have been much worse if she hadnt, but still, that girl is scarred. Every applicant I liked (generally former au pairs with a ton of experience) asked for the high end of the pay scale.
No, there is no secret handshake or spreadsheet we’re keeping from you about how much we pay our babysitters. They want a 100% security and safety for their children and assurance that their kids are all well fed, nurtured, and loved.
But the rate was discussed and negotiated and set in stone before her first day of work, so it was never me just kind of…handing over a vague-ish amount of dollars and hoping it was enough. Then she stole cash, jewelry and my leftover oxy from my c-section in the 2 hrs we left my daughter with her. I would like to be generous with someone I’m trusting to care for my child, but not unreasonably so. Or sitters will post a wide range that depends on the  job details (number of kids, driving, cooking, mom-at-home vs. Is there a secret excel spreadsheet somewhere that the more experienced parents are using to calculate their babysitting rates?
Don't be cheap in paying babysitters because they work really hard for the well being of your children and keeping your house neat and clean. Respect and treat your nannies like a family because they are your partners in taking good care of your children.

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