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Well, between this and my last post you may have gauged that I like spinach, you'll all have to start calling me Popeye! It's an altogether beautiful combination, everything just balances perfectly here - the sweet strawberries and pecans with the spinach and that slightly spicy balsamic dressing just works. I also opted to make this as there were some fresh Irish grown strawberries in the shops, it may be a bit early for home grown strawberries but do make sure you get locally grown strawberries here. Like I mentioned above, the Maple Candied Pecans are from Veganomicon's Smlove Pie, I usually would not  repost a recipe from a cookbook but as this recipe is posted by Isa here, I will for ease of use. Add the baby spinach to a large bowl and add the strawberries, pour over the dressing and gently toss. Measure the olive oil into a small bowl, with your whisk ready slowly start whisking in the vinegar until emulsified.
The combination of fresh seasonal strawberries and aged balsamic vinegar is a classic Italian treat. Authentic aged balsamic, Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena, is rich in character and history.
Spinach is an excellent source of vitamins A and K, manganese, folate, magnesium, dietary fiber, calcium, protein, and flavonoids.
During the peak of stone fruit season this Summer, try substituting fresh sliced peaches or nectarines for the strawberries.
In a small saucepan, add olive oil and walnuts and toast over medium to low heat, stirring occasionally to brown all sides, about 11 minutes. This is a wonderful spinach salad with pineapple chunks, crispy fried bacon, hard cooked eggs and green onions.

This has always been one of my favourite salads, whenever I see it in a restaurant I'll be sure to order it. I was debating what kind of dressing to use and opted for my all time favourite balsamic dressing from my Warm Puy Lentil Spinach and Watercress Salad. They are a main ingredient here and you want them fresh and sweet, not those pale, watery flavourless strawberries you tend to get out of season. I also highly recommend making more of these pecans as they are simply gorgeous to snack on and makes it easier to just throw this salad together anytime! These will burn easily and I have several times before and they are not nice burnt so watch carefully.
It is remarkably simple and dummy proof to put together yet happens to be an intoxicatingly sublime combination.
It has a distinct flavor that comes from centuries old traditions of fermentation and aging in a variety of wooden casks.
The dressing which includes pineapple juice, sesame seeds and ground ginger should be made ahead and chilled for several hours so that the flavors mingle. Wasn't sure about adding the dijon and garlic but so glad I did, the slight spice is perfect with this. Add the dijon and whisk well until it is fully incorporated and there are no little dots of dijon - it will happen :-) Now whisk in the salt, garlic and pepper. Adding fresh baby spinach and a generous grinding of black pepper brings a savory balance to the sweetness and makes a delicious and beautiful Spring salad. This liquid gold that has been touted for its therapeutic properties, is viscous, sweet, tart, and almost black in color.

Plate and top each serving with warm toasted walnuts and drizzle warm olive oil over each salad.
The flavor of the pineapple was such that I think this would also go well with Hawaiian or Asian foods and would be the perfect side for that stir-fry with few or no veggies. I love and I mean LOVE the Maple Candied Pecans from the 'Smlove Pie' in Veganomicon that I couldn't resist adding them here. Also, once you toss this with the strawberries, a bit of their juice mixes with the dressing making a slight strawberry balsamic dressing. It truly sits in a class of its own, and is often referred to as the vinegar from the Gods. Their unique and powerful flavonoid content makes them a valuable protector against inflammation, cancer, and heart disease. Although a small bottle of authentic Balsamico Tradizionale can cost a small fortune, there are some excellent affordable commercially produced aged balsamic vinegars that can be found for under $50 per bottle. But you can also cheat a bit by reducing an inexpensive balsamic vinegar with a sprinkling of sugar in a saucepan by about two thirds. It will not have the character and depth of flavor that you get from a truly aged balsamic, but it will do the trick for a salad such as this.

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