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Food giants are being informed to cut the amount of sugar they use because it has become the ‘new tobacco’.
Doctors and academics say levels must be decreased by up to 30 % to stop a trend of disease and death. They discovered that even zero-fat yoghurts can contain five tsp of sugar, while a can of Heinz tomato soup has four. The equivalent of 11 teaspoons are found in a small Starbucks caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream. The typical Briton consumes 12 teaspoons of sugar a day and some adults consume as many as 46. The UN agency says there is ‘overwhelming evidence coming out about sugar-sweetened beverages and other sugar consumption’ being linked to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A study by Action on Sugar found surprisingly high levels of sugar in many foods, including savoury products and healthy options. The Pret a Manger Very Berry Latte with milk has 26.9g of sugar – the equivalent of seven teaspoons.
Even Glaceau Vitamin Water, which is owned by Coca-Cola, has the equivalent of four teaspoons of sugar in a 500ml bottle. Action of Sugar said food firms should be able to reduce the amount of sugar they add to products by 20 to 30 per cent within three to five years, taking 100 calories a day out of the typical diet.

This would be enough to halt or even reverse rising levels of obesity and associated ill-health, it claimed. Dr Aseem , the group’s science director, said: ‘Added sugar has no nutritional value whatsoever, and causes no feeling of satiety.
But sugar manufacturers rejected the claims of the health experts saying they were not supported by the consensus of scientific evidence. Sugar Nutrition UK said the World Health Organisation published a review last year that found that any link between diabetes and body weight was due to overconsumption of calories and was not specific to sugar. It said: ‘There have also been numerous studies, which have investigated potential links between sugar and diabetes, with experts from the British Dietetic Association, European Food Safety Authority, and Institute of Medicine being very clear that diabetes is not caused by eating sugar. And Barbara Gallani, of the Food and Drink Federation, an industry group, also denied sugar was responsible for obesity. She said the industry already provided clear information on sugar levels to consumers, using figures and colour-coded labels. Professor Shrinath Reddy, a cardiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health and member of the WHO panel of experts, disputed this conclusion.
Yoni Freedhoff, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Ottawa, said sugar needed again to become an occasional treat rather than a regular ‘crutch’. The easiest way to see the damage from sugars is by measuring carbohydrate grams instead of calorie intake.

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And please, also make sure you always write all the new vocabulary in your copy books (ex: syn for "bizarre" that you forgot to write) + the explanation for the grammar points. The maximum intake recommended by the World Health Organization is ten, although this guideline is likely to be halved. Seacoast Alaska Daichi Power Plant Economic Crises Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant disaster Fukushima Meltdown World Wars Killing Life Cincinnati nuclear power plant meltdown Killing Life Pacific Ocean Fukushima Survival Preparedness N. Please explore our current opportunity for a program administrator at our VIPS, VISTA and VOICE programs in Ventura, CA. The program was created to divert individuals with serious mental illness from state hospitals into subacute-care settings. Americans have an obesity epidemic because they have been told to count calories instead of carbohydrates.

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