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Thinking about what you have got to offer is helpful for both career decision making and marketing yourself successfully in job applications. You will have developed and demonstrated many skills and attributes through your doctoral studies. Think about what else you have been doing in addition to your PhD as you will have developed skills through a wide range of experiences. In the same way as you did for postgraduate study, you should think about the skills and attributes you have demonstrated through these other activities. Surveys of graduate employers have shown that many recruiters have little experience of recruiting PhD graduates and as a result may not understand the skills and attributes developed through a research degree.
You may find it useful to read more about employer perceptions of postgraduate students and researchers to help inform your self-marketing.

Employers across sectors value graduatesa€™ excellent research and analytical skills, particularly their capacity for critical thinking and ability to solve problems by bringing fresh perspective and a systematic approach. Personal qualities of confidence, dedication, resilience and motivation were all recognised, and valued by employers of doctoral graduates.
That natural course that thrills everyone, thus the reason President Muhammadu Buhari was voted in. It’s the same challenge we are facing with our President; he said this, he said that, he said he would do this and that, has he done them? Write Down Your Goals & Targets Deciding your destination before embarking on a trip is one way to ensure that you arrive at the planned destination without missing your way. There is a big difference between just wanting something and having a clearly written plan on how to get it.

Know what you want to achieve, understand it, write it down and set a deadline to get it done. Also make a constituency plan; Plan B has always been known to be a Savior just in case plan A fails.
Do not let situations take your plans by surprise, rather, surprise life with a workable plan B.3.

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