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Emotions and health are closely related, and for many years we have known that negative emotions and experiences can have harmful effects on our health.
The inner workings of our bodies are rhythmical symphonies that respond to the environment we live in. Tensing different muscle groups, and paying attention to the difference between tense muscles and letting go. Mindfully listening to music of your choice helps to keep your mind off the discomfort, making troubles easier to deal with. A second factor, I believe is most important, and that is to be mindful during the relaxation. As you continue to take deep breaths, if you have any unwelcome thoughts, breathe them out.
And now, imagine a place that gives you a peaceful easy feeling, and somewhere you feel safe. Allow this place to become real for you…look around you, take in this place with all of your senses. Receive "Create Family Memories in Hospice" E-Book FREE when you subscribe to Access Music Therapy Updates! Receive "Create Family Memories in Hospice "E-Book FREE when you subscribe to AMT! This form of mental illness is very common and can be linked to other disorders such as depression, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and other specific forms of anxiety disorders such a social phobia, separation anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder. One can learn relaxation techniques such as box breathing or progressive muscle relaxation. Progressive muscle relaxation is when you tense different muscles in your body and hold the tension for a few seconds before relaxing it. I find one of the hardest aspects of experiencing a severe anxious episode is remembering that you are not alone.
Next week I will be posting a continuation of this blog post on anxiety disorder treatment and will be focusing on more cognitive behavioural approaches to treating anxiety through thought records and other approaches. This entry was posted in Anxiety, Mental Health and tagged anxiety disorder, box breathing, cognitive behavioural therapy, illness, Life, mental health, progressive muscle relaxation, relaxation techniques, self administered treatment, treatment by Becs.
Art therapy is a sort of new method of creative meditation for anxiety, it simply helps distract the mind from being overwhelmed with anxious thoughts.
As a natural relief from anxiety, meditation has been scientifically accredited to improve your mind, body and soul. When you find your mind is racing, your thoughts taking over and that massive headache take over, go for a walk. When you’re in a state of sudden panic or self-doubt repeating affirmations are a fantastic relaxation technique for anxiety as it rebuilds that lose confidence. It can seem a bit silly the first time you try this, but push pass that negative mindset and believe what you’re telling yourself. When you are dealing with anxiety, practicing good relaxation techniques for anxiety can help you to overcome the situation you are in and prevent it from getting any worse.
I am a licensed addictions counselor and musician who has spent the last 17 years counseling patients and also writing and recording music. Please note: I do not see all Facebook comments in a timely manner, so if you would like to hear from me, please post your question on my Facebook page here. Materials are for personal use and may not be recorded or distributed without written permission.
Our heart rate and blood pressure are influenced by situations and environments we find ourselves in. Preferred music selections chosen can optimize your relaxation experience and your body’s physiological response.

With that being said, how does one cope with anxiety disorder and how does one conquer these worries or fears?
It’s so easy to have your thoughts race and to begin thinking that you are the only person who goes through this and for that you are ‘odd’ or ‘not normal’. If you’re new to meditation and suffer from anxiety it can be hard to switch off your mind at first. If you work in an office, or spend each day in the class or studying in the library your body isn’t getting rid of much energy. Especially if you experience heart palpitations, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, or other anxiety attack symptoms. Whether we are facing a new job, an important test, or some other stressful situation, anxiety can creep up on us. The following relaxation techniques for anxiety are meant for dealing with anxiety symptoms that are not as severe.
Even though it may be difficult, try not to focus on what you are feeling if you feel an anxiety or panic attack coming.
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I have combined these two passions to produce a series of relaxation albums and create a place where people can come and gain access to guided relaxations and meditation music.
These acupoints are active points that have effect on the body or the mind, when stimulated. To find a technique that works best for you, experiment with different types of relaxation and music exercises. According to Taylor (1997), music and relaxation can increase the activity of the helper-T cells and production of interleukin-1, both are important indicators of our immune system recovery, which means they are important for recovering from illness and maintaining good health.
You will have the greatest benefit from music and relaxation exercises by letting go of your worries and concerns, at least during the relaxation. Have someone else read this script slowly, or record it yourself with any recording device to play along with the music.
While psychotherapy is certainly an option using methods such a talk therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy, there are also steps one can take on their own to assist in eradicating or at least diminishing these provoking thoughts that result in feelings of anxiety. It’s important to remember how prevalent anxiety disorder is and to not focus on how ‘not normal’ we might feel, but to try and remember self-administered steps we can take to help relax our minds and bodies in order to feel a sense of equilibrium.
But it’s a wonderful natural relief from anxiety once you train your mind to pipe down. The great thing about meditation is once you’ve trained your mind to switch off you can do it anywhere!
Although your mind may be worn out with thoughts, your body still needs to work off some steam. This is because yoga teaches you to connect your mind with your body and soul, helping you get more in tune with your emotions.
Applying relaxation techniques for anxiety and panic attacks can help you relax and ease you of these symptoms. Follow along as you clear any mental-emotional pattern holding you back, even if you've been stuck for years. Through my work, I have come to understand the role that stress and anxiety play in the relapse process for those recovering from addiction and co-occuring disorders. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog.
The usual form of stimulation in the Traditional Chinese Medicine is inserting very thin needles into the points and leaving them there for about 20 minutes. There is a connection between positive attitudes and the possible enhancement of the body’s healing system.

You just might find that you have less worry and anxiety when you have completed the exercise. With every full, deep breath…allow your beautiful, special place to touch you with peacefulness at your very center. Music listening to facilitate relaxation and promote wellness: Integrated aspects of our neurophysiological responses to music.
I know it can be difficult to remember these exercises during an anxious episode or it can be difficult to perform these exercises on your own so I suggest teaching a friend, family member or loved one how to perform these exercises so they can remind you to do them and can coach you through it.
Try playing some white noise, nature sounds or relaxation music in the background to help your mind zen out.
Just by getting out into the open, taking in the fresh air and moving it is a great help for anxiety.
By going for a walk your allowing your body to get rid of energy which otherwise contributes to you feeling restless. Instead, control your breathing and focus on something entirely different from where you are and what you are doing. Let yourself know this is a normal reaction and you just need to relax and you will get through it.
Also the many problems, physical, emotional and spiritual that are caused by stress and anxiety overload. This is called acupuncture and it can be very helpful in many conditions where modern medicine still struggles.
Today’s blog is about creating positive experiences for your body to use in combating the harmful effects of negative emotions and anxiety. Of course, if you have the ability to contact a board certified music therapist, you will definitely get the best benefit out of these techniques. When you’re too overwhelmed by thoughts and this feeling of impending doom that you just don’t know what to do.
When you come back from your walk the combination of the exercise mixed with a clearer head relaxes you as a whole. A simpler form of acupoint stimulation, which can be practices without studying TCM, virtually by anyone is acupressure. Strategically managing anxiety with music assisted techniques can bring about a healthier you! When your emotions become so out of control you no longer know how to verbalize how you are feeling.
If you can take your mind off of your current environment, you may be able to rid your brain of whatever it was in your environment or your mind that triggered the attack in the first place. In acupressure, the same acupoints are stimulated using pressure instead of needle insertion, which makes it more accessible to general population.
When the only actions you can manage to perform are manic and fidgety, like picking your fingers or rubbing your palms down the side of your thighs.
This is the reality of many… the undesired aspects of anxiety disorder which may, in extreme cases, lead to pure and undeniable panic. One of the best guides I’ve seen is available on the site of Stanford Stanford University School of Medicine, called PointFinder. For example the points for treating anxiety are shown below (captured from the above site):You should stimulate those points by pressing on them for a about a minute on each side of the body.

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