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Q: When life throws you a curve ball, whether it be a divorce or job loss, what is the first thing you should do? On the flip side, find activities or places that make you feel comfortable being with yourself (notice I did not say alone).
Barbara Waxman, President and founder of the Odyssey Group, works with business owners, executives and individuals increase their leadership capacity and their ability to deliver concrete results. 1.      Serve – Keep your eyes and ears open for what others around you may need or want and do what you can to help them get it. 2.      Communicate – There wouldn’t be much need for relationship advice if more people just communicated out of genuine interest in one another. By following these four simple tips of relationship advice when starting over, your relationship accounts should grow exponentially. Related postsWhy a “Do Over?” Are One of These 7 Toxins to Blame?What makes these 7 toxins so dangerous is that they act and work like radon gas. The success coach that shows people how to start over setting goals and objectives so they can create wealth and live life to the fullest.
I’ve secured a new position in a few weeks time with an organization I’ve always wanted to work for.  I want to make sure I’m fully prepared and do a good job, do you have any advice? On-boarding is the process to making sure you quickly become engaged with the organisation and become productive quickly. Finally think about the plans you need to make that will take you from being the new starter to being a fully-fledged productive successful project manager. The wall always wins and we end up bruised, battered and still have to figure out how to somehow get through it. Barbara founded The Odyssey Group in 2005 in order to use her skills as an executive and life transition coach for adults, midlife and better. Oz: What I've Learned About LoveLadies: 4 Ways to Wear the Love on Valentine's DayThanks For The Divorce!? For the account to strengthen and function properly, more deposits than withdrawals are necessary.

Serving a friend or colleague in this manner will fill up the relationship bank as fast as anything, and it doesn’t have to be “over-the-top” service either.
I’m really glad that you are already thinking about starting work and like every good project manager having a plan is a good place to start.
Most organisations will have a set structure to on-boarding but you can also make sure you’re ready to get the most out of your first weeks and months. If a PMO is in place in the organisation they will hopefully be ready and waiting to induct you in the project culture and ‘how projects get done around here’.
Development will be key so look to your line manager to help you understand what needs to be achieved within the first 12 months and schedule regular reviews to track progress.
You can find out more about Arras People and follow me on Twitter and Google I also write the careers column for PMI's Network magazine and other project management organisations too.
Whether it’s professional, friendly or intimate relationship advice you’re seeking, I have found keeping this unique analogy for relationships at front of mind to apply universally.
This is where many people fail in relationships, they start withdrawing too quickly and in excess of the deposits made.
When starting with a new company it makes sense that you take advantage of any on-boarding process they may have. During the first weeks you will be looking for support that helps you understand ‘how things get done around here’.
The PMO will provide information and support on the methodology and best practice as well as those administrative tasks like how to book meeting rooms; how to complete the timesheet and where to go to find templates and tools.
This is crucial if your new employment contract states a probationary period because you will be showing a professional, proactive approach to ensuring you are successful rather than just leaving it to luck. Curve balls have come at us, are coming at us and will come at us over the course of our lives.
What if you remember that change has happened before and what if you know that change will happen again? Some great relationship advice given to me a while back is to think of relationships like bank accounts.
Colleagues will be happy to grab a coffee or take lunch with you to answer any questions you have.

Finally during your first year seek out a mentor within the organisation, someone who will be able to act as a guide, provide support and perhaps become your champion in the years ahead. The first step is to take a moment (breathe) and ask yourself: how have I handled curve balls before? Furthermore, what if you lived life accepting that change may in fact be your only constant companion? Once you’ve experienced closure then you are ready to begin creating your next chapter. In result, people bounce from relationship to relationship just like they do from bank to bank. Make friends with change by understanding what skills and resources you need to best work with (not against) it.
Funny… as I write this it appears there’s just as much room for financial advice in starting over as there is relationship advice.
Talk through with your line manager what you need to know and learn within the immediate and longer term future.
At this stage you should understand if there were any gaps in your skills or competency that were picked up during the interview process. Remind yourself and help yourself by understanding your history with curve balls and begin to create a plan of action based on that self-understanding.
Separate your goals between project based and socialisation within the organisation so you are focused on now only improving your productivity whilst delivering the project but also working on your engagement to the organisation. Interestingly a large proportion of people who leave their new job within the first year do so because of two things – their performance levels not meeting the grade and their personal fit within the organisation.

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