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Many family members, not knowing what else to do, try to control the behaviors or actions of the addicted person.A  This usually leads to conflict with and defensiveness from the addict.
In addition to an addicta€™s frequent denial of their disease, family members often have their own denial based on the belief that they aren’t the ones with the problem.
An excellent guide toward Acceptance is to remember the 3 Ca€™s of Al-anon: You didna€™t Cause it, You cana€™t Cure it and You cana€™t Control it.
Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. According to the Family Acceptance Project research, there is a staggering difference between the health and wellbeing of LGBT youth who felt supported and those who felt rejected.A  Gay and transgender teens who were highly rejected by their parents and caregivers were at very high risk for health and mental health problems when they become young adults (ages 21-25). These two images show the serious impact of high levels of family rejection on gay or transgender young adults. So if you love your child, it is important that your entire family, friends and larger community (such as churches and schools) not subject your child to rejecting behavior, but instead show acceptance and support.
Acts of acceptance, caring and support can have an enormous impact on an LGBT individual years after they reach adulthood.

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The first step of the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous states a€?We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol and other drugs and that our lives had become unmanageablea€?. While they may not be addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are still impacted by the behaviors and choices of the addicted person, including the consequences and problems caused by the addicta€™s decisions and actions. Addiction affects not only those who are addicted, but also the family system surrounding them. A It is also important to stand up for your child and not allow others to reject, bully or act hostile toward your child.
A These young children and teens are often thrown out of their family homes and need support and acceptance from other than their families, or they will likely face serious lifelong physical and mental health issues. It has security vulnerabilities and may not display all features on this site and other sites.
Loved ones of an addicted person are powerless over the addicta€™s decision to get or stay sober.

Or they showed their disappointment or shame in having a gay or transgender child in other ways. This is especially true when the family is informed about addiction, outpatient treatment recommendations, and healthy ways to provide support. It also explores important topics, such as co-dependence, healthy communication, and relapse prevention. During the treatment planning process, clients work with their counselor to identify key family members who will be included in their addiction recovery program. Our luxury residential setting on a twenty-acre nature retreat in the Texas hill country between San Antonio & Austin, combined with our team of qualified and compassionate professionals, offers an ideal environment for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing to unfold.

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