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After meditating almost daily for almost a decade I feel like I can tell you a little bit about meditation. During this time I have come to learn that while there is a vast difference in the style of meditations from the various traditions most meditations will fall under two categories, which I call passive or active. In my experience with passive meditations, I have found them to an extremely useful tool in creating inner silence and in unravelling the subconscious mind and its patterns.
You still receive guidance and insight on the challenges in these ones but it comes very differently than in the passive meditations.
However, if you want to receive guidance or insights based on what you need rather than what you want a passive meditation is for you because it opens you to receive that.
Active meditations are what I use when there is something very particular I wish to change in my life and want to actively focus on.
I notice in myself resistance to active meditations when life is changing fast and there’s a lot of chaos simply because I would rather process and witness when I am in sacred space. This entry was posted in Kundalini Yoga, Life and tagged active, category, experience, fast, feminine, masculine, Meditation, passive, shift, slow, style, witness on September 9, 2015 by Mystic Yogini.
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When men think of the word “game,” there is a lot of confusion when trying to pinpoint which behaviors attract a woman. Passive game includes all the ways you can improve oneself over long periods of time, such as earning money, building a career, lifting at the gym, getting a fashion overhaul, learning a new language, and acquiring drugs for use as party favors. Active game includes your immediate behaviors that directly affect an interaction with a woman, such as being charming, funny, witty, displaying some backbone, remembering to ask to use her bathroom when you drop her off at her house, etc.
Passive game will determine the quality of the women a man attracts, while active game will determine the quantity of the women he bangs.
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Active antennas are any antennas with integrated signal amplifiers built right into the unit, like the Shure UA874. Active antennas can be used for both receiving and transmitting applications, but they are most often seen as receiving antennas. The only practical reason to use an active antenna is to compensate for cable loss in receive applications. If you use active antennas on a coax run that is too short, you risk overloading the RF front end of the receiver system, which can manifest itself as catastrophic audio over your PA.
UHF cable runs of less than 50 feet do not require active antennas or in-line amplification to compensate for loss. All too often, we’ll find a small theater or school or church system is using an active antenna at the side of a stage with a +12 dB amplifier on a 50’ or 25’ run. We always encourage our customers to buy passive antennas, and then only add in-line amplifiers to make up for transmission line loss if they are doing very long cable runs of more than 100 feet.
With the introduction of low-cost RFoF technology, active antennas and in-line amplification are becoming increasingly obsolete. My five year mission: to explore professional audio technology with care, especially wireless. Focusing on the incorrect type of marketing is exactly where so many network marketers go wrong.
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Passive voice and active voice are two different ways in which a sentence can be structured.
To understand the definition of passive and active voice and the difference between them, you should first know how to identify the subject of a sentence. Even though both sentences effectively describe the same action, sentence #1 is written in active voice and #2 is written in passive voice. Option #2 flows a bit better and sounds more natural because it’s written in active voice.
A number of copywriters will decry any use of passive voice, but there are some situations where it can actually be preferable and work to your advantage. Passive voice is helpful when you want to draw attention away from the person performing the action. In other cases, you might want to draw extra attention to a subject that is having an action performed upon it. Using passive voice and active voice appropriately is vital for writing effectively about your business or concept.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. A passive meditation has a very different purpose than an active meditation, and often they have different components.
The meditations in this category tend to focus on witnessing, creating awareness and space within the mind, and calming the chatter in the mind. When I am desiring to learn more about my mind, thoughts, and inner workings I sit in silent meditation. The focus is not so much on creating space and witnessing but on creating fast and potent change in your mind, body and auric levels.
These meditations work fast in one area of your life and we tend to do them for as long as we need before moving on to the next part of our life we wish to shift. These are my go to when I want to witness change fast, and work through all the crap that goes along with it hard.
However, when life is calm and relaxed that’s when I will do my the heavy work of shifting intense things fast.
I can meditate as I ride my bike by constantly returning to the present moment and witnessing but I can’t do Kirtan Kriya for example, riding my bike. A man who is rich, handsome, tall, and has an awesome job, has clear advantages over the average man. Both are necessary to getting laid at all, but, depending on the man, it can be profitable to focus on your passive or active game.
Passive game gets a woman’s initial interest, but it takes active game to close the deal. But if his dry spells are unacceptably long, he should be spending the majority of his time developing his active game. We recommend you use it when communicating with fellow "thought criminals." You'll receive no more than one message a day concerning relevant news and articles.
There is no difference between the antenna element of an active or passive antenna of the same type; the only difference is whether an amplifier is included. When used to receive signal, the integrated amp boosts the RF picked up by the antenna and allows much longer remote cable runs. Which is another way of saying that the amplifier has no effect on the electrical characteristics of the antenna, and therefore no effect on an antenna’s fundamental ability to pick up RF energy floating through the air. Likewise, you can easily overload by using an active antenna’s gain control at a setting that is disproportionally strong for the cable run’s length. The loss is too small to make any audible difference, and without carefully calibrating gain structure you put the overall health of your audio ecosystem at risk.
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You need to understand the concept of passive income in order to become financially independent.

To build a solid base for passive income, you’ll need a good plan and some financial experience. Because I'm a designer I have had an idea to give you every graphic you see on this site for free. It’s more natural sounding than passive voice, which has a tendency to sound pretentious and convoluted.
It gives your product or service a sense of immediacy, and usually does so with fewer words. It also leads with the fact that the product is recommended by doctors, which is much more interesting to the reader than the name of the product or business. According to a recent study at Northumbria University, people with less education are less likely to comprehend sentences in passive voice. The two longest styles that have stayed with me are a Zen Buddhist focus on the breath style and, of course, the meditation work in Kundalini Yoga. They offer the opportunity to connect to our breath, our body, our present moment deeper and deeper. For example, if you are doing a meditation for self-love a lot of the guidance and insights you will receive will be relating to that topic.
In my experience, both meditation styles can be really intense and life changing, just in different ways. They only know the word “active” sounds better than “passive,” and that “more” is better than “less.” Hell, I know I do.
Adding an amplification stage before the transmitting antenna risks exceeding those limits, so unlicensed UHF users should never include an active antenna in the signal chain of an IEM or intercom system. I also prefer to work on the daily basis… but what would happen if you broke your leg or you got really sick? The same is true for non-native English speakers, though in some countries (like Japan and China), the use of active voice is sometimes considered condescending. Using passive voice is particularly advantageous for documents where you want to sound objective, such as a legal brief or list of regulations. Active meditations tend to have more parts (mantra, mudra, position, visualization) and more steps to them. But here’s the deal: active antennas can really do a number on your system if you aren’t using them right.
100’ of RG8X will steal anywhere from -8 to -11 dB, depending on a few factors, like frequency. Plus, an active antenna’s amplifier would need to be bi-directional to function in a Tx setting.
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SentenceExtensive training on the new safety procedures was required to be attended by the maintenance staff. The amps on active antennas are designed to compensate for this loss by boosting the signal right behind the antenna before sending it down the line, so the gain at the receiver is closer to unity gain.
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