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Privacy Level There are several settings on Facebook that you should probably change right now! As final exams are coming near, here’s a list of tips to ace your exams, both in preparing for the test and while taking the test. Use flashcards, sticky notes, whiteboards, papers, hi-lighters, and colors to aid your study. After 4 years of college, tons of exams, and quite a few intense cramming sessions, I realized that pulling all-nighters before exams won’t do you any good. If you have spent time studying and preparing for the test, be confident and have faith in yourself! When taking your exam, take the time to read through all questions carefully and thoroughly. Read through all the questions will allow you to have a sense of how the test is structured and how you can use your time.
Always double check your answers carefully to see if you may have missed anything before submitting the test.
If you’re stuck on a multiple choice question, narrow it down to 2 choices by eliminating incorrect answers before taking a guess. About Hue LaHey there, I'm Hue (pronounced “huay”, not “hue” like how you would normally say it in English).
Are you an international student currently studying abroad or thinking of studying abroad in the near future? Study Abroad Corner will provide tips and advice through blog posts to help you make the best of your study abroad experience!
The AACE is owned and operated by Ace Prep which includes members from a variety of industries. As President of Quail Lodge and Golf Club and also a Real Estate Broker and Developer, Lawson brings a wealth of knowledge plus a unique worldwide experience to the AACE. As a partner in one of Silicon Valley’s largest CPA and consulting firms Scott brings a wealth of finance knowledge and his passion for business development to the AACE. Let these little neon babies work their magic on your study guide and you'll be hooked!  Just try not to make your study guide look like a work of graffiti and you'll be all set.
Plain and simple, just put all the questions on a sheet of paper and write down your answers (without looking of course) and see how you do! Studying is always better when friends are involved, and if your professor offers a study group then GO! They have them for a reason, so why not take a stop in and ask them about that theory you don't understand? Study Tips #13, #14, #15: The day of the Test: Get enough sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and go in with a positive attitude! Sometimes looking at how a different professor taught something you're relearning can help you understand it better. If you are struggling with studying, you are in the right place, with this ace video, you will learn, how to study like a boss.
We all know that it’s best to keep your notes and assignments organized from the very start so studying isn’t a disaster.
If you’ve got notes and study guides that you’d like to sell for some extra cash, post them up and get paid for what you already do! Clarify with your professors what type of exam you can expect: essay, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, etc. Remember, Staples offers price-matching with Amazon so if you need to stock up on supplies and can’t wait for the 2-day shipping, open the exact item sold and shipped by Amazon in a browser window, show to the cashier at Staples, and save money.
Starting early doesn’t mean that you have to memorize the whole textbook by the 2nd week of class. Some of us -the visual learners- prefer to study with diagrams, pictures and bullet points. If you’re worried that handwritten flashcards may be too time-consuming to make, check out flashcard apps such as Study Blue, Quizlet, and Cram, where you can easily find existing flashcards based on subjects and create your own flashcards on your phone or tablet.
The blackboard not only made my apartment look a lot nicer, but also helped me tremendously with my study. Paying attention and taking good notes in class will help you tremendously in understanding and remembering the materials.
Professors usually organize 1-2 days of office hours before the exams, so definitely seek that opportunity and attend their office hours! Even though you’re busy memorizing all the definitions and formulas, actually take the time to do questions on the practice tests.

It’s better to get enough sleep and wake up early to study instead of staying up really late (or worse, pulling all-nighters) but waking up exhausted and sleep-deprived. Bring extra pens and pencils in case your only pen goes out of ink and you pencil breaks with no pencil sharpener nearby.
Believe that you will do fine (even better, do great) and be ready to kick those exams’ butts!
Feel free to jump around the test and do easy questions first before tackling harder questions. Many people said that you should go with your first answer since it’s probably the correct one. More than just reading over the notes you took in class, you need study guides that encompass the work you did the entire semester and that organize the material you might find on your final exams.
Many people claim they can listen to music, study, talk with their BFF, check Facebook and do their laundry all at the same time. Many classes and textbooks have study aids or websites that you can consult to get more information on the material.
Working in a study group helps you learn from other students and complete assignments more quickly. Filled with tips and advice for school and life, the hottest online & technology trends on campus, contests, special promotions and more!
All applicants are evaluated and accepted based on their experience, qualifications and ability to contribute to the betterment of the group. Treasury Department and influenced the program’s requirements, FAQ’s, reporting guidance and filed one of the first successful applications under the program. You won't have a heart attack because you'll never ever forget a test or quiz again if you write it down in your handy dandy planner. With the help of CengageBrain and some handy tips, you can be confident when you hit the books with a DIY study guide. But, if you didn’t plan ahead from the first day of class, don’t worry, you can still get on track starting now!
At the beginning of each chapter - as I saw the framework for that syllabus, my palms get sweaty. It just means that you allow yourself sufficient time to study instead of cramming everything the night before the actual exam.
You’ll end up commenting on Instagram photos your friends just posted, messaging people, Snapchatting yourself being stressed out about exams for hours!
Procrastination may help relieve your stress for now, but it will make you feel extremely stressed out and regretful the night before the exams, especially when you haven’t learn anything! Others find it most effective to write out all important materials, read through the whole textbook and notes, or memorize out loud. What students don’t usually realize is that a lot of questions on the real exams are in fact quite similar to those on the practice tests. Instead of burying yourself for hours, relax and re-energize yourself by going on a walk, eating snacks, talking to friends, listening to music, meditating or exercising.
My sociology professor once mentioned that it’s important to get 6-8 hours of sleep 2 days before a test. You don’t want to have to run to get to the exam location on time or freak out because you forget to bring something to write with! That way the easier problems will be out of the way, leaving you with sufficient time to work on more difficult ones. I founded Study Abroad Corner with the goals of providing helpful advice and building a social network for fellow study abroaders around the world. Create an outline, mark a calendar, download an app for your phone that reminds you of important dates. Check with your school librarian to find such things as videos made by education-oriented companies, language audio files and computer software. Also, when you review material with other students who might find it difficult, it strengthens your memory of the subject matter. After 30 or 45 minutes of studying, take a 5-minute break with a walk, coffee break, a snoop on YouTube, a phone call with a friend. Select members contribute directly to the development of certain Ace Prep study materials while others use the Association for collaboration and networking purposes. The AACE and Ace Prep maintain the mission to excel in career education and enable members to excel, network, and grow. CengageBrain offers study tools through its website that are personalized for your textbooks.

Organize a small group of classmates by posting a sign-up sheet in the classroom, or email all students with a time and a place to meet up. offers an online quiz that you can use to help see which of your study habits are working to increase your performance on exams. Experiment with different learning styles if you’re unsure to see which method works best for you. Pay attention to what the professor is saying, as well as in-class discussions and write down important notes from them.
Being able to explain and articulate concepts will make you more likely to remember the concepts and help with your learning. Arriving early also allows you to have a few minutes to go over your notes for the last time before the test. I usually circle and underline keywords and important information in the questions to pay attention to them. That’s a no-brainer but it works because it keeps the material fresh in your mind for several months. Whatever method you choose, keep a calendar of deadlines and due dates for tests, papers and assignments. For maximum understanding of material and memorization of facts, etc., your brain needs to focus on one thing at a time. Brief interruptions in your study regimen are good to clear the brain and reset it for another round of studying. The AACE ensures that all exams and study materials released by Ace Prep are up-to-date with the latest laws, rules, and regulations, so students will be fully prepared for their licensing exam. You’ll need to search for your specific Cengage Learning textbook’s content using the ISBN.
If you get a good response, split up into smaller groups and break the material up into smaller chunks. Take their quick self-assessment to see which habits you need to pick up and which you should get rid of. I read in an article that you should in fact start preparing for your exam on day 1 – the 1st day of class, by paying attention and taking good notes in class!
Know your learning style allows you to find the best way to study and retain information longer. I once had a professor who gave extra credit questions on exams based on what she said in class that wasn’t included the textbook or her posted slides!
Attending office hours also shows professors that you take the class seriously and are determined to get high grades. So if your professor posts a sample exam from previous semester, make sure to do each and every single question (and then check the answers), because chances are there will be at least 1-2 similar questions on the exam that you’re going to take. Actually read the chapters, do the research in the library, do the work in the lab, take the quizzes, write out the assignments, listen to the lectures, write the essays. When you arrive at that particular place, it will automatically sense that it’s time to study.
You’ll actually learn more material and learn more efficiently in 30 minutes of quiet than you will in an hour of interrupted and loud study time. Straight hours of studying on end will not help you learn any more material and may even overwhelm you and demoralize you toward the exam.
Representatives are also available to lend invaluable career advice and study techniques to Ace students providing guidance and confidence for their exam preparations.
Keep in mind that not all textbooks will have online study materials and only free previews are offered for limited chapters. I used to think that practice tests are optional and didn’t do them until I realized I would have gotten a much higher grade if I had spend the time on those sample questions because of how similar they are to the real exam questions! You will focus your concentration more quickly,” suggests CalREN Project: Study Tips at the Berkeley Student Learning Center.
You can access the study materials through CourseMate once you’ve selected the specific textbook you want.

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