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I would create small original watercolor paintings and attend craft shows on the weekends which led me to selling to small gift shops around mid-Michigan. Luckily, in 1996 I had begun to license my art, which grew like wildfire so after the closing of Primitive Folk, I was able to focus more on painting and fulfilling the requests from my licensees.
In 2004, I had started a pattern business selling punchneedle and rug patterns, so that was an obvious start.
I launched Gather, Dream, Create Inner Circle which is a members-only site designed to help artists with licensing through interviews with other artists, I share how-to-tutorials for the creative spirit, and hope to inspire people to create a lifestyle full of imagination, fun & creativity etc. Just recently, I started a health & wellness blog, Create Healthy You, where I hope to inspire people to take charge of their health so they can enjoy the fullness of life.
I was a stay at home Mom while my husband worked as a sheet metal journeyman in the Flint area. I got to know the shop owners and one day while delivering paintings to a shop in Owosso, Michigan, a sweet lady told me about Market Square and gave me the necessary information to apply for the show.
First, I had to come to the realization the the hay day of pre-2008 wasn’t coming back.
I have added cross stitch patterns to my line and I’m making plans to attend more market shows to get my patterns in needlework shops across the nation and I am devising a marketing plan to keep my shop owners in the loop when new products are available.

We should have went to work straight away looking at where we could save money and trim the fat. The vision for this blog is to share my life & art, offer works for sale, show the creative process and hopefully inspire you to live your dream life. At that time there wasn’t a lot of growth in our area so he would work a job and when it was complete he would get laid off until another job came around. It was a wholesale market where retailers from all over the country would come to order products to sell in their shops. We hired 5 people and built a nice little business in our 900 sq ft home (with only one bathroom mind you, yikes!).
I am still licensing my art, hopefully that will never end, however, I needed to diversify.
I built two new blogs for writing articles and showing videos in order to help artists in their journey. Yes, it may seem a bit much for one individual, but I love all aspects of these new endeavors and I’m excited to watch them grow.
The following is my story of change and how we didn’t let it defeat us, we adapted and grew.

To be honest, I never looked further than selling my art wholesale at Market Square (and other wholesale shows)…never planned for anything to change. When the consumers tightened their pocketbooks, the retailers tightened their spending, in turn, the licensees didn’t manufacture large quantities as they did pre-2008.
My husband became a realtor at Remax and I went to work on new ideas for growing my business. It’s better than it was 4-5 years ago but it has a long way to go before making a full recovery.
Most of our competition went to China to have their reproduction prints created and framed, in turn, cutting their costs dramatically, therefore, their prices dropped significantly as well.
We just couldn’t compete with their low prices so, sadly, we were forced to close that part of our business in 2000.

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