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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. It sounds like a lot, but with a normal, cooperative subject the procedure shouldn’t take more than about five minutes.
Different kinds of security personnel learn how to conduct strip-searches in different ways. Skamania County Undersheriff Dave Cox said a friend reported 19-year-old Maureen Kelly missing in the early morning hours of Monday. Kelly was wearing only a fanny pack, which had a small knife and a compass inside, and perhaps some other items. After searching for Kelly all day Monday without success, teams suspended their search at 8 p.m.
The campground from which she disappeared is located in Gifford Pinchot National Forest — about 60 miles northeast of Portland. Search crews said Kelly crossed a creek and climbed up to Forest Road 54, on the other side of the canyon from the campground.
Ward said Kelly’s tracks stopped on the paved road, so search crews spent much of the day trying to find where she may have left the pavement and entered the woods.
It is unknown whether she may be on a road or trail in the area or if she is moving cross country. What is the story with the people who witnessed this woman wander off into the woods naked? CHICAGO (CBS) — After one woman accused deputies of an illegal strip search at a county jail, more women are coming forward claiming that they, too, were subjected to similar conduct. Terry Ekl, who had filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a 33-year-old Coal City woman, said on Tuesday that five more women are claiming they also were stripped naked and searched for no legal reason. Ekl appeared in federal court in Chicago and was granted a motion that requires LaSalle County to preserve all video recordings from inside the jail. He said he still must vet the additional claims of illegal searches, but he said he has reason to believe their claims are true. Her lawsuit says deputies violated her civil rights and caused her emotional harm for conducting the search without a legal basis. A video from the jail’s security system shows four deputies, three men and a woman, pulling her to the floor, carrying her into a cell where they quickly and with great force stripped Holmes and walked out with her clothing, the lawsuit alleges.
Police say Holmes, who had been arrested in May for drunk driving, had a blood-alcohol level three times the legal limit of .08. After being naked for a few minutes, Holmes was given some blankets, which she used to cover herself while she was photographed for her mug shot. Earlier in the evening, Holmes had volunteered to take a breath test and was arrested for DUI.

Before being tackled by the deputies and being carried into a jail cell, the video shows Holmes being patted down by officers. This video of UCC students on the slopes in France has us dreaming of a ski holidayQuick Quiz: How many commonly misspelled words can you get right?Goodbye, Mr Selfridge!
UPDATE: After the viral success of these ads since this posting, the creators tell AdFreak they plan to expand the campaign. AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design. Policies regarding the proper time and place for a strip-search vary from state to state and facility to facility, but they all prescribe the same basic procedure. A suspect with dreadlocks can be more difficult to search, since the hair-ruffling technique isn’t quite as straightforward. If an individual is suspected of concealing contraband in his or her rectum, and a standard strip-search turns up nothing, there are a few different ways the officers may proceed.
Federal corrections officers study and memorize the procedure at the Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Ga. CBS 2 has joined forces with the most trusted local CBS RADIO stations in Chicago to give you the best Chicago has to offer as CBS Local.
Deputies left her on the floor naked face down for two minutes until a deputy threw what appears to be a blanket into the cell, her lawsuit claims. Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around. The security officer takes the person to be strip-searched to a private place, asks him to remove his clothes, and then inspects each garment, one at a time, running fingers over any seams to make sure nothing has been sewn inside. Men lift up their penises and scrotums, and, if they’re uncircumcised*, they pull back their foreskins. One option is to keep a suspect in isolation to see if he or she eventually excretes some unauthorized material. After learning the basics as part of their three-week classroom training, they practice on mannequins or on other trainees (who remain fully clothed). Just this entire situation is puzzling to me on how this came to be and what she was up to and why. Once the subject is naked, the search proceeds from top to bottom and front to back, with the officer giving instructions on what to do. At this point the guard tells the subject to turn around, so they can start again at the top. Those who absolutely refuse to follow instructions, and whom the officer suspects of concealing contraband, may be tied down to a gurney.
I didn't want them to have any reason to come back inside."Holmes, whose blood-alcohol level registered nearly three times the legal limit when she was arrested for drunken driving earlier in the night, said she lay on the floor crying.

First, he orders the subject to run his hands vigorously through his own hair, to show there’s nothing hidden on his scalp. The Score is partners with CBS 2 TV and WBBM 780, and they give you the best Chicago has to offer. Since its creation, autocomplete has become a popular device for social debate and even inspired a recent epic visual from xkcd, but these ads do a stellar job driving home the daunting fact that enough people around the world share these vile opinions that Google has come to expect them. After a few minutes, the cell door opened, and a deputy tossed in a pile of blankets and what authorities describe as a "padded suit."More than an hour later, when deputies fingerprinted and photographed Holmes, she was covered only in one of the blankets wrapped around her body, the jail video showed. Then he tells the subject to pull his ears forward and turn his head, to show there’s nothing tucked behind them. Next, he instructs the subject to tilt back his head to reveal the nostrils, and roll his tongue around in his mouth. The strip-search ends with the subject’s being asked to show the bottoms of his feet. He might also ask the subject to pull his lips away from his gums, and lift his arms to show there’s nothing in his armpits. It's also a crime," said Ekl, who provided the Tribune with copies of the video as well as written reports filed by sheriff's officers and Marseilles police. The lawyer said the video and documents were produced by authorities in court as part of her DUI case.LaSalle County Sheriff Thomas Templeton said he had not seen the video or the reports, and was not even aware of the incident when the Tribune contacted him. In the written incident report sheriff's officers filed, they said Holmes was uncooperative while being searched.
She was informed she would remain in the padded cell "until she sobers up and was willing to cooperate and not fight with deputies," according to the report.Sheriff's officers did not note any justification for removing her clothes, nor did they note any suspicion that she was hiding a weapon or drugs. She had already been searched by Marseilles police officers who arrested her, according to their report.
She also was monitored by a female Marseilles officer while she used the bathroom at the police station there.Under Illinois law, a strip-search is permitted only when officers have a "reasonable belief" that the subject is hiding a weapon or a controlled substance on their body. May 18, when a Marseilles police officer spotted a 2008 silver Ford Focus speeding through town, according to the arrest report. The arresting officer noted that she apologized for speeding and said she was not familiar with the area and had just come from a wedding with her boyfriend, who appeared to be too drunk to drive.On the video and audio recording from the police car's camera, Holmes appeared to be cooperative as she failed a field sobriety test and was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving.

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