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If you need a little extra help you can watch the video above or visit our SilverSilk resources page for more helpful hints and quick videos. I am working on my first loveknot braclet, I had both ends into the end cap and squeezed it shut, but one end came out, is there any way to get the end cap opened again? This simple yet stylish jewelry design has long been regarded as a symbol of love, representing the everlasting and constant bond between two people.

What we suggest is cutting the SilverSilk a little shorter, finishing the end with a new end cap (making sure that at least one ball bearing inside the chain sits behind the jaw) and then adding some additional jump rings to your clasp to keep the length the same. We’ll show you how to make this bracelet using SilverSilk knitted wire in two different colors. Connect them by threading one loop through the other, folding the top loop over itself and pulling it through.

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