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With the recently launched lunch and late night menus at Odd Duck came the restaurant’s first ever burger. See if the butcher shop is serving the Hamburguesa on its seasonally-focused daily menu for lunch.
The rustic ranch-inspired restaurant dishes up a half-pound cheeseburger that can be topped with either bacon or grilled summer sausage, with meat sourced from the family ranch.
Brunch at the classy restaurant often includes a Wagyu burger, a take from its food truck days, served with gruyere, bacon, fried eggs, pickled onions, all between halves of a brioche roll. The Cajun-inspired menu at Sawyer’s extends to the diner’s burgers, with the new special: The Hula, topped with grilled ham and pineapple, and candied jalapenos. Every Monday night, the downtown restaurant creates 12 Big Ass Burger specials that change every week.
The Plancha Burger packs a full punch with special sauce, caramelized onions, and pickles, all served on challah bread. The Hyde Park trailer offers a wonderful abundance of burgers with different types of patties, including shrimp, sauces, and toppings.
With Austin’s growing beer scene, it is no surprise that we will be having more neighborhood beer focused bars opening soon. One of the reasons Jason chose Pflugerville as the Growler Bar’s location, is because he lives there. They will have 59 taps; 50 of the taps will be focused on beer, while the other 9 will offer a mix of wine, coffee and kombucha. Taps will be constantly rotating to keep up with all of the new beers being released in Texas. Initial plans are to be open weekdays from 3 PM to 10 PM, with extended hours on Friday and Saturdays.
Founder Jeffrey Stuffings digs deep into Jester King's cellar to bring you an amazing beer list (including some of their yet to be released CoolShip Beers!) covering 5 Private Events aboard Royal Caribbean's newly relaunched "Texas Style" Liberty of the Seas!
My craft beer journey started sometime in university when light beer just was not cutting it anymore.
The #atx #craftbeer community is so awesome that our little beer blog ranks 25th of the Top 200 Beer Blogs globally!
July 9, 2015 by Eric Austin Leave a Comment As a business owner, I have learned many lessons over the years. Every business has surprises beneath the surface and little-known opportunities that can lead to greater success.
If we can help you with linen needs or services for your business, we would love to hear from you.
Filed Under: Blog, Ideas, Motivation About Eric AustinEric is founder and CEO of Austin Linen Service.
Eric grew up in a military family and lived around the country until the family settled in Austin in 1981. Eric also attended the University of Texas at Austin where he studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as well as Business Administration. In addition to his scholastic education, Eric also received an education in life, leadership and nature through the Boy Scouts of America where he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 1991. If you are seeking quality linen service, as well as ideas and strategies for getting the most out of your linens, connect with Eric to learn more about the services offered by Austin Linen Service.
Receive our bi-weekly newsletter full of game changing project ideas, industry topics, and what we are doing to be remarkable.
We use our creativity and expertise to produce Freshly Pressed: a bi-weekly newsletter about industry insights and the pursuit of growing a thriving service business. Texas might not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking about smart grid technology and sustainable development, but a ground-breaking, whole-neighborhood project in Austin demonstrates that community support goes a long way toward achieving both. Their flagship effort is the Pecan Street Demonstration, a smart grid research project in Austin’s Mueller community. Supported by a $10.4 million smart grid demonstration grant from the Department of Energy (and more than $14 million in matching funds from project partners), Pecan Street Inc.
Through a partnership with Austin Energy, the nation’s largest seller of green energy and the first utility in the world to create a green building code, Pecan Street researchers will test systems in up to 1,000 residences and 75 businesses in and around the Mueller community over the next 5 years.
Beth Buczynski Beth believes many societal problems can be solved through sharing or other alternatives to the corporate system. Insteading is part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, more sustainable place. As part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, performance and installation artist Sue Austin completed the short film Creating the Spectacle (embedded below) in which she—in her specially outfitted wheelchair—explored the magnificence of the undersea realm. In consultation with diving experts, Austin fitted the chair with tiny propellers (visible under the seat) and clear-plastic “fins” to allow for navigation. Austin, wheelchair-reliant since 1996, clearly is not an individual who thinks inside the box, nor are her physical limitations in any way limiting to her artistic vision. Nearly as old as the Internet itself, GoDaddy was born to give people an easy, affordable way to get their ideas online. In today’s competitive customer landscape, it is important to create a meaningful customer experience at every touchpoint.

Customer Shop Talk sessions are small industry expert led discussions, on a laser focused topic.
Companies can have the glass is half full or half empty perspective when it comes to digital disruption.
Your customer’s pace of adoption is driving critical changes to your customer engagement technologies, processes, and data management.
Client engagement continues to change in an increasingly mobile world and there is an opportunity to capitalize on this opportunity. Join Michael Martin, SVP of Channel Optimization at CIBC for this compelling, inside look at CIBC’s customer service success story. Join this panel of savvy-retail customer experience experts as they share their trials and tribulations from the 2015 holiday season, along with the lessons learned for 2016. As a participant, you are invited to weigh in on your experience, offer panelists advice, and ask your brilliant questions.
It is no surprise that an improvement in customer experience can easily translate into hundreds of millions of dollars of incremental annual revenues. This highly interactive session will take a fresh perspective on the customer journey and will identify key areas where companies can accelerate their ability to deliver innovative, personalized customer experiences that will ensure immediate engagement and empowered agents.
Your social media understanding needs to be driven from a solid basis of active (social) listening. Designing, implementing and proving success with a VOC program can be easier said than done. Hear an interactive discussion on the real-life journey from Infusionsoft (both the simple and not so easy parts); and how they got their VOC program up and running. Many companies are turning to customer service and experience to deliver that competitive edge. Keep in mind this map doesn’t include the iconic burgers Austinites have grown accustomed to eating.
It’s a grilled hamburger with ham, avocado, jalapeno toreados, and cheddar, topped with sauce especial on a cemita roll.
For non-meat lovers, there’s even a new veggie burger added onto the menu, where the patty is made with oats, millet, ceci bean flour, roasted mushrooms, peppers, garlic, and shallots. Order the All the Way Burger, where add-ons include pork belly, fried eggs, lump crab cake, avocado, mushrooms, and bacon. There are collaborative dishes from other Austin restaurants like the ramen burger with broth dip from Swift’s Attic, and Via 313, to other massive concoctions like the Fatty Melt, topped with two grilled cheese sandwiches. Jason’s father, who is now retired, will be helping to man the bar during the day while Jason is still working his day job. The bar will feature an all electronic system to show exactly what is on tap, and how much beer is left in each keg There are also plans to have limited bottles to go.
Their dedication to their practice and their love for teaching is what makes our studio unique. Eric works with Austin and Texas area Hill Country businesses that are seeking quality linen service.
Eric still uses the lessons he learned in Scouting on a daily basis; how to interact with and treat other people with respect, and how to conduct himself ethically and professionally in life as well as business.
I'm interested in exploring the growing collaborative consumption movement and how sharing is changing the way we work and play. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. Watching the video, Austin’s grace and agility in the water calls to mind a ray or even a jellyfish with her smooth, almost ballet-like movements of her arms. Today, GoDaddy is the world’s largest technology provider dedicated to small businesses, with more than 13 million customers around the world.
During the one hour tour, you will get a chance to explore the two story, 150,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Global Technology Center, located in Tempe Arizona. Find out how your program stacks up, and discover what insights this year’s findings reveal to top brands within our community.
Data itself isn’t good or bad—that’s in how you use it. Consumers are both the beneficiaries of data handled well and the victims of data handled indiscriminately (or worse).
Many automakers are enjoying this digital windfall and leveraging the wealth of in-car data to create opportunities to optimize new business models, redesign the customer experience, and deliver new revenue and business cases for sustained growth. 2015 was the first holiday season in which disruptive technologies (mobile and the internet) may have outsold brick and mortar stores. Highlights will be shared from the recent Dialog Direct – Customer Rage Study on what customers really want, setting the stage for a robust discussion on the dos and don’ts of managing the online and brick and mortar peak season.
Participants will take away key learnings around the omni-channel buying shift, to understand how to apply lessons learned to various industry customer service programs. One key component to making a lasting, positive impression on your customers is through the personalization of the consumer experience. You may have heard your mom say “are you even listening to me?” While saying yes, your mom knew you were likely not. This comes about from your proactive and reactive efforts that drive insight back into your organization.

Brands are faced with the challenge of growing, adapting and engaging with customers; but they are struggling to keep up and understand.
Having a clearly defined map on your goals and how you are going to get there is vitally important. The list ranges from newcomers like Burger Bar, brand new ones from Odd Duck, to rotating offerings from Swift’s Attic. After years of talking about opening up a brewery, Jason decided it was time to at least get started in the beer industry with a beer bar. Round Rock and Cedar Park all have operating beer bars while Pflugerville (and most areas north of 183 along I-35) have been skipped over.
There are no current plans to serve food but will likely have events with BBQ, or other food trucks, being served. The world is constantly changing, and you must keep on top of things if you want to succeed.
However, when you become knowledgeable about your industry, you start picking up the intangible cues and hints about people and opportunities.
He attended the LBJ High School Science Academy in Austin, a science and math accelerated magnet program where he also played on the golf and tennis teams as well as playing the violin in the school orchestra, which won numerous state competition awards. GoDaddy’s mission is to help people easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. You can tour various departments and learn the multi-channel strategy that GoDaddy relies on to engage with their customers. In this fast moving, high energy presentation, Shep Hyken, customer service and experience expert, will share with you how to create customer amazement.
This panel will focus on the data available to help organizations better engage with and serve their customers. You won’t want to miss our final keynote of day 1 for a lively interactive discussion, intriguing insights and thought provoking conversations. From the mouth watering, fresh food, to the tequila tasting and salsa dancing you won’t want to miss this evening networking event. Investing in omni-channel capability is critical to provide personalized service and deeper relationships with clients. With younger demographics and easier channel access driving this drastic shift in how a sale may start and finish, a new crop of opportunities and issues arise. The more effectively a company uses customer information to understand and acknowledge both the differences and similarities, the easier it will be to provide a truly personalized, highly customized experience, through relevant channels, in ways that drive stronger, more profitable relationships. During this interactive session, Microsoft will share its customer success priorities that are shaping their vision for an exceptional customer service experience. It would be a huge mistake to put blinders on when faced with new discoveries and opportunities.
Winner of two 2015 Stevie Awards for Contact Center of the Year and Online Sales Team of the Year, GoDaddy has a culture that fuels employees to serve small businesses globally. From the open, collaborative work environment, to the employee-friendly amenities including fitness area, game center, go-kart track, putting green, basketball court and full-service kitchen with on-site chefs, you will not want to miss touring the GoDaddy Global Technology Center. Shep will cover six steps to creating the customer focused culture, how to break apart your customer journey, one interaction at a time, the importance of social media customer service, and how analytics can be used to enhance the overall customer experience. Each discussion allows you 30 minutes to collaborate with your peers on your topic of choice. Digital disruption is creating an opportunity to engage with our customers in a deeper, more meaningful way.
The goal of this session is to have an interactive discussion to help to set or continue a key path for your organization (without a sales pitch).
Then join in as Maria asks  you to share your priorities and vision for a better customer experience. I believe the success of Austin Linen Service is a result of our commitment to always embrace new ideas and find hidden opportunities.
When I am focused on learning and honing my skills, it makes me feel great, alive, and excited.
It keeps me focused on finding those opportunities that create more value for my customers. I find myself all to often thinking ahead (I am a planner and organizer) and perhaps miss out on an experience, or feeling. This session will make you think hard about the data you have, the data you could have, and how to turn it into actionable intelligence for good. Lovely to visit your world through your individual creativity here on your blog, thanks, I will be cheering you on my friend.
I don't enjoy cold-weather photography, though, so that will be a real challenge to my fingertips. Maybe i should stretch a lot of my things too, including patience, finances, imagination, creativity, physical self (as in Diane's exercise), and my clothes as they seem to be getting smaller!

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