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Set a goal that, once achieved, will change your life forever, a goal from which there is no turning back once you start out on the path to its success.
We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.
The Humane Society of the United States works to care for animals, especially pets, and protects them from cruelty. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Were you looking for the Extra menu from the third game or the fourth game, the sixth night from the third game named Nightmare, or perhaps the animatronic named Nightmare?
Note, however, that Freddy will always come for the player if the power goes out, regardless of his difficulty setting.
As listed above, no matter the difficulty, Freddy will always be the one to greet the player if they run out of power.
Foxy's difficulty level will determine his frequency of appearing, as well as how adept he is at attacking the player and how fast he will reappear in Pirate Cove. On levels 3 - 6, he will assume his Night 3 mechanics, meaning that the player must now reduce the frequency of viewing Pirate Cove (but not enough to let him quit the Cove and make a move towards The Office).
Triggering Golden Freddy remains a possibility, and of course, running out of power will result in Freddy coming to put an end to the player's night, unless the night ends before that occurs.
If the player manages to survive, they will unlock the third and final star on the main menu. Close the Monitor, open the right door, and check both of the Hall Lights for Bonnie and Chica. The player can also combine these strategies, by checking the East Hall Corner very frequently (in which case shutting the right door is not required) and to check Pirate Cove only casually (in which case the right door must be closed), while, of course, checking the lights for Bonnie or Chica and closing the doors if they are present. Additionally, it is recommended that the player shouldn't use the Monitor, turn on lights, or close the doors with only 5-4% power left. As a final tip, it is recommended that in the hardest modes, the player should only check Pirate Cove to know when Foxy is set to attack. Also, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was announced after the 1.13 update, further disproving this claim.

The Puppet, however, does not appear in the setup screen as its behavior in-game is dependent on the player's actions.
New to Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is the inclusion of preset game modes in the Custom Night, which have all the characters set to certain difficulties.
Bonnie and Chica will only move from the Show Stage at the later hours, Freddy Fazbear never moves (with the exception of when the player runs out of power), and Foxy will almost never appear in Pirate Cove. The only way to survive if the power goes out is if the clock rolls over to 6 AM before Freddy's tune ends or before he attacks.
On levels 13 - 20, Freddy is at his most active and will strike at almost any chance he gets in.
Also, no matter the setting, the length of Freddy's jingle and how long he waits before and after it is played, is completely up to chance, although it is theorized that by "playing dead" (not moving the mouse when the power goes out), Freddy may delay his appearance before and after his song. Assuming they're at the same level, Bonnie will always be more active than Chica for unclear reasons, with the exception of Level 20. On levels 13 - 20, they will appear very frequently and will be much more adept at disabling the doors and lights. 20, the player will only have one or two seconds to put the door down before they come in and disable the lights and doors. On levels 1 - 2, he will act as he does on Night 1 and Night 2, and can be viewed as much as possible without fear of drawing him out. Scott expressed his shock and congratulations towards Twitch gamer BigBugz and YouTuber Markiplier when they were able to complete the mode, which he had previously considered impossible - in fact, until he realized it could be done, there was no reward for beating this mode.
If Foxy is triggered, close the left door as soon as possible before checking the West Hall.
Begin by checking the left door's light (to see if Bonnie is there), then check the right door light (to see if Chica is there), before closing the right door and pulling up the camera, only checking on Pirate Cove very briefly.
It has been observed that Pirate Cove itself does not need to be viewed in order to stall Foxy - as long as the Monitor is in use, he will stay in Pirate Cove.
Even if the player does not see it shut all the way, as long as the button is clicked and the door is not disabled, Freddy won't enter the room.
This can potentially stretch out the remaining time, if the player is lucky enough to not get attacked by Freddy or Foxy. He will be active regardless of whether he's watched "too much" or "too little." The player should also check cameras quickly.
Having him on these settings will significantly reduce the player's chances of dying from him.

The player can avoid him by shutting the right door every time they pull up the Monitor or by keeping the camera on the East Hall Corner and closing the right door when the player wants to check other cameras.
At Level 20, it can be assumed that they have almost the same frequency of appearing, and the time they give to close the door has significantly dropped. 12, Bonnie will almost seem to control Foxy, and shortly after he appears at the door and is warded off, Foxy will make a break to kill the player.
However, this mode is perfect for finding hidden Easter eggs or noting changes within Freddy Fazbear's Pizza as the night ticks on.
This means that only checking the East Hall Corner will keep Foxy at bay while also allowing the Monitor to be raised without closing the door, because Freddy is already being viewed.
If done throughout the whole night, this alone can save up to 2-3% power, as opposed to waiting to witness the door completely close. A quick rhythm to check only the fewest cameras in the shortest amount of time is recommended. On levels 3 - 6, he will become more active and start to behave more like he does on Night 3. Although the player can be caught off guard by Bonnie and Chica in the later hours, this is highly infrequent. Entering this code will instantly trigger Golden Freddy's kill screen, which will then close the game (as seen here). The player can then simply check the East Hall Corner, before lowering the Monitor and checking the hall lights, and repeating this throughout the night. If Foxy bangs on the door more than twice during the night, it would be wise to restart (because he drains more and more power each time he bangs on the door).
Scott Cawthon, the creator of the game, hinted numerous times that this game mode is close to impossible. Once the banging sound occurs, re-open the left door and repeat the process, only keeping both doors shut if both Bonnie and Chica are there. If the night is well into 5 AM, the power is at about 3 to 5%, and Freddy plays his longer jingle at the end, the player has a high chance of completing the night. Failing to close the right door before bringing up the Monitor or going out of sequence will most likely result in a Freddy attack.

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