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This 50-mile training plan is laid out to be progressive, with a healthy and exciting buildup of mileage and intensity. Tempo Runs: Tempo runs are inserted during peak training weeks to enhance the feel of a race-day effort and to make your body more efficient for the duration of the event.
Hill Repeats: Hill repeats are another tool for building strength, and they also give you greater confidence come race day. I felt a bit intimidated after signing up for the Buffalo Run, my first 50 miler coming up on March 26th.
For fartlek training, run a 1-minute surge every 6 or 7 minutes for the entirety of the run.

You'll also get access to top running content including training plans and stories on gear, nutrition and recovery.
There are a ton of websites and books about marathon training, but not nearly as much about training for an ultramarathon. There are also targeted workouts in the plan, built in alongside your miles, which will build your strength and also give you opportunities to customize the intensity and duration of your workouts. The key is to do a sustainable effort for 90 seconds followed by a 2- to 3-minute recovery, and to repeat this 10 times. Ideally, you would work this exercise into the designated run, perhaps running to your preferred stretch of climb as a warm-up and back again for the cool-down.

But that is radically different than making up an extra TWENTY MILES to finish an ultramarathon. I am very interested to see what happens in those last 20 miles.I made a few adjustments for races but I weekly mileage from sample training plans stayed the same.

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