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One of the most important steps to regaining your confidence in the saddle is to work with a trainer whom you truly trust.
If you suspect that you and your current trainer are not a good match, start looking for a new trainer whose goals and approach to riding will match yours. Building your confidence when riding is a slow process, but with time, you can ride confidently again.
A million dollars is a frequently-cited retirement benchmark, though ita€™s a decidedly feeble attempt to put a number on a moving target.
The value of a $1 million nest egg is substantially different depending on whether youa€™re living in Kansas City or San Francisco, retiring at 62 or 70, or planning on a life expectancy of 75 or 90. Still, ita€™s the number at which many Americans feel theya€™ll be able to retire, and ita€™s certainly a good starting point. Someone who is able to amass $1 million by age 65 and expects to live another 20 years should be able to take out roughly $55,000 a year with inflation adjustments, according to this calculator. Leta€™s say a 25-year-old college graduate currently earns $50,000, and his salary will increase 3% a year. Savings account rates are dismal these days, but you can earn as much as 1% with an online bank. Only after 35 years of salary increases would that $1,700 account for a more reasonable 15% of income, the percentage most experts recommend saving. The average employer matching contribution to a 401(k) these days is dollar for dollar up to the first 6%, which is undeniably a hefty chunk of money.
If this 25-year-old contributed enough to his 401(k) to grab a 6% match and invested at a 7% annual return, hea€™d have close to $1.8 million at age 65.
If this person maxed out a Roth IRA (based on the current contribution limit of $5,500 per year, with an increase to $6,500 at age 50 due to catch-up contributions) in addition to getting his 401(k) match, hea€™d have another $1.2 million, for a total of $3 million at age 65.
Leta€™s say our 25-year-old skipped the Roth and instead chose to max out his 401(k) each year, which currently has a pre-tax contribution limit of $18,000 and allows catch-up contributions of an extra $6,000 a year beginning at age 50. That may very well be more than he needs, and saving $18,000 a year on a $50,000 salary is unrealistic for many.
Finally, this is the real get-rich-quick scheme: Maxing out both a 401(k) and a Roth IRA every year would lead to close to $6 million by the time our worker reached 65. Most people dona€™t have to worry about saving too much for retirement, and ita€™s unlikely that many 20-somethings will be able to put away half of their income each year.
While most people use Spotify as a way to listen to, discover, and consume music, you can leverage it to strengthen your brand as a DJ and to engage with your fans (and potential fans) in ways that stretch far beyond the "Download my new mixtape!" route thanks to its social and playlist making features. Expose fans to your broader musical tastes that go beyond what you play for the dancefloor. Making Spotify playlists is a great way to share music that you wouldn’t normally play at a gig.
It’s a win-win situation because you get to expose a side of you that usually isn’t on show at your gigs, and your fans get to hear different music aside from what you normally push. Instead of just making playlists like rock, hip-hop, or soul, come up with genre-crossing lists that celebrate daily human existence, like the arrival of the weekend. Curating a playlist filled with music you love listening to while you work in your pyjamas connects you with other folk who work from home, or listening to music that helps calm you down during your daily struggle doing business chores puts in you touch with other listeners who need to chill out.
These types of human connection-based playlists help your followers peel back another layer of your professional image and get to know you on a more personal level, not just another guy behind the decks. Creating all these Spotify lists and sharing them on your social media accounts are important, but perhaps most important of all is that they should be found natively on your own DJ homepage. If you’re not posting your Top 10 or your themed playlists on your website, you’re losing out on a great opportunity to add very relevant content that strengthens you as a DJ and music enthusiast further. Spotify isn't just some music player with an extensive library: It's an entire community of music lovers! Finally, what makes Spotify different from a normal music streaming service is that it's built on a community platform with social aspects built in. While it's tempting to add dozens of tunes to playlists in one sitting and to follow people willy nilly, remember that the most effective social media strategy is to have an engaged audience, whether that's 10 people or 10,000.
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Building your own brand while working for an employer can be tricky, whether you’re an executive or executive assistant. Great tips, I am careful not to cross the line at work, but most do know and enjoy reading my blog. April 6, 2014 by Ngina Otiende Filed Under: Becoming a Better Wife, Loving My Husband, Marriage, Personal Growth 18 CommentsMy blog is called Intentional Today because I believe that a great marriage is something we build everyday. Without daily connection and communion with God,  doing marriage His way will be an uphill, if not impossible, task.
But often as wives and when say these kinds of things, we are silently shifting the burden of responsibility.

When you refuse to examine yourself (your responses, expectations, attitudes), even when the other person is clearly to blame, you limit opportunities for progress and growth. God is often more interested in making something good out of us, more than sorting out all our issues.
He knows that once He gets through to us, then we have the ability to handle difficult situations and still bring Him glory.
One thought that can help you here is to understand that you are doing things unto God, not unto your husband. Once you begin to understand that the extravagant awesome God of the Universe is your Father and that He is looking out for you and that He loves your husband as much as He loves you, your perspective will begin to change.
Unfortunately whenever we have serious conflict, the fun and ease is the first thing to go out of the window. But funny thing, (and this was a surprise to me) the loss  becomes one of the strong motivators for working out our issues. Cultivating a light fun atmosphere in your home and marriage can help you get on the resolution road faster when issues crop up. Work on your friendship while the sun still shines so that when  -not if – it pours your desire for sunny days will out-beat your stubbornness and pride.
Here I am talking about the everyday small angst and irritations that we can easily overlook, if we choose. You don’t need a whole sit-down about it, clean it up and enjoy the rest of the morning together. Keep proper perspective – how much does this really matter in the big scheme of things? If you would like to have Intentional Today delivered to your inbox, simply click here: Subscribe to Intentional Today (you will also receive a free copy of my eBook, Navigating Change). Jo, very often we fail to see that dynamic in marriage don’t we, that sometime down the road we will need the same grace from our husbands that they need from us today. This is very well spoken — simple in concept, difficult in execution because we are so hard-headed. I feel more empowered by following God’s directive for marriage than I ever did by following the worlds. A fall, an injury, or even riding a spooky horse can quickly shatter what confidence you have, and even aging often results in reduced confidence. It is your trainer’s job to push you a bit past your comfort zone, but a trainer also needs to be able to do this safely and in a way that will result in positive rides, rather than an experience that will only further lower your confidence. A bad match with a current trainer will not help to build your confidence, and can actually have the opposite results. The power pose is a particular stance that can actually change your body chemistry and give you more confidence. Look at what you have accomplished over your riding career – when you first climbed into the saddle you couldn’t trot, canter, or do many other things that you can now do.
The sooner the compounding begins, the greater the effect over the long term,a€? says Andy Tilp, president of Trillium Valley Financial Planning in Sherwood, Oregon. To build up $1 million at that interest rate, this person would have to save $1,700 a month. An employer match is invaluable, Tilp says, because it boosts a younger investora€™s savings rate early on, so that money starts compounding sooner. Maxing out an IRA and contributing 6% to a 401(k) puts this 25-year-olda€™s saving rate at a little above 15%.
With an employer match, and again assuming a 7% return, he should have roughly $4.7 million at age 65. This person would be living large in retirement a€” but very, very small while hea€™s young, saving close to half of his income. Building $1 million in capital for retirement is entirely possible on even a small salary, provided you start early,A prioritize your savings efforts, set an asset allocation that keeps pace with the overall market over time and grab matching dollars from employers that offer them along the way. If you’re known for being a house or EDM DJ, for example, creating playlists for different kinds of music that you like to listen to (but don’t DJ normally) is a great way to tell your fans about your broader taste in music. Since no one’s got a tape deck anymore, and CD players are losing out to mobile devices like smartphones, the next logical step is to transition these mixtapes onto digital playlists. You can update it as often as you want, but the key here is to be consistent. The idea is to corral your top new songs and have them all in one place that you look after regularly. In a way, making playlists is a form of content creation through curation, and having them on a webpage not only promotes the playlists themselves, but shows people who visit your site that you’re actively involved in other music communities whether they’re connected to you on those social media outlets or not.
Actively find those who share your interests and engage with them by following and sharing tunes.
While you can listen to tunes and figuratively “live on an island” here, using Spotify to the fullest means engaging with others in the community who share your interests. The goal here isn't to just have a massive following, but, more importantly, a meaningful one that resonates with you and what you're about as a DJ.

You'll also get weekly news and offer emails and exclusive access to members-only DJ training. For some, their job is just a means to an end and the plan is to eventually leave their jobs and pursue their brands full time.
If you are on the time clock, then do your job, simply because that’s the honest thing to do.
While some of your co-workers may be potential clients and customers, most workplaces frown upon promoting things that are not work related. Often times there will be opportunities for you to get additional training through your job. Great blog post I especially like managing time and take advantage of training provide free at work. Although my supervisor was aware that I was a yoga teacher, I was also told that I definitely didn’t have time to pursue another business. I also work full-time and love my job, so these were great pointers in working to maintain it all. I love all of them but really resonated with your words on prayer in marriage–both for and with our spouses. The key is to always first set the example or be the change you wish to see in your spouse. If you find that you’re lacking confidence in the saddle, these tips can help you to build it up again. Picture your perfect ride, with your horse behaving well and you being secure in the saddle throughout the ride. Useful before job interviews, speeches, and a variety of other intimidating situations, the power pose is also perfect for riders. Additionally, deep breathing relaxes your muscles, allowing you to sit more securely on your horse.
If you feel like that kind of savings rate isna€™t within reach, consider this suggestion from Tilp: Each time you get a raise, increase your retirement contribution by the amount of your raise. Not only is it easier than making a mixtape, so there’s a bigger chance that you’ll find time to do it week after week, but it’s easier for your fans to trust you to bring them the freshest tunes if you do it on the regular.
For others like myself, their job is something that fulfills their purpose as much as their own brands.
Besides that, when you perform well, most times it will keep your supervisor out of your hair and from peeking over your shoulder.
Be on the lookout for those training workshops and seminars where you can acquire skills that will benefit your job and your brand.
A job change may put you in an environment or with leadership that is not a flexible your current situation. I’m in a marriage prayer group and I really see God changing our hearts in ways that blow away our own efforts throughout the years! Visualization can help to prepare you mentally and emotionally for what you need to do to have a relaxing and enjoyable ride. When you’re feeling nervous while riding, focus on deep breathing and allowing your lungs to expand all the way down with every breath.
Join now to comment, and to get access to exclusive site content including our friendly forum, plus weekly news and offer emails. It can also make it easier for you to possibly have time off when necessary, or even a more flexible work schedule. Account for every hour of the day for a week, and then evaluate where you can dedicate time to your brand outside of work hours.
I worked on some lunch hours and maximized every single hour once my baby was down to launch my business.
Jesus will make all the difference to our responses, attitude , expectations and actions too. Practice visualization before mounting up, but also practice it while you’re at home or doing chores around the barn. Here are 5 ways that I’ve been able to build my brand while working my full-time job simultaneously. Now, I am working very part-time for that company and pursuing my passions on a more full-time basis.

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