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A little over 6 months ago I started to blog with the sole intention of motivating job seekers in these challenging times.
I believe that goal setting, including setting small, achievable daily goals, helps us to stay on track, and maybe even more importantly, gives us the opportunity to celebrate small successes. Staying motivated, and letting that motivation carry you, or better yet, propel you forward, is a good thing.
Jennifer is a talent acquisition strategist and career coach with over 16 years of recruiting experience and a passion for networking and social media marketing.
As a strategist she creates innovative recruitment processes which support the ever-evolving needs of her clients, and acts as a trusted consultant to help them achieve their recruitment and retention goals.
In addition to continuously building her recruitment consulting practice, Jennifer is a Career Coach in partnership with Hire Aspirations, the Strategic Partnership Advisor and Networking Leader of Whine and Dine LLC, a social networking group for HR professionals, and a member of the Program Committee for the Southern Connecticut chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This infographic shows the steps that an organisation can take towards full use of data to drive performance. Few companies have managed to reach step 5, but none can achieve it without progressing through the previous steps. This slide is useful for explaining to senior stakeholders where we are trying to take web analytics and why it is so important to get the basics right. Just over a week ago I was invited to appear on a local radio breakfast show in Singapore to discuss government social campaigns and behavior change. The campaign has just added two new ‘characters’ called Bag-Down Benny and Hush-Hush Hannah, in addition to Move-In Martin, Stand-Up Stacey and Give-Way Glenda.
So here’s my take on how such campaigns can increase their chance of creating real behavior change, through the lens of the 5 step SNAPP framework that I use with businesses to evaluate promotions and other communications designed to change behaviour. Arguably, the current graciousness campaign has a relatively simple and straightforward message, captured in the names of the characters. Although the campaign is trying to say that the characters represent normal Singaporeans, it doesn’t do so explicitly. The current campaign is pretty ubiquitous across public transport in Singapore, so it would definitely be difficult to miss if you are a commuter, although it might not be considered relevant by many (see the next point). I think this may be one of the areas where the current campaign falls down badly, as my personal reaction to the style of the campaign is that it is aimed at children and not adults (and therefore not relevant to me).
I think one specific challenge for this and other campaigns is to use design of the environment as well as communication to encourage the right behaviours. I am interested to know what others think of the campaign and whether there is any evidence of behavior change. Welcome to 1to1 Media — a multimedia resourcefor CRM and Customer Experience Professionals. In my latest Forrester report, "5 Steps To Create And Sustain Customer-Centric Culture," I answered the question I hear most often from clients: What are the steps in the process to actually transform organizational culture to be customer centric? For more details about how companies can transform their cultures to be customer-centric, read the full report over at Forrester (subscription required), or join me at Forrester's Forum for Customer Experience Professionals, June 24-25 in NYC. About the Author: Sam Stern is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research serving Customer Experience professionals, serving Customer Experience professionals. We can notify you via email of any additional comments to this post by entering your email below. I look to 1to1 Media and its partners as a trusted source of information on integrated marketing trends. 1to1 Media is a proponent of Extreme Trusta€”proactively acting in customersa€™ best interests. As a marker, it’s intimidating when your CEO asks you “Every other department can measure their effectiveness, what can we do to measure the marketing department’s effectiveness?” What would your response be?
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Increased focus on business process management has accelerated its growth rate by 15-35% a year. I came up with 5 tools, one for each day of the “work” week, and I simply post quotes that relate to those tools, and then expound a bit. This preparation may include setting up a space to work that is organized, clean and encourages concentration. Staying focused on the job hunt (or any work for that matter) amid all the distraction can actually be more difficult than it seems. My dad frequently reminds me that while we can’t always control our circumstances, we certainly have control over how we think about our circumstances. Accomplishments feel good, even when they’re small, and we can’t let ourselves get so bogged down that we forget to celebrate them.

She has proven success in sourcing across multiple functions at any level in an organization, developing a consistent candidate pipeline, creating a positive candidate experience, and increasing employee engagement through inspiring orientation and onboarding programs.  As a coach Jennifer offers tactical approaches to the job search process in all of her one-to-one sessions and workshops. Jennifer is also the moderator for CT-Moms, the largest and most active networking group for mothers in Fairfield County, CT.
In particular, we discussed the current LTA (Local Transport Authority) campaign on buses and trains to encourage graciousness and good behaviours. My initial reaction to the campaigns was bemusement, and a feeling that the tone was a little childish and patronizing.
However, the detail of the message might be lost with the focus on the cartoon characters and their names, with more detailed communication likely to be skipped as it’s buried in the detail of the posters which most viewers won’t bother reading. Last year’s campaign by the LTA was much more explicit in referencing the behavior of others (“x% of people do this”) as you can see in the example below. However, the rewards for following the desired behaviours are not clearly top of mind, and there are several barriers to following them as we will see. For example, do the interior designs of trains and buses encourage commuters to follow the campaign advice? I have seen seats actually made to stand out on a few trains (see the picture below), giving a much clearer signal to commuters than writing the word “Reserved” above the seat.
The use of mnemonics is a useful behavioural trick for getting people to remember a message, but the message needs to be powerful and clear and ideally with a call to action (a behavioural next step). The article is written by myself working for TapestryWorks which is a human behaviour consultancy based in Singapore. I interviewed companies that have successfully completed this transformation, and companies that are in the midst of that process right now. Once executives believe in the idea of cultural transformation, the first thing they do is assemble a team to lead the effort.
Companies must ensure that all employees understand the experience they're supposed to deliver. The final step in creating a customer-centric culture is also where companies should start to consider how they'll sustain customer centricity over time. Any use of materials, except for social media sharing (Tweets, Facebook posts, etc.), without the prior written consent of 1to1 Media is strictly prohibited.
But the most prime thing is to choose an appropriate BPM suite that can increase efficiency, control, and agility across mission-critical processes. For example, it often happens that I launch my browser to search for a quote for my blog posts, and I get sucked into Facebook instead… Social Media has changed the way many of us work, communicate, research, and play. With the ability to reverse-engineer the recruiting process for those in transition, she inspires people to take action in their career campaign. One of the discussion points on the radio show was around whether such campaigns were simply to raise awareness of an issue or aimed at changing real behaviours.
While I know that there shouldn’t be a “What’s in it for me?” for good behavior, the reality is that it helps a lot. Is it easy to move inside a bus when the corridor between seats is narrow and when there is no obvious ‘flow’ through (perhaps provided by visual cues or design of space).
I am interested to know about companies who develop such behaviour change campaigns in Singapore. We work with government and commercial businesses to apply behavioural science to public and commercial challenges.
Customer experience professionals who don't already have commitment from their executives need to either get it or give up their hopes of transforming their organization's culture. Art Antin, the founder and COO at VCA Animal Hospitals created the client experience team to drive VCA's transformation.
Selecting right BPM suite can cut down costs, increase time benefits, and increase flexibility and quickness in managing and improving multiple processes. The comments I started to receive on the blog, on my Facebook Fan Page, and on Twitter were more often from small business owners and solopreneurs then they were from job seekers. The tone for my day used to be “set” when I rolled out of bed in the morning, unless of course, something drastic happened to alter that tone… but it was “set” by external conditions.
The Singapore government’s utility company uses a related tactic in referencing the average consumption of households across Singapore and in your local neighbourhood to encourage lower consumption of water, gas and electricity (although it might increase consumption if your household uses less resources than others).
This could even be as mundane as stating that graciousness helps give everyone a more comfortable ride or gets commuters to their destination more quickly because boarding and offloading times are decreased. In many buses there is actually a barrier to moving back further than the exit door (as the back half of the bus is raised, meaning that passengers have to deliberately step over a barrier to move further).
Every successful transformation I studied began with a customer experience epiphany by a CEO or COO.

CX teams must collaborate with key colleagues from across the organization and ensure that the entire organization takes ownership for the transformation. Cleveland Clinic went so far as to train all 42,000 employees in its patient experience principles.
Companies must feature their CX principles consistently in corporate communications, and remind employees of their contributions to the overall experience. I realized, quite accidentally, that the exact same   tools I was writing about to help job seekers stay the course, were necessary tools for anyone to succeed in these times.
Yet, I think it’s also important to remember that there is only so much we can do to control the outcome of our events. If you write down what you want, you have the start of your plan, and the basis for your goal-setting. If that realization hasn't happened yet, CX pros can help create the spark of inspiration with executives. Other companies have created and shared a customer experience charter or vision statement that describes the key attributes of their intended experience. The reason behind this is that they are aware on the scope of the organization and can contribute to the success of any BPM project.Understand what the BPM “essentials” are versus more advanced BPM featuresA successful BPM solution must include certain essential elements. We need to stay focused on the job at hand, set time aside for each task, including the task of applying social media, and stay on track. While I firmly believe that I am exactly where I should be today… that does not mean at all that it is where I want to be tomorrow.
For example, Brad Smith, the Chief Customer Officer at Sage North America, established a program where executives sign up to spend time in the call center or join sales teams on customer visits. Companies should also collect and share customer success stories as a way of providing tangible examples to employees of expected behaviors. It created a People Powered pledge, detailing its commitment to providing employees with a great work environment that would make it easier for them to deliver great customer experiences. First of all, it must address both your human-centric and system-based processes, since both these processes are important for business success.
We can research, do due diligence, practice, role play, and be as prepared as humanly possible, and while that’s all important, useful and in fact necessary, it doesn’t always help.
Razor sharp, laser-like focus is required, especially when you’re down, stressed out, overwhelmed, or otherwise preoccupied.
LinkedIn, Twitter, even Facebook, can all be very useful in our work lives, but we need to use them appropriately. Now, whenever I wake up cranky, or if something happens during the day that causes me angst, I remind myself to find “the new me”, and “fake it until I make it.” When my day is daunting, and lately that’s been happening a lot, I tend to panic. And he created a new leadership routine of bringing customer stories to their monthly meetings. They should be just one tool on your tool belt and not replace face-to-face interaction and networking! So, when I saw this quote, I actually printed it out in LARGE letters, and taped it to my computer for a constant reminder. Hold yourself accountable, or find someone to help hold you accountable, and go after what you want.
As we enter into a New Year (and enter into a new Decade!!), I can’t think of a better time to recount the things that will help us all operate at our absolute best.
Stephen Covey said that he is convinced that we can write and live our own scripts more than most people acknowledge. I don’t prepare for the worst, because I don’t even want to put that out there – but as long as I believe that things happen for a reason, I’m ok. And, while I may never understand what that reason is, I do believe it is always for the best. As we know organizations are moving through different stages of maturity, so different customer communication channel is now of great use. Focusing on solving problems is still focusing on the problem, so I suggest changing the way you look at this altogether.
SB 1386 affects any state agency, business, or person that conducts business in California and maintains computerized data that includes personal information.

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