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My job, as an intuitive coach and mentor, is to help you discover who you truly are underneath it all. Most of us have learned to look towards the external for validation, whether it’s through our relationship, our job, our friends or our family. When we finally embrace our greatest fears and give ourselves the attention we have been needing, we begin to not only feel relief but discover that we are not so alone, that we know how to trust ourself, take care of ourself, mentor ourself, so that we can show up in life, no matter what the circumstance, as our true, Authentic Self.
Life will still have its challenges even when we are coming from an authentic place, but the difference is that when we are rooted in who we truly are, not a false belief of who we are, we can face the challenges with confidence and comfort.
What I hear from so many clients is that they feel like something is wrong with them and they wonder if I have worked with anyone else that has similar issues. It is a huge first step to reach out and seek support, to look at ourselves more deeply and really come face to face with what we are afraid of. Where this leads us to is a feeling that we can be with our fear, our shadow, the very thing we have been avoiding looking at for so long. Life Coaching is a process that ultimately enables you to feel self-empowered and fully engaged in your life. Coaching is about guiding you to find your own answers, supporting you in believing in yourself and working together to discover the person you truly are in the life you have always desired. Seeing a coach is an investment of time and money but the true value is giving yourself the undivided, compassionate attention you receive in a session.
My interest and passion is in supporting you in your evolution, in helping you connect with who you truly are so you feel empowered and free in your life.
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Many people associate meditation with yoga class or with sitting for endless hours without moving, definitely not with the middle of the workday.
For additional stress reduction resources, check out the author’s Guide to Treating Anxiety with Yoga.
Download this audio recording (MP3 format) and listen with eyes closed in the comfort of your own home or office.
The Sage Patanjali in the second sootra of Yog Darshan says that the state Yog, which we can say is Oneness, occurs when chitt vritti nirodh takes place. Evidence has shown that it’s good to take breaks throughout the day, so allow yourself 5 minutes to enjoy this meditation. Be sure to also experience the guided imagery and the magical moment meditation as well, both are short. If you enjoy the cards used on our website please click on our Tarot Deck Resource page where you can purchase these Tarot Decks from Amazon. Perhaps it is fear, insecurity, anxiety or that little voice that says, “you’re not good enough” that gets in the way. My role is to guide you so that you can see and understand why you have been stuck in the same pattern,   and what the limiting belief is at the core of it. But the problem with seeking external validation is that not only are we dependent on something outside of us to tell us we’re “good enough”, we’re “loveable”, we’re “ok”, even if we do receive that validation it never truly feels like it’s enough; something is still missing.
In the face of adversity we know how to take care of ourselves, how to listen, trust and follow our intuition and how to ask for what we need from others. It takes courage and patience and a lot of compassion and forgiveness to show up in a new way and be there for ourselves.
It might seem really scary and vulnerable but what so many clients come to find is that it’s not nearly as scary as it seemed in their mind, that actually, it feels like a complete relief, it feels liberating, lighter and comforting to finally look at what we have been avoiding or neglecting all this time. Where we can have the courage to follow our dreams, attract a relationship that reflects who we truly are, a job that feels fulfilling, a life that feels and is something which inspires and supports us every day – even the days when our internal weather might seem grey.
It is about finding the seed of what may be holding you back, healing it and supporting it to evolve forward so that you can step into your full potential.
The focus is more on the part of you that needs a little attention, nurture, compassion and support so that you can feel safe enough to move beyond the patterns that are holding you back.

It is easier to see the patterns, habits and beliefs in others because sometimes when we are so engulfed in our own patterns we become blind in the face of them.
Connecting with yourself in such a way can become a natural process, and you may find you no longer need a coach, but in the beginning, or in times where you need to reconnect, having someone to support and guide you makes that process feel far less scary. That means that the process and journey really relies on both the client and the coach to be working together as a team. If we measure our worthiness by what we do, than there will always be the fear that if we fail in what we do that we are somehow not good enough of deserving to be here.
Or perhaps it is because we live in a culture that doesn’t support us as unique individuals but instead tells us over and over again that we are not good enough as we are.
I will show you how to safely connect to and heal the wound that created the belief and ultimately how to give yourself what you have been needing all of this time. This is because we cannot receive something unless we know how to first give it to ourselves.
The greatest gift of living within our Authentic Self is that we know that who we are is not defined by the external world but by how we are being and responding to what is happening within and around us. We are creatures of habit after all, whom often feel greater comfort in the known, even if it isn’t serving us, than the unknown. The answer is no there is nothing inherently wrong with you and yes I have worked with many people that have perhaps a different story to your own but share the same feelings, fears and anxieties. Connecting to our Authentic Self is like coming home; a place where we feel safe, seen, heard and appreciated. Our aim shouldn’t be to just be happy, it should be to feel at peace, and peace only comes through acceptance of what is here now and that whatever that is, it’s ok. You allow me to live my purpose and passion and I hope my guidance will support you in living yours. The coach is there to guide you, offer support, inspiration, motivation, nurture and care but it’s really about discovering your own answers, building on your own intuition, so that you can feel fully empowered in your life.
Even five minutes at a time of meditation can do wonders for your workday and your home life too. A recent study showed that meditating for eight weeks was linked to having a higher density of gray matter, a part of the brain that helps with memory and learning.
Studies show that meditation actually changes the way our brain processes emotion, making us more resilient. When you take a break from work and go on social media, your brain is reading and analyzing what you’re seeing.
Simply sit at your desk or in an empty conference room, if you’re more comfortable and close your eyes. Most importantly, the journey we’ll go on together will give you the deep knowing that you are not alone, that there is nothing wrong with you and that you can heal and evolve beyond the current pattern that is holding you back. When we know what self-love feels like in our body, we can recognize it better and actually open ourselves up to receiving someone else’s love without fear.
When we step into this new identity of who we truly are, we become co-creators of our lives, seeing that life happens through us not to us. I’m here to create a safe space for you to step into the unknown, to cross the bridge towards who you truly are. We feel confident not because we tell ourselves that we are great, or because we feel safe behind walls, but because we feel our self-worth and we recognize that safety doesn’t come from hiding behind walls but by standing tall within ourselves with unconditional love and acceptance.
Once you connect with your limiting beliefs, see the patterns of your past as well as the perspective you live your life through, you have the power to heal, transform and evolve beyond them.
If you are willing to be in a mutual relationship of attention, nurture and dedication, you can and will transform your life. So what I say to all of my new clients is you will grow, change, heal and evolve only as much as you are open, willing and ready to. And five minutes is short enough that your boss won’t get mad at you for ignoring important work. With all we have to keep in mind during the typical workday, who couldn’t use a little memory boost?

This means it never really gets to rest, so when you get back to work you don’t feel refreshed.
This means you’ll write better reports, come up with better responses in meetings, and do better on just about any project that comes your way. Sometimes we need that objective reflection to really see what’s going on within us and we need a guide to help us traverse the way. When we feel what self-respect, value and being enough is like in our body, we will attract that same quality from another. By practicing keeping your focus on one thing at a time, such as your breath, you improve your ability to pay attention when it really matters, such as during a boring but important meeting. Each time your mind wanders away from your breath, which it will, simply shift your focus back to your breath until your five minutes are up. We might recognize that we keep on getting stuck in the same patterns of relationship, work, the dynamic we have with our group of friends, all the while feeling like “this isn’t working, this isn’t what I want my life to be.” And yet, we don’t know how to change it. And when we do embody what we need and what we have been yearning to receive from the outside world, receiving it from another, actually becomes less important. He is indicating what you should do if you want to attain the state of Yog which is the state of indivisible Being. It is wonderful to be seen, to receive validation, love and support from others, but it is secondary to how empowering it feels when we give this to ourselves.
That state, the Yog state, is free from all the accumulated identities that you have picked up, and accepted, over years and years. When we give to ourselves first, everything else is an enhancement of that fulfillment rather than something we seek to fill the void. In meditation you are practicing chitt vritti nirodh, the state of freedom from identification with the vrittis of your mind. Normally, the chitt, or mind, is focused on, and is concerned with, perceptions of thoughts and impressions through the senses, and it thinks and assumes that these perceptions and thoughts are reality.
In doing so, it overlooks its own original nature that existed before those perceptions and thoughts arose, and now pays attention to the world of forms, and concludes that it is one form among the many world forms.
This state of outward orientation of the mind is called vyutthaan, and it is the opposite of nirodh, which is the state of mind that occurs when there is awareness of Self. So in meditation you are shifting from the dualistic, waking state of the vyuthaan vritti chitt to the nirodh state which leads to Oneness. I enjoy bringing my passion to mundane tasks (sweeping, cleaning), but instantly feel passionate when Ia€™m swimming in the sea or dancing to my favorite music. While deep meditation can bring you to a state of complete peace, a simple meditation practice can help you develop your ability to a€?be presenta€? and enjoy more thoroughly anything you do! Pick up the piece of fruit and take a look at it, then place it somewhere out of your view.
Take a closer look at your piece of fruit and try finding something beautiful or unique about it.
Did a little inner cultivation give you a sense of how much more deeply you can experience anything, even looking at a piece of fruit?
And repetition throughout the day, every day, is the start of bringing more depth into all your experiences. Bringing our ability to a€?be presenta€? for more of daily life can transform many mundane experiences.
Research for this study introduced her to various techniques of eastern meditation which she has practiced for almost three decades. Betsi has been vegan for 25… Read more Betsi Iris Mufson MSW was the free spirited grad student at Smith College who wrote her thesis on the use of meditation in psychotherapy.

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