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I printed out the following two charts from this website, stuck them back to back, and carried them in my pocket during the race. Having the times by kilometre already printed in front of you means you don't have to worry about doing Math in your head, especially as exhaustion starts to take hold.
A training plan that successfully delivered a sub-3:00 marathon, after recovering from an early season injury. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This morning it was 44 fahrenheit when I started, that’s 4 degrees Celsius, so that’s pretty cold. Another great watch setting I’d like to use is the time alert, that was the time alert right there. Every 50 minutes or every hour I take a salt and electrolyte pill, in my mind this helps me against cramping later in the race.
Mile 24 in 6:45, this is the part of the race where you have to dig deep, this is where you have to go into those reserves and really go for it. A lot of the advice in this video is from trial and error and from my running friends at the Coyotes, especially coaches Jimmy and Kate. Good suggestions re getting over tough spots, regular salt intake, regular nutrition and hydration, not starting off too fast, finish with cold bath, etc.
We like fancy English sea salt in little plastic bags, with a bit of potassium mixed in, for electrolyte boosts. Average runner might also consider eating say 2 bagels before the race versus 3 eggs – maybe easier on the GI system. Sorry to say the concern about food may seem sort of mundane, but having to stop for a bathroom break is no fun.
The eggs for breakfast is definitely not for everyone, it works well for me since I’ve been eating that for a few years now and my body has gotten used to it. First goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon and then, hopefully next year some time go under 3 hours for the marathon.
Great job on losing so much weight and for running the last 3 years injury free while dropping your times! Hi Tom, sounds like you were spot on the first half, now it’s only a matter of time and training to maintain that same pace for the second half!
Runner's World is a publication of Hearst Magazines UK which is the trading name of The National Magazine Company Ltd, 72 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 9EP. Our resident ultra runner Kieran Alger has a new mission for 2014 – to break the 3-hour marathon mark.
Crossing the marathon finishing line while the first number on the race clock reads two is a landmark achievement for amateur runners. There are almost as many approaches to marathon training as men who run them in neon tutus.
I’ll share the insights they give me and let you know how it feels physically and mentally. Please tick if you would prefer not to receive news & special offers from Hearst Magazines UK.

I’m about to run a solo sub 3 hour marathon and I’m bringing a little Go Pro to share a few marathon running tips along the way. I woke up at 5.30am, that gave me 90 minutes to eat some breakfast, get ready, put all my gear on and have a proper warm up. I like wearing not too many warm clothes, I’m rather cool at the beginning, kind of cold even. So I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt and later I can roll up the sleeves, I’m wearing shorts as well.
Pace per mile is a great function, it gives you a great idea how you break down each of your miles. The first part is mile 1 to 13, this is really the part where you have to hold back, you’re very excited to race, but just hold back for a bit. The half way point is always good to give you an idea of where you are, how you’re doing and what you need to be doing the second half. So don’t try any new gear, no new shirts, new shoes, new belt pack or whatever, run what you trained with, so you don’t get any surprises.
One thing to accept in advance when you run a marathon is that you are going to hit tough spots. It’s totally normal to hit some tough spots, everyone has that, it’s just the mind game to get over that. If you have any additional marathon racing tips that work well for you or if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below! Many exciting articles in the works, be the first to hear about new posts, giveaways and exclusive content. Many runners like eating bagels, I eat very little processed carbs (no bread, no pasta, no pizza, etc) I prefer running mostly at a low Heart Rate and use primarily stored body fat for energy vs sugars. Almost all my training runs are based on low HR runs, however I ran this purely on pace and not on Heart Rate. Many runners train at a HR that’s too high for them, so their body uses a lot of energy. Today it looks like you were supposed to run your Hyannis Marathon in Massachusetts, but I saw it was canceled due to the bad weather, bummer!! It was a tricky combination to talk in the camera and stay on pace, glad you found the advice helpful.
I watched this before my London Marathon attempt and I tried to take some of your advice on board. But though it may not seem like it, once you get near the 3 hour mark, four minutes is a very, very long time.
I want to know how I can start the race with a topped up tank and what I can do as a runner to break through the hallowed 3-hour barrier at the London marathon in April.
Even if you’re not aiming for a sub-3-hour marathon, hopefully you'll be able to use some of my guinea pigging to enhance your own training and hit your personal marathon goal. I brought a little Go Pro camera on my sub 3 hour marathon to discuss the marathon racing process. I’m trying to have 3 minutes extra there just in case the course is a bit longer when you try to run a marathon, or if you have to zigzag in between people.

Maybe set up a little table in your front yard, get some weird looks from your neighbors, wondering what the hell you’re doing. So especially for further on in the race, you can see if you’re still on goal or not, so it’s a very handy feature. Mile 13 to mile 20, is really that getting to work part, focus on your nutrition, focus on your pace and your form.
If you feel shit, just smile, laugh, slap a high 5 to a volunteer or someone in the audience, you’ll instantly feel better. I know there is no scientific evidence to show really that ice baths help speed up the recovery process, but I enjoy ice baths, so that’s why I’m going to jump into the cold water in a second here. If you slow down your training pace, you’ll run at a low HR and your pace will increase over time with the same low HR.
I’ll be speaking to every expert I can find to try to tease out three minutes and 58 seconds worth of secrets.
Many details are being discussed in this video, such as pacing strategies, watch settings, hydration, nutrition, race gear, mindsets, battling tough spots, and much more.
Its also nice if there is a little room for error in case you get it really tough at the end. They have all their race excitement kick in, probably have done some sort of taper so you’re really hungry to run. Last year I plodded along the well-worn path from marathon man to 100km conquering ultra runner.
At my first few marathons I had a hard time after mile 15, but now my HR stays low, even at a pretty fast pace, and I don’t run out of energy.
Once progress starts to become less, start adding in 1 or 2 intervals a week for 3 – 4 weeks, then back to aerobic only.
It’s time to discover what it takes for an ordinary desk-jockey to join the vaunted sub-3-hour club. If you shave 1 minute off at the beginning, it might cost you 5 minutes later on if you start cramping. It’s the part where people either fall apart, or where people can run through and run a good race. Or just little pep talk, like “you’re doing good, come on, you got this!” Anyways, it’s going well, 6:44 last split, let’s see how it goes. Just think about the next 500 meters or ? mile and you’re totally going to work through it. This last part of the marathon is tricky to train and for many runners this is a pretty unknown territory.
It’s totally normal that things start messing with your mind, just stay calm and go out there and have a good time, enjoy the journey.

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