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Stress can quickly become overwhelming and infiltrate every aspect of your life and career. Talking is the best way to get your ideas and thoughts across to others, but you should always be a willing listener.
There are many techniques that you can use to manage stress, but mediation and yoga are really popular options.
Some people are afraid of sleeping their lives away, but sleep isn’t something that can be avoided.
Achieving a state of coherence means successfully becoming resilient to stressors in all 4 domains.
It’s best to prioritise and tackle things in order of magnitude of possible improvement in any dimension while remaining ware of the stressors in each domain. Training hard, but eating poorly and not getting enough sleep will negate the gains you are aiming for.
Eating well, but living in an environment with poor air quality and excess noise pollution is only part way there. Compounding physical stress of exercise with a lack of resilience to daily challenges will mean your body is not given the opportunity to recover properly. Spending 8 hours a day seated in a chair with bad posture will give you OOS, RSI and places your body in a neurologically inefficient position that can compromise your ability to perform even simple physical tasks like bending and picking up a box without injury. Here are some of the more effective bio-hacks we use to help us lead healthy, resilient, coherent productive and fulfilling lifestyles. The emWave2 is a training device that helps you become less reactive to fight or flight triggering events. Alcohol is probably the most common substance we willingly use to disrupt our circadian rhythm.If you drink alcohol, you can use antioxidants like Vitamin C, NAC, l-glutathione and Activated Charcoal to mitigate the effects of alcohol's toxic by-products.
Blackout curtains and make sure there is no light pollution in your bedroom (this includes removing TVs, laptops and tablets)  A sleep mask is a simple workaround. Don't consume coffee within 8 hours of when you plan to sleep (or drink decaf.) Yes, this has as much to do with the stimulatory effect of the caffeine but it also raises your cortisol levels which gets in the way of  melatonin production. You can take this further by wearing blue blocker glasses after sunset and also using apps like flux to strip blue light from your computer display. At Biohack Your Life, EvoUltraFit advocated that “movement was the key everything.” We learned that how we move (or don’t move) conditions our parasympathetic nervous system.
Every movement you make counts towards your ability to live pain free and maximise enjoyment of recreational activities. See how to do the push up and the squat, demonstrated by people who have never done it wrong their entire lives! Stand while you work and start to wake up some muscles that have been left to atrophy and keeping your body in a more neurologically sound position throughout the day and reap the benefits. Most of us appreciate the importance of diet and movement, but there isn’t much talk about the quality of our environments.
People with pets have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those without pets.
Pet owners have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels (indicators of heart disease) than those without pets.
Pet owners over age 65 make 30 percent fewer visits to their doctors than those without pets.

Get a financial education and spend time worrying about the important things in life rather than running out of cash the day before payday. Eliminate financial stress and spend time worrying about the important things in life rather than running out of cash the day before payday.
Without opening a can of worms here, I’ll just say that a diet consisting of whole organic foods and pasture raised meats are important for me to tackle all four dimensions.
I also have positive feelings about eating ethically and i’m confident that limiting the introduction of pesticides, antibiotics and genetically modified crops is a good thing.
It protects your liver, enhances your cooking, has noth anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. According to a study in Okinawa where they drink turmeric tea daily - It may help you live longer. Turmeric can help you recover from ailments faster and more importantly, help you maintain resilience against common lifestyle diseases. Contrary to the pop science, saturated fats are in fact an essential source of nutrition, not that there is actually that much in red meat!
With an increasingly large volume of research being published about the gut-brain-immuno connection (how our gut bacteria essentially drive so much of our lives including manufacturing the molecules that eventually feed our brains.) Understanding what is living in your gut is a primary step to figuring out what to do to make improvements and then continue to quantify if the changes you make are actually making a real, rather than just subjective impact on your wellbeing.
As weird as it may sound, fecal transplants are becoming a more common biohack to rapidly resolve lingering gut health problems.
However, there are simple ways that you can eliminate the stresses that come with the sales profession. However, constantly juggling and managing different priorities can lead to increased stress. You will avoid a lot of mistakes if you simply keep your ears open and listen to the request, concerns and advice of others. You can mediate in private to center your thoughts and create positive energy that helps to guide your path in life. If you get the sleep that you need, you will be more motivated and productive each and every day.
At Biohack Your Life 2013, Dr Justin Marchegiani presented a framework to manage (and therefore eliminate) stress. By addressing lifestyle stressors in each area, we can build a foundation of wellness on which to thrive.
In large amounts, cortisol causes an increase in serum amino acid levels by breaking down muscle and also inhibits protein synthesis. Make decisions while in a coherent state and train to become more resilient to petty stressors over time. You can use their free tool to test different variables and  track and improve your cognitive performance. This will reduce adrenal stress by providing a re-stock of the minerals that your body needs to get going (raise blood pressure etc) first thing in the morning. Upgraded Coffee helps you eliminate performance robbing mycotoxins (mould.) Ever get jitters, headaches, nausea or anxiety after a  cup of coffee? Some people are still able to fall asleep easily after drinking coffee at night, however, it can affect your sleep quality. We love the idea of being able to get a blood panel every month without getting the third degree from our GP.  Talking20 enables you to take your own blood samples and send them off for testing, with your results made accessible to you online.

Ergonomically correct and probably the most comfortable shoes ever, Vibram’s let you move how you were meant to - without being hindered by raised heels and toe suffocating shoes that contribute to physical strain and biomechanical inefficiency. EvoUltraFit use the ARPWave to accelerate injury rehabilitation and performance gains with any movement pattern. Today I use the Bose QC15s so I can get through my day, minus the noise pollution that inevitably imposes itself on a modern lifestyle - at the train station, at the office etc. The main types with strong bodies of research to support them are: Mindfulness (vipassana) is practising being aware of where you mind is giving its attention. It’s easier to have a productive day without experiencing sugar cravings or insulin spikes to counter massive blood glucose spikes. They are all potent inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that have promoted wellness for 1000s of years across Asia and the Middle East.
Infusing your life with a calm outlook can be easily achieved by following these simple steps.
The easiest way to get rid of unneeded stress is to prioritize the things that are most important and don’t try to handle too many different tasks at one time.
You have to always remember that it is a process and you have to be willing to work hard for the things that are most important to you. Yoga classes can also be a great place to meet others that are trying to center their lives and achieve a healthier lifestyle.
This is an opportunity to nip all those pre-clinical ailments in the bud, before they evolve into chronic disease. Also check out his podcast with Dr Wisor about how to hack your sleep and why it is so important. They are also great for air travel to block out engine noise, in-flight announcements and crying babies!
Try to enjoy the journey and always maintain a positive outlook that allows you to keep your passion. Noise pollution has been linked to depression, anxiety, lost productivity and even increased heart attack risk. Daniel Goleman’s book “Destructive Emotions” is getting a bit old now but has a great summary of mindfulness and general meditation research outcomes. Make some friends with similar interests and you’ll be surprised how quickly you learn.  Some of our favourite books are “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “The Millionaire Next Door” , “How to get Rich” and “The Warren Buffett Way”. The challenging games can make you aware of weak areas and improve concentration, productivity.
Only Upgraded Coffee's vigorous quality assurance process can guarantee you get mycotoxin-free beans every time. Also, buying grass fed means that you dodge the antibiotics that are inherent when using CAFO.

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