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And, if you were lucky enough to find your best friend during the golden years of Beanie Babies and The Spice Girls, you might as well have hit the lottery. During these times, you were likely to have a partner in crime — aka, the girl you called your best friend.
You’ve been through the many road blocks life has thrown at the both of you, whether that be attending different colleges, getting full-time jobs or simply losing touch with one another throughout the years.
You’ve held tight throughout immense changes of culture and technology, and have proven the fact bonds created in the 90s are the strongest ones out there. Amanda Fama is a graduate of Ramapo College with a degree in Communications and Journalism. It is important that your significant other encourages you to be the best you can be, for yourself, for society and for God! It is important that your significant other encourages you to question the things around you. It is needless to say that your soul mate would be able to make you smile and cheer you up in any situation!
If you have found someone that empowers you and makes you see possibilities that you never could have imagined then you have definitely found a keeper and likely have found your other half! If your first thought when making any decision, is of your significant other, then this is quite a telling sign.
14) It doesn’t matter what he wears or how disheveled he may be, he always looks breathtakingly handsome to you. It is very important in relationships to understand and be sensitive to each other’s emotions. The reality is that as far as Libra women are concerned, the guys in their lives tend to leave because of common Libra weaknesses. As a Libra, you only need to be aware of these signals for you to take key steps to take your man back.
You have to understand that these steps involve a lot of personal struggle and personal maturity and awareness.
Which is why it’s extremely important for you to be clear as to whether the man is worth having back in your life.
However, as long as you are sure that he is worth recovering, then you need to follow these steps.
Nine times out of ten, one of the worst personal traits that your ex-partner saw in you is your inability to make up your mind. You feel so caught up in the process of making a decision that you don’t take the next step and actually make a decision. You’d be surprised how many Libra people confuse THINKING about something with actually DOING it. However, if you’re sure that the man is worth having back in your life, you need to take the next step.
Unfortunately, it’s easy for Libras to be so caught up in the decision-making process that they overlook one very important detail. By looking at the past events where your intuition actually produced positive results, you should have reasons for optimism.
I know this is difficult to do because it’s generally difficult for Libra people to get off the fence. Because when you are so afraid of your intuition, it puts unnecessary pressure on your relationship with your man. For you to do this, you can’t just rely on intellectual awareness that you need this guy back in your life.
Unfortunately, as far as Libras are concerned, these are often short-lived sources of energy. But the truth is, given the right incentives, you can step up to any situation and do what’s needed for however long to make the right decision.

Because if your man is worth getting back in your life, then he is worth going through all these personal hassles and changes. The moral of the story is that this hero, Siegfried, went through all the trouble to save Brunhilda because, at the end of the day, Brunhilda was worth it. If you want love in your life, you have to understand and appreciate and accept the fact that love is worth it. It is not a question of whether we worked hard enough or whether we made enough money or people looked up to us.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
She was the number one friend on your AIM list, and still the first girl you text every day. The friendship necklace you bought at Claire’s in the fifth grade is still hanging on your jewelry holder. You remember each other’s home phone numbers, and can flawlessly rehearse them in your heads, let alone dial them with your eyes closed. Your days of drinking Berry Blue Kool-Aid Bursts together after school have turned into drinking beers together at happy hour after work.
Your shopping sprees to Alloy and Delia’s have turned into spending your rent money at Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.
You still have a Lisa Frank journal hidden away in the back of your closet with little notes written by the two of you… in gel pens, of course.
You nursed each other through sicknesses as a kid when one of you stayed home from school, and continue to help each other through wicked hangovers as adults every Sunday morning. You made your families mad when you spent hours talking to each other on the home phone when you were young, and still rack up the data bills by texting each other nonstop throughout the day. She is a writer, both creatively and musically, and a lover of coffee, live music, cities, & wine. When it comes to relationships many people question if they have truly found the one they are meant to be with, they wonder if they have really found their soul mate, the person that will make them truly and infinitely happy. It is quite important for you and your significant to be able to have a good laugh together. Whatever your motivation and priorities are, if he can encourage you to be more of whatever you wish to be, then he really might be the one! If he can help you question religion, politics and the world in general, then he is definitely a keeper! If you two can make each other smile at the drop of a hat, then you really might be a match made in heaven! This of course does not mean that he needs to support you blindly, but it does mean he should have faith in you and help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.
If your natural reaction is to always share the good stuff with him, if not give it all to him and just smile while he enjoys then you really might have found the one! When you start to think of his needs, desires, comforts and discomforts before your own then you must have found the one! If he is able to practice this, or if he tries really hard to reach this point, then this is a sure sign that he could be your soul mate! If there is someone in your life that holds all or many of these attributes then you might just have found your soul mate!
There are certain Libra personality flaws that come out again and again that end up undermining relationships. You think you’re actually doing something about your problem by worrying about it and tossing it back and forth in your mind.
It’s important for you to filter all your convictions and stand up for the things worth standing up for. As we lay on our deathbed, the only question that comes to our mind is whether we loved enough.

This can be hard to determine for anyone and so below I’ve listed 15 signs that tell you, you’ve found the one! Growing together spiritually and intellectually will keep your marriage healthy and strong! Relationships should help wash away your insecurities and make you feel like you have someone to pick you up if you should ever fall, if you have met a guy who makes you feel this way, then he might be the one! Whether it’s your career, your religion, or anything else, it is important that your priorities are similarly balanced so you can work towards your goals together! Understanding and being sensitive to each other’s emotions is extremely important in avoiding and resolving conflicts! Laughter also has a ton of health benefits, including a boosted immune system and the ability to relieve stress! This doesn’t mean he shouldn’t encourage you to grow as a person, he should definitely do that! If you have a met a guy that appreciates your true personality, then you might just have found your soul mate!
As a recovering codependent, I'm the type of girl who stays in a relationship long after its expiration date It isn't always easy to end an unhealthy relationship. It requires us to trust that our intuition to be on our own will lead us to a place of peace, happiness, and self-love. But I always knew deep down that cleaning up my side of the street would allow me to eventually meet a great partner. It means you know that you, and only you, are responsible for creating a life you feel accountable for. Whether it's paying your bills or saying you're sorry, you know how to take personal responsibility for your actions and behaviors.
You are able to reflect on the past a€” things that have served you, things that haven't, and so on a€” and take action toward your future.
If you run yourself into the ground taking care of everyone but yourself, you're likely to get resentful, drained, and pissy.
Self-love isn't selfish, it's the very reason you'll attract someone who will treat you with the respect and care you deserve. People with self-awareness are more likely to identify a partner who is right for them, get their needs met, and find happiness in a relationship, while still maintaining independence and personal growth. Whatever it is, you have a life that's your own; or when you feel unfulfilled, you take action in order to make changes in your life.
More importantly, you aren't expecting someone to fix you because you know you aren't broken.
And while it would be great to change people's annoying habits, you know how to accept people for who they are rather than who you want them to be.
Your ability to compromise or cut ties will not only bring the right person in, it'll help you to weed out the wrong ones. Ultimately, if you can go to lunch with a friend without incessantly checking Facebook, you're already better than most!
For example, you know that saying, "I'd like for us to spend time with my parents," yields better results than "I think I'll lose my mind if I have to share another meal with your crazy mother." 10. You can focus on fine-tuning these qualities and you'll be on your way to strengthening your current relationship, or meeting someone who truly deserves you.

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