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After having read numerous books on nutrition and healthy eating, I am realizing what a gem this is. This is a book that has helped cement my desire to change my diet to a greater amount of whole, healthy, and nutrient dense foods. This book takes you slowly through improving your diet - you start with adding green smoothies to your diet then move to things like how to add more salads and veggies to your diet, and how to switch to whole grains.
There are 12 steps and she suggests one step a month, although you can move through them however you want.

Robin Openshaw took years and years of research on eating nutritiously and summarized it in a very usable way in this book.
I was looking at it as just another really good book to be read with all the others, but I'm realizing I should have started with this book only. If you follow the steps in this book you will be in a really good place as far as nutrition is concerned. You can then read the other books and change things as you want, but those changes will be easier to make with the principles of this book as a base.

Although Robin does mention some of the "whys" of eating healthy, this book is mostly a "how" book.
I recommend reading "The China Study" and "Eat To Live" as great why books - then move to this book for great direction on making the changes at a pace that will work for you!

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