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On September 11th, 102 minutes changed the world as the World Trade Center was hit with hijacked passenger planes. The morning of September 11, 2001 is shown through multiple video cameras in and around New York City, from the moment the first WTC tower is hit until after both towers collapse.
These scenes showing the running clock are usually accompanied by police or firefighter radio chatter. One of the most interesting POVs comes from that of Evan Fairbanks whose footage is much closer to ground zero than the rest. Former WGN producer Greg Jacobs joins Dean Richards to talk about his 2008 documentary, 102 Minutes that Changed America. For my parent's generation, they always say they know exactly where they were when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon or Kennedy was shot. While basically all of the others who filmed were following orders and making their way away from ground zero, Fairbanks followed firemen and police toward it. Using sound and video from hundreds of people who happened to capture images, it tells the story minute-by-minute from the first plane crashing until the second building falls. Some behind the lens are professionals in the press that happened to be near the area while others are people like you and me who just picked up there camera from where they were, some no doubt going to work, and others still at their homes. This film joins together hundreds of pieces of footage and audiotape into a single, seamless historical record, much of which has never been seen before. De verschrikking en de verwarring van het moment bij de New Yorkse bevolking zijn nog nooit zo openlijk getoond. I remember that I was getting ready to walk to school (and it should be known that I actually did have to go uphill both ways and in the snow), at this time I lived in Canada, and my aunt called my mom, telling her to turn on the news.
This documentary has no narration, no expert insight, no detailed explanations of what happened, and doesn't show us the some of the more popular images we know from that day.
There is one priest who is stopped on his way to see the injured and dying by a news crew and when they ask him for comforting words he can't give any.

When second plane hits Two World Trade Center, he has to take cover because of falling debris. The result is an intensely personal and new perspective of the tragedy, communicating that morning’s events, as they were experienced by people around New York. Ook de geluidsfragmenten van politie- en brandweerradio en 911-telefoontjes van mensen naar hun familie doen de rillingen over je rug lopen. I was 15 at the time and I don't think I could properly understand what I was seeing, though there's no doubt I wasn't the only one.
The changes in POV aren't distracting at all once you've seen all of them because when certain things happen, like when Two World Trade Center collapses, you want to know how the other people saw it. There are the police who are trying to move thousands upon thousands of people out of downtown and to (relative) safety. Het meest indrukwekkende moment is een opname van twee vrouwen die staan te keuvelen met een van de twin towers op de achtergrond, waarna er een vliegtuig in vliegt. After trying to eat breakfast and watch at the same time, my mom eventually told me I should go ahead and go to school. 102 Minutes That Changed America (I'll call it 102 Minutes from now on) uses a mix of rarely seen amateur and professional film that the US government was in possession of but later released to History (then known as The History Channel). You'd think that watching footage of people in Times Square wouldn't be too interesting because they're not close (relatively) to the Twin Towers and are just watching the news, but that's not the case at all. There's no newscaster doing their best to explain what is happening and in a way being comforting in reporting the reality.
It's not shown during the main part of 102 Minutes but after that ends there is about an 18 minute interview segment with all of those whose footage was used and their personal comments.
Overigens: door de vele medewerking van de verschillende amateur filmmakers heeft deze documentaire geen regisseurscredit. It was obvious that no one would be able to concentrate on schoolwork and it was obviously such a terrible and life-changing event that none of the teachers had us do any work.

Fairbanks' footage, more than all the others', shows the terrible destruction of ground zero. A couple of my classes had a TV brought in, and I'm sure there was a short supply for the demand that day, and we all watched it.
Throughout the 102 minutes you can hear many of the bystanders talk about what they heard on the radio, the TV, or from others about what happened and much of it is outright false. Radio chatter from firefighters is commonly played over parts of 102 Minutes that shows the firefighters and you can hear them give reports on of where they are in the towers. Me being one of the few Americans in my school, everyone asked me questions about what was happening. Overall they're calm and professional, but you can also hear uncertainty in their voices, especially once Two World Trade Center collapses. I guess they thought that I could understand it better, being an American, but I was as clueless as everyone else. Once the towers fall, you remember all of the firefighters you saw going toward ground zero and wonder how many survived.
A husband of one of my mom's best friends worked at the Pentagon that morning and from what I heard he escaped death because he went to the bathroom. Now and again 911 operator calls with those trapped in the Twin Towers are played over shots showing the burning buildings. Those trapped sound like they are either oblivious to their predicament and probable fate or are in a panic. It takes the viewer right back to that day when there were more questions than answers, when you were uncertain of the world you lived in.

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