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An entrepreneur ability to deal with the feeling of overwhelm can make the difference between failure and success.
Determine your priorities, but then work to recognize what it is you can do within those priorities.  Focus on those things that are the highest priority. Delegation is very similar to asking for help.  However, asking for help is just that a request that you hope someone else will answer?  Delegation, on the other hand, is a deliberate plan of action to get the help you need.
Just brainstorm at first.  For example, when it comes to laundry you could have everyone do their own laundry, you could assign batches of laundry to others in the family, you could hire someone to come in and do it, you could reduce your work load by having someone fold the laundry and put away what you wash, you could take it to the cleaners. Determine what is the most important things you can do within our various roles and then place a limit on the rest.  For example, if you are a mother or a father with young kids you can choose to spend time with them watching TV or reading a book. Choose the things that will have the longest lasting impact on your relationship – chances are that the time spent reading one-on-one to a child will far outweigh the TV time. Once you have determined what can be delegated and outsourced figure out a way to make it happen. Get consistent rest, exercise, and time away from those projects that feel so overwhelming.
Whether you're traveling on vacation or driving to work, nothing spoils a trip like a speeding ticket.
Here are 10 steps to minimize the damage -- from the time you get pulled over to your day in court. Meanwhile, stay calm, keep your hands on the steering wheel, and ask everyone in the car to keep their hands in plain sight, too.
In most states, you'll be asked to sign the citation, which means you received it, not that you admit any wrongdoing, the NHTSA says.
His firm got a ticket dismissed once because the officer mistakenly listed the driver's father as the defendant. An inexperienced officer might charge you with the wrong thing or might not know the letter of the law. Bowman advises hiring an attorney for a serious offense, such as a DUI or reckless driving.
Take notes right after you get the ticket, and take photos of anything that may help your defense, such as obstructions that could have caused the officer's radar gun to malfunction. During your discovery process, find out if a radar gun or other speed-tracking device was used by the officer. If you able to put off the hearing date for your infraction, you may have a better chance of it being dismissed.
Your car insurance company might give you a pass if this is your first infraction, but if you already have a ticket on your record, then you'll face a surcharge -- a percentage increase in the premium.
We told you everything about why your twist out is wrong… which means it is only right that we share how to get it right. We have a feeling you're pretty familiar with the act of cleaning out your closet-unless you've been blessed with a space that's big enough to hold warm-weather clothes, cold-weather clothes and everything in between. Sure, you could shove everything back into your closet with the hopes of liking it better in a year or two (won't happen), but by doing that you're only working against yourself. The fact is that-with a little effort-most stains can be removed (have you seen our handy guide to stain removal?) whether it's via a professional or by employing clever tricks. Keep in mind that thrift stores don't want irrevocably stained items any more than you do and won't put them out to sell, so it's best to recycle them, as opposed to donating them. Certain materials hold onto certain smells longer than others no matter how many times you wash it.
While a tailor can replace a zipper, a button, or even the lining of a coat, they can't fully fix a gaping tear on the side of your silk blouse, or a huge hole in the middle of a wool skirt. When it comes to getting rid of clothes, the true litmus test isn't whether you've worn an item in a year, but rather if you were out shopping right this second, would you buy it?
Some women keep too-tight clothing with the hope they'll lose enough weight to wear it again, to which we say: why? Same goes for items that are way too big: Unless you really love it and plan to pay to have it altered, why not use your closet's real estate for awesome pieces that look amazing on you now? Let's not kid ourselves: We all use fashion as a means of sending unspoken messages about who we are, or-at least-who we want to be.

If you look at a wool overcoat and automatically associate it with the winter you lost your job, faced a family hardship, got dumped, or simply were going through a particularly rough patch, toss it. We've all bought super-trendy items that simply don't stand the test of time, like that pair of clunky sneaker wedges you swore you'd wear every day, or a pair of neon floral jeans. You know those pieces that you always seem to try on at home, but never seem to grab when you're actually getting dressed? Living your life doing what matters and pursuing your calling is not a straight arrow kind of pursuit. I love to start a conversation about what steps and ideas you have for getting off the hamster wheel.
During this journey, some stress is fine, too much will lead to physical and emotional well being.
Examine every area of your life and ask yourself if someone else could be doing that task and then examine who could.
Just write down all the ideas as some may work well and some may work later – or you could use a combination of several. Often you will find out that the other people involved in a project are feeling just as overwhelmed.
When the officer signals for you to stop, put on your turn signal and find a safe place to pull over out of traffic. A small mistake, such as two letters in your name transposed, doesn't necessarily mean a violation will be dismissed.
New York City, for instance, doesn't offer plea-bargaining for traffic cases, but many cities do. The prosecutor might agree to reduce the fine and knock the charge down from a speeding ticket to a non-moving violation, which could save you hundreds of dollars later on your car insurance.
In many states you have the right to get a copy of the officer's notes, for instance, or information on how the equipment used for tracking speed is tested and maintained.
It's prudent to ask for literature provided by the manufacturer that explains how the device is properly used and maintained.
For example, is the officer's training recent, and does it actively reflect the radar gun maker's requirements? The more time that goes by, the more likely it is that the cop who issued the citation may not show up. Grab your favorite styling product (setting lotion, hair butters, souffles, gels…etc whatever floats your boat!) and apply to the first section you are going to be working with. That said, you might also be familiar with the act of standing knee-deep in mounds of shoes, shirts, trousers, sweaters, and sequined dresses, only to realize they're doing nothing for you but taking up valuable real estate. Meaning, by hoarding clothes you never wear, you're likely to start drowning in stuff, which makes it more difficult to find things to wear. However, there are things that can't be fully removed-intense ink stains, bleach, dried paint, large oil stains, and certain dyes, for example-so it's best to bid adieu to garments marred by these offenders, suck it up, and buy a fresh piece. While there are ways to remove musty odors from fabrics (spritzing them with a vodka and water mixture, for example), there's no guarantee all scents will disappear.
Denim, however, is a different story thanks to spots like Denim Therapy so if you're in love with a pair of jeans that are starting to rip, you may want to hang on to them and get 'em doctored. It's silly let a dress or one pair of pants pressure us into dropping pounds, especially since it might not be weight we've gained, but our bodies have shifted, causing older clothes to fit differently. Oftentimes, that message changes as we get more mature, as we come into our own, or as we experiment with different styles.
Odds are, you'll never wear them outside of your bedroom, so why are you still hanging on to them? However, one of the most common is that people want to get out of the 8-5 rut and leave their job. Fear, insecurity, feelings of inadequacy are all normal feelings as you start thinking about actually pursuing your dream and passion.
I kick people in gear, help them get stuff done and show them how they can work less and play more, because life's too short to sit in an office all day! You can ask the police department for maintenance records for the past six months to see if they match up.

He or she could be transferred to a different division, could find another job or get promoted or move to a different city. Having your hair in sections will make the detangling process much easier and it will help you during your twisting process as well.
I choose argan oil most of the time because it is light and adds an extra bit of shine to the hair during the take down process.
By pulling the twist slightly you will be able to see where the hair wants to separate naturally.
For bed time maintenance you are going to want to either pineapple the hair up and put on a hair scarf or head tie. Luckily, we've put together a 10-step guide to help you understand when to get rid of clothes. If your piece smells of must, food, or body odor even after you've washed it, it's time to replace it. We've found this method to be highly successful, and can effectively cut down your closet by 25%. Getting fit for yourself is fab, but not for a cocktail dress when there are 100 just like it waiting for you in your size. Certain pieces simply no longer remain relevant to the image we want to portray and that's okay, but-unless it's a piece that will appreciate in value, or something of sentiment-it means it's time to part with these pieces.
Sure, the laundry can help certain pieces retain their shape, but when you wear items often, they do stretch. Keep your seatbelt fastened until the officer has seen you wearing it, advises the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Put it on your phone and keep it handy the next time you want to tackle the twist out style!
I prefer medium size twists that give me some type of definition without taking forever to dry or to twist my hair. However that may change depending on how big the twists are and how much product you’ve used.
The more you fluff or separate the less definition you will have and the harder it will be to maintain this style for more than a day or two. You can also retwist the hair using the same method in the steps listed above if you are going for the same level of definition tomorrow.
You can always share your tips or results with us by using the hashtag #trialsntresses on all social media platforms!
If your trousers have sagging seats, your sweaters have necklines that are stretched or sleeves that are pilled, a coat doesn't fit the way you want it to anymore, or your bras and underwear are totally shapeless, it's time to get new ones. And don’t get discouraged if that change, because as you go along you may discover new passions that you want to pursue more than the original one.
When I started this blog I originally wanted it to be more of a financial site, but it’s turning into more of a “pursue your dream” blog. Becareful with the amount of product you place in your hair as you dont want your hair to be weighed down or possess a greasy film when you touch it.
Having that financial freedom allows you to take a few risks, pursue your dream and go for it! I have the freedom to experiment and tweak because I’m not under the pressure to have it all figured out overnight.
Surround yourself with people that inspire you, that believe in your dream and support you.
Twist all the way to the end (you can add a perm rod here if you are transitioning or if you want some extra curl during your take down process). What you don’t have time for is to wake up one day regretting not living your life doing what matters. It takes a community and the best repayment is to pay it forward so others can go from dreaming to living their dream.

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