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Unless you like a sap-factory on your forehead, you should be mixing up your hair goop in the dead of summer. Your first instinct when it's hot is probably to guard your pits with a serious antiperspirant. After a day of baking in the sun, nothing's gonna sound better than the chill-as-hell playlist woozy beatmaster Ernest Greene from Washed Out cooked up for us. Provided you've already gotten a little sun and have been doing your push-ups, slip on one of these surf-inspired, striped summer tank tops created from impossibly soft cotton.
SHOCKING new evidence shows that the condition can start in middle age – but the good news is you can cut the risks.
Running in the family?Rebecca Stevenson was 17 when her father John, a chartered surveyor from Ambleside in Cumbria, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 52.
Excuse the fact that it smells like cupcakes and is marketed towards women who watch Bravo shows (the celebrity stylist behind it is an ex-reality show drama king). Here's the thing thougha€”among the many egregious compounds most of them are loaded with is aluminum.
Put one on the inside of each armpit of your shirt, and you won't be out a hundred bucks from some grody pit stains. In fact, something about a cocktail with a little heat feels just right in sweltering weathera€”the way hot chocolate goes down smoother when it's spiked with Peppermint Schnapps in the winter.
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This one from the folks at Brooklyn's Mesa Coyaocan delivers a slow-burning tingle and is deceptively easy to mix up. Let's fact it, most men feel the need to hide their legs under baggy, shin-grazing cargos. You may have noticed these pictured and ones like them from just about every summer shoot we've done so far. The Aussie wizards behind Aesop have formulated this all-natural spray that keeps you fresh without clogging your pores with toxins. Resisting the pedicure wins you yellowing, jagged toenails and callused Hobbit feet, not more manliness. I cook all my meals from scratch and freeze them in portions, and I’m careful to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.
And the vetiver and clove-spiked scent is so damn delicious smelling you'll want to bathe in it.

And while there are pre-infused tequilas out there, the infusing process is nothing you can't do yourself. The Japanese line loaded it with cooling eucalyptus oil that'll give you a fresh, tingly feeling. To demystify the process, the 30 minutes of skin-cleansing, nail-clipping, foot-filing, and cuticle-cleaning are really just a build-up to the sweet foot massage at the end.
Slice three habaneros in half (you can add more to taste, but three is a good place to start), and remove all seeds. Carried out in South Wales, the study looked at more than 2,000 men aged 45 to 49 and revealed that those who managed to keep to four out of five healthy lifestyle rules slashed their odds by an incredible 60 per cent.
Drop the peppers in a bottle of reposado tequila (the folks at Mesa Coyoacan dig Milagro's) and let them soak for at least six hours. They had always loved it there, and he was fell walking and running until eight years into the disease, when he could no longer judge distances.
Dad instilled in me that exercise was a powerful therapy: it makes you feel more positive and relaxed. Have checks for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetesSurprisingly, this is joint top of the list in preventing the condition – along with taking exercise. People with untreated diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol have vastly higher rates of dementia. Inflammation of blood vessels in the brain is thought to have a strong connection to dementia,” says Dr Walton. Research is split on this one, but the important thing is for people in their mid-forties and beyond to have regular blood pressure and cholesterol checks and get treated if necessary.2. Dr Walton recommends the Government guidelines: 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise such as brisk walking or cycling. Several studies have shown that older people given a regular high-concentration cocoa drink showed big improvements in cognitive tests, and other research has shown a diet rich in flavonoids in middle age can protect cognitive function in old age.
Other good sources of flavonoids are apples, grapes, bananas, berries, all citrus fruit, parsley and onions, but they are present in smaller quantities in most fruit and vegetables.4. Catch of the dayOily fish such as mackerel, salmon and herring contain huge amounts of omega-3 fatty acid, which can help prevent or at least delay Alzheimer’s according to some studies. Other research shows people with low levels of omega-3 score lower in cognitive tests and have a smaller brain volume. Dive into Mediterranean foodHow often are we told to eat along Mediterranean lines for our health? That means plenty of fruit and vegetables, fish, olive oil and nuts, a little red wine and not much meat or dairy.

Don’t feel guilty about coffeeA couple of cups a day may protect our brains, according to several studies. A four-year study in Florida of people over 65 found that those who showed early signs of dementia had 50 per cent less caffeine in their systems than those who didn’t develop symptoms.
Scientists concluded that keeping your caffeine levels topped up either reduces the risk or at the very least delays dementia. Drink alcohol (but only a bit)A small amount of alcohol a week seems to cut the risk, especially red wine because of the polyphenols it contains. But too much increases the risk – probably because regularly drinking too much alcohol increases your blood pressure and makes you fat, which are risk factors for dementia.
One of the key studies concludes that one to six drinks a week (where one drink is half a pint of beer or a medium glass of wine) cuts your risk. Deal with stress and depressionStress is emerging as an important risk for dementia, especially among those with a long-term, high-stress lifestyle. It is thought to be due to the effect of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes high blood pressure and may kill off brain cells. Use it or lose itThe philosophy that you should use your brain to preserve it by doing lots of puzzles, crosswords and reading has gained huge currency in the past few years. Some studies have shown the benefits of brain-training computer programs among the over sixties (not for younger people, though). Scientists believe that frequently challenging your brain with new things is the key, so doing a similar crossword every day won’t work. What’s more effective is taking up a new hobby, learning a language or even walking an unfamiliar route.
Because you’ve built up cells and connections in your brain through exposing yourself to new challenges, you can afford to lose more before you notice it. A small study at the University of Central Lancashire last summer showed that the dementia patients all had the bacteria in their brains, while those without dementia didn’t. Other studies have indicated that older people with bad gum disease were two to three times more likely to have memory problems than those with little or none.

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