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The only real “doctor approved” option for treating headaches during pregnancy is Tylenol, or Acetaminophen. Turn off the lights, and spend some time lying in a dark, cool, quiet room to see if that can help your headache ease up. Eating might not seem like a cure for a headache, but many headaches are actually caused by low blood sugar. There is no black and white, yes or no answer to the question of which medications are safe for pregnant women. Some medical conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, asthma, and epilepsy, can be dangerous for both a mom and an unborn baby, so for these medications, the best course of action is to stay on the medications during pregnancy. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has set up several different categories of prescription drugs when it comes to pregnancy. Category C drugs, for example, are drugs that have shown adverse effects on pregnant animals during animal testing. This is why it is so important to discuss these things with your doctor before you get pregnant or as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. They are one of the most common pregnancy complaints.  Unfortunately, there are not many medications that pregnant women can safely take during their pregnancies.

If you do take Tylenol during your pregnancy, make sure to follow the instructions carefully and do not take too much.
Lay down and take a nap, or simply close your eyes and lay there for a while, and try to let your headache ease up.
Sometimes headaches can even be caused by lack of sleep, so try a nap to see if that is the cure. If you are having recurring headaches at the same time every day, you might want to try eating something small and see if it helps your symptoms.
Dehydration is actually a very common cause of headaches in everyone, but especially pregnant women.
Some prescription drugs have been proven to be safe for pregnant women, and others have proven to be dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn baby. This is best if a woman can have this conversation before she starts trying to conceive, so she can know what to expect regarding her pregnancy and what will happen with her medications. The categories are A, B, C, D and X, and each one represents drugs at different safety levels. Actually, in some cases, it can be more dangerous to stop your prescription drug than to stay on it.

Your doctor will also be able to tell you more about the effects of any dietary supplements, herbs, or over the counter medications that you might be taking. Taking more than the recommended amount of Tylenol can cause liver damage, and in late pregnancy, liver damage in the baby as well. Always ask your doctor before taking any medication during pregnancy that you do not know is safe. If you get a headache, drink a big glass of water and see if that helps your symptoms to improve.
It is a very important conversation to have with your doctor if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. For example, drugs in the A category are perfectly safe for pregnant women, and have undergone lots of testing, like Tylenol for example.
As you can imagine, Category X drugs are drugs that pose a significant risk to pregnant women and should not be used.

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