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Over one in four fair-skinned women near the end of their pregnancies definitely need more vitamin D. Vacations and diet supplements make a differenceOlausson and her colleagues studied 95 light-skinned women from Gothenburg who were all in the last trimester of their pregnancies. Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant -- or those who are planning a pregnancy -- are in special need of folic acid, or folate. Vitamin D is also important for your bones and teeth, and is said to potentially help protect against breast cancer and osteoporosis. The antioxidant Vitamin E is great for your skin, so most women will want to ensure they're getting their quota to promote a healthy, smooth complexion that glows.
Based on a recent research performed by the Oregon Health & Science University Doernbecher Children's Hospital, a daily dose of Vitamin C could improve the pulmonary function of newborn babies even though women continue to smoke during pregnancy. Cindy McEvoy and her colleagues gathered a group of 159 pregnant women who were unable to quit smoking. The recommended dose for them is 10 micrograms per day.As an example, a 100 g portion of salmon contains about 30 micrograms of vitamin D. Cut up a piece of citrus fruit, drink a glass of orange juice or nibble on a few chewable vitamin C supplement tablets alongside an iron-rich meal.

While the good old sunshine is a fantastic source of vitamin D, as we're heading into winter it's important to ensure you're still getting enough vitamin D from the foods you eat.
Vitamin E also helps protect cells from damage, boosts your immune system and may prevent some chronic diseases.
Unfortunately, few women manage to give up smoking, so several doctors at the Oregon Health & Science University Doernbecher Children's Hospital performed a study to see if there was a miraculous medicine that could prevent pulmonary diseases in newborn babies of smoking women. Some respondents received 500 milligrams of Vitamin C each day starting with the last 22 weeks of pregnancy, whereas the others took a placebo. The results clearly showed that the babies of the women who received Vitamin C had a significantly better lung function in comparison with the babies of the respondents who received placebo. According to them, women who are very addicted to smoking or who tend to relapse are more likely to give birth to children with lung problems than light smokers. However, some people -- like breastfeeding or pregnant women, post-menopausal women and vegetarians -- may also need to take some vitamin supplements.
Iron is especially important for women's health because we lose red blood cells every time we menstruate.
Despite this, McEvoy thinks all women should try to quit smoking during pregnancy because their children could otherwise suffer from wheezing and asthma in childhood.

The Swedish researchers document stronger arguments for this recommendation in their new study.Olausson and her colleagues think that the recommended doses of vitamin D for pregnant women should perhaps be raised. As women, we have special dietary requirements and it's important to ensure you're getting your quota.
Those who are pregnant or experience heavy periods, have anaemia or who are vegetarians need to pay special attention to their iron intake. Although Vitamin C is a cheap and highly effective treatment it doesn’t mean women can continue their unhealthy habits. Belanger has 20 years of experience in women's healthcare and nursing, including labor and delivery, postpartum and antenatal.

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