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A Redditor discovered her husband was viciously trolling people online and refuses to stop. She does not give his user name on Reddit, but according to her, his behavior doesn't stop with Reddit. We often picture trolls as isolated shut-ins who lack the social skills to form meaningful bonds with other people, hence the need to attack others anonymously online. In the update, the Redditor said she told him they needed to go to counseling or try a separation. When a pregnant woman received zero affirmative RSVP’s to her baby shower, her best friend had an idea.

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful thing for the best friend to do, and what wonderful people on Reddit (Reddit! She's pregnant and she just discovered her husband aka the father-to-be of her child is telling women online to kill themselves. The Reddit post had more than 1,100 comments on Tuesday and the photo had been viewed 748,000 times. Most of the items on her Walmart registry had to be purchased in store, so one Redditor recommended she make a Amazon wish list baby registry.
Other than the guy beat bid who asked Reddit to help, this woman should reevaluate her relationships with these people.

For all of the Redditors reading this that sent Bailey gifts from her registry- good for you, you are wonderful! It never feels good to be let down by the people you thought cared about you, especially when you are pregnant.

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