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On average, most women require only an extra 300 calories a day during the last two trimesters than they did before pregnancy.
Getting the proper nutrition during pregnancy is easy if you’ve already been following a well-balanced healthy vegan diet, but you should be aware of increased needs for folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin D during your vegan pregnancy.Here's a handy chart I made that shows the eight main vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need to (lightly) monitor when you're pregnant. One of the biggest worries people have about the vegan diet is the supply of calcium, whether they’re pregnant or not. Folic acid is super important for proper nutrition during pregnancy, and especially important very early in pregnancy. The last of the highly recognized fears of being vegan and pregnant revolve around getting enough protein. Vitamin D is really important for your growing fetus as it helps form the bones and tissues of your baby.
I think this came about because we have all been taught to apply sunscreen any time we’re in the sun. As an expectant mother, you need to ensure that your diet has all the nutrients and energy needed for your baby to develop properly. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential and this is because they contribute to neuron production.
You also need to double your intake of iron while pregnant and this is because it helps transport oxygen to the baby.
When pregnant, your body needs to have more protein to help in the development of new cells and hormones that promote your baby’s growth.
While fish is a good source of omega-3 and other nutrients, you need to be mindful of the type of fish you eat. According to the March of Dimes, moderate amounts of alcoholic drinks can be just as harmful and could lead to poor social skills, memory and attention problems later in the child’s life. Some women will develop thyroid problems for their first pregnancy and this must be treated. Enveloped with fatless milk and yoghurt, the fruit smoothie can be proved to filling, yet light a snack. It is better to maintain distance with some food items that may cause complications in your pregnancy and disrupt the growth of your little one.
Your nutritional needs includes more protein, calcium, iron, folic acid and more calories—just not "empty calories." If you eat healthy, sensible, balanced meals, you will have accomplished everything you needed to do for both you and your baby.
If you eat a vast majority of the food on this entire list, you probably are doing really well at maintaining a balanced vegan diet and getting the necessary nutrition during pregnancy. During the first six weeks, your body is hard at work developing your baby’s spinal cord and brain, so any abnormalities would develop early. It’s really important that when you are taking higher doses of folic acid that you also take vitamin B12 because high amounts of folic acid mask the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. You’ll field this question OFTEN as a pregnant vegan, so it’s best to school you in the hard facts so you’re armed with answers.Proteins are essential for humans, and make up a large percentage of our body weight.
You need to have sufficient supplies of vitamin D in order for your body to absorb adequate calcium.Vitamin D is available in some animal sources like eggs (at least, in healthy animals that aren’t factory farmed or fed unnatural diets, so in very, very few nowadays), in synthetic form added into milks and cereals, and from the sun.

All the choices you make while expectant, from working out to eating green leafy vegetables, all help develop your child’s brain. You also must ensure that your baby’s body is healthy as this will enable him or her to deal with the different developmental changes. This helps ensure that you have a good nutritional balance of vitamin B12 and folic acid which help develop red blood cells as well as vitamin C which produces collagen and vitamin D which helps in bone formation.
Neurons are the nerves that send electrical impulses to the brain and messages to other body organs.
There are various foods that you can eat to boost your antioxidants and these include papaya, dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and blueberries as well. The FDA advices that pregnant women avoid fish such as swordfish, tilefish, shark and king mackerel, because they have high mercury levels. And more than anything else, the ordinary decisions you make in your daily life would surely make a difference towards your and your baby's health. This increases your risk of having a premature delivery which is one of the highest risks when it comes to metal impairment.
Light snacks or meals during regular intervals will keep you away from the pregnancy sickness. Having orange with an iron rich food enables one to absorb all iron smoothly in one’s body due to the presence of Vitamin C in oranges. A healthy sandwich like spinach sandwich or sandwich with salads or variety of green vegetables equipped sandwich fills you with good amount of nutrition.
The challenge is to have raw milk or juice that can pose serious health threats to you and your baby. Increase the levels of nutritional intake like fruits, green leafy veggies and healthy fresh juices. Coffee or tea equipped with high caffeine can run the risk of causing miscarriages and abortions. We have to remind ourselves that those commercials are made by members of the milk industry, and they are doing an amazing job at selling us.Not only do we not need cow’s milk, but it’s actually hurting us.
If you have a deficiency in folic acid, your baby has a higher risk of being born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, or other neurological disorders.All doctors recommend that if there’s any chance you might become pregnant that you ensure you are getting plenty of folic acid in your diet, and possibly taking a supplement, just to be safe. We are born with nonessential amino acids and need to take in the eight other essential amino acids through our food. Of course, you should never allow yourself to burn.You can also get vitamin D nutrition during pregnancy from a vegan prenatal vitamin.
You only need a slightly increased amount of vitamin E during pregnancy.For good nutrition during pregnancy, include wheat germ, nut oil, vegetable oils, sunflower seeds, almonds, avocado, mango, and peanut butter for good sources of vitamin E.
It can only help to add in a vegan prenatal vitamin to make sure that if you have a bad eating day, you're always covered.Sources for Nutrition During PregnancyYour Vegetarian Pregnancy, Dr. According to the deputy medical director of the March of Dimes foundation, Diane Ashton, the development of your child’s brain and future intelligence can be affected by what you do during pregnancy. The Journal of American Medical Association recently published a study found that women who took folic acid 4 weeks before pregnancy and 8 weeks after pregnancy had 40% less chances of giving birth to autistic babies.

Make sure that you clean your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before you eat them, especially fruits.
Poor birth weight may affect your child’s IQ score and achievements at school, because the baby misses out on the nourishment provided by the placenta. You are likely to encounter food borne diseases and disease at the time of pregnancy is scary for your baby. Animal protein leeches calcium from our bodies, so while it may be true that there is more calcium in cow’s milk, your body is not actually absorbing it all. The normal RDA for folic acid is 180 mcg, and before and during pregnancy that amount increases to 400 mcg daily. The reasons aren’t that important to know, just make sure your vitamin has both.Vitamin B12 deficiency is another of the mythical worries that non-vegans assume are huge concerns in the vegan world.
The big concern about protein comes from the fact that animal sources contain all of those eight amino acids in one spot.
Score!When you are pregnant you will need more vitamin B6 than usual because of the higher amounts of estrogen in your body.
You can ask your doctor to test your iron levels, then include foods rich in iron such as chicken, fortified cereals, legumes, and lean beef into your diet. Even with the safer fish choices, you must limit your intake to 12 ounces a week which is equal to 2 meals per week. Although researchers do not recommend that all pregnant women be screened for thyroid hormone, those at risk can be monitored with simple blood tests. Some studies have found that babies seem to be calmer when they hear a voice they've already heard in the womb.
The saturated fats can increase the level of cholesterol in your blood, thus, giving the room to cardiovascular diseases. While there are few plant sources that naturally contain vitamin B12, some are now fortified with it, and it’s easy enough to take a B12 vitamin once a week. Pregnant women should also limit the consumption of alcohol as it can cause birth disorders and harm your baby. As long as you’re doing this, you will absolutely get plenty of protein not only to cover yourself, but to ensure your baby is incredibly healthy.Years ago there was also a rumor that you needed to eat all eight essential amino acids in one meal in order to fully get the benefits of the protein. Coz now it is not only you but your baby who needs utmost care and nutrition for a healthy life and growth. This habit, called protein combining, freaked a lot of people out and pushed them away from veganism. As long as you eat those amino acids throughout the course of your day, you’re doing fine.In fact, research now shows that eating too much protein is detrimental to your health.

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