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If the pregnancy is a high-risk pregnancy or if the mother has any notable medical condition, then avoid inducing labor naturally.
Keep in touch with a certified therapist or at least an experienced person at home if you are following any of the natural ways to induce labor at home. When you follow any natural way to induce labor, take some time before repeating the process or trying out any other method.
Don’t try to induce the pain before 40 weeks’ gestation period, as before this; the fetus is not completely matured and ready for birth. Basically, labor induction involves ripening of the cervix through which the water releases or dilation happens faster and labor starts. If a woman is having placenta previa or any other complications with her pregnancy, then it is good to avoid this method. Note –Do not drink more than 60 ml of castor oil as it may cause severe diarrhea in a pregnant woman, pushing her to extreme dehydration and loss of energy. Recent researches have revealed that eating date fruit at the later stages of pregnancy can be considered as one among the functional natural ways to induce labor. This may not be recommended for many women with high risk pregnancy, but it is an effective way during normal pregnancy.

Just like acupuncture, acupressure can also increase the chances of natural contraction in women once they are close to their due date.
As I said in part 2 of my third birth story, by the time I was over a week overdue, the OB office where my midwives practice began to talk about inducing me if I were to go the full 42 weeks. Especially when the water breaks, it is ideal that you take her to the hospital immediately and not continue with the induction process.
The chances of cervical ripening increases, as a full-term pregnant woman continue to have sex with her partner. Women who consumed 6 date fruits in a day for four weeks got their labor early compared to women, who did not eat them.
However, intake of EPO tablets is recommended twice a day after 36th week of pregnancy to expect labor on time. Click here for a 30-day free trial.Today I wanted to give you some insight into how I avoided a labor induction at almost 42 weeks pregnant. For my last, my final appointment was with a different practitioner at my regular OB’s office, and although I was still 3 days out from my due date, she tried to scare me into an induction with stats about stillbirth and whatnot.
The possibility of labor induction with acupuncture is very high, so do not to try it, if your pregnancy is not full-term.

When a full-term pregnant woman walks, her baby’s head is pressed hard towards her cervix to ripen it. However, I believe that the majority of inductions that take place in the United States today are for convenience and not a medical necessity.
But desperate times call for desperate measures, and at this point I was trying to avoid a medical induction (for non-medical reasons). She had the receptionist make me an appointment for my due date so we could schedule an induction. But when parturition is overdue for about 2 weeks, then it is something everyone must concern and think about following the natural ways to induce labor. At my prenatal appointment on Monday, August 20, my midwife (Lynn) told me that I would need to be induced no later than Friday, August 24 (a full two weeks past my due date) but that I could be induced on Wednesday, August 22 with my favorite midwife (Beverly, who had delivered my second). I was furious but simply said I would not induce and I would plan only on coming to my regular appointment next week.

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