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Zombies: We've read books on how to kill them, seen movies with every possible breed of undead enemy and created series of television shows depicting the toll that the zombie apocalpyse can take on our fragile human bonds (I'm look at you, Walking Dead).
Great idea but they'd be useless within a couple of years as fuel has a shelf life of about 18 months or so. We're loving these gorgeous, rotated-reality window displays designed by Coroflotter Marlene Mazieres.
I think most of us grow up with the assumption that one or both of our parents are entirely qualified to administer first aid, or at least enough to tend to our 'boo-boos,' and 'ouchies' as we learn the laws of physics the hard way. Love 'em or hate 'em, the Miami Heat prevailed over the San Antonio Spurs to take their second straight NBA Championship last night.
I know Ravi and Liv work for the morgue and all, but they’re usually not the ones to find the bodies, let alone report them to the police. Clive seems to buy Ravi’s geocaching explanation when he asks how they found the body.
The coaster yields its secrets, leading the team to a woman IDing the dead guy as Corey, no last name. Severed Cinema - Horror Movie Reviews, Cult, Obscure Movie Reviews, News, Interviews, Screenshots, DVD, VHS, Blu-ray and More - Brinkvision Releases U.K.
I can do my own survival show using my unique survival skills and personality traits; I've been told I can be quite entertaining. Basically not having me on your shows is costing you Canadian viewers that are off watching Survivorman eat poisonous mushrooms. Hey everyone, Wolf here, not to talk about survival or my latest adventure but instead I'm going to talk about my home. Based in Tokyo, Nihon Falcom has been a highly influential game developer and is perhaps best known for its Ys series of role-playing titles.
The card is tear-proof—or, as Nihon Falcom says via Twitter, capable of withstanding elephant stomps without getting tattered. Nihon Falcom even notes that the cards are "fashionable American and European sized." Western business cards are slightly smaller than Japanese cards. For those who must exchange business cards in Japan, the easiest way might be to present your card with two hands.
Considering how many business people in Japan have special binders for clients' and colleagues' cards and taking into account the country's business card etiquette, it's unlikely that people will be getting these cards wet or having an elephant stomp on them. Culture Smash is a regular dose of things topical, interesting and sometimes even awesome—game related and beyond. Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. So, it's pretty easy to see why fans love cosplaying as characters from the Persona games—especially Persona 3 and Persona 4. That's the basic premise of Back to Bed, a game made by a bunch of Danish indies who, having knocked out a rough version of the game in 2011, want to create something a lot more polished on Kickstarter. Back to Bed is a 3D puzzle game, where you control Subob running around clearing a path for Bob, who is blissfully sleepwalking.
It's a neat premise, and already to an extent a proven product, with the original version appearing at the IGF student showcase and being named a finalist in the 2012 Unity Awards. When I played the game last year, what hit me almost instantly about The Banner Saga was the fact that, aside from being a smart turn-based strategy game, it was also one of the most beautiful video games I'd ever seen. So it's a real treat, in the same week the game's multiplayer component became available free to all, to get the chance to share artwork from the game's development. What makes it so special is that, in addition to being gorgeous in its own right, the art addresses a complaint I often see in the comment sections of this feature, where people lament the fact that finished video games rarely are able to preserve the spirit and colour of their concept art.
The Banner Saga can, because the game's concept work makes the jump to its 2D gameplay almost entirely intact, even down to the fact its animations are done by hand. The pieces you're seeing here were done by Arnie Jorgensen, who before he helped start Stoic Studio worked at places like Sony and BioWare, where he was a lead concept artist. As a special treat, every image below is at a fairly massive resolution, so your wallpaper needs for the next few weeks are well and truly taken care of. To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they're big enough, so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab". Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.
It's one of the strangest things I've ever seen in this job, especially when you consider so many gamers spend so much of their time loathing the companies they represent. We saw this most recently with Sony boss Kaz Hirai in the leadup to the reveal of the PS4, but it's been going on for a very long time, even back to our own, uh, special relationships with J Allard and Phil Harrison. There's no single, logical explanation for this gif-based Stockholm Syndrome, but Leigh Alexander over on Gamasutra does a good job at singling out some of the less logical ones, which include personification, a need for "mascots" and, obviously, the fact many hardcore gaming fans are just a little bit crazy.

Things got so bad for the zombie survival game that it had to be removed from Steam, essentially because the game that was being promised was not the game people were actually paying for. Well, after a couple of months in the wilderness licking its wounds and hoping none of them were bite marks, the game is back on Steam, patched and ready for sale. When Skullgirls developers Lab Zero Games asked for $150,000 to create a single new character for the game, they were initially met with some scoffs. The team's funding goal of $150,000, which they were given 30 days to pass, was hit in under 24 hours, thanks to contributions from over 2800 people. Since they've got 29 days left to raise more money, Lab Zero have announced that a further $25,000 will add a special stage and "story mode" for Squigly, the character in question.
Last week, we took a trip back to the 90s with three episodes of the 1996 version of GamePro TV. The fourth one (in total), up top, contains a funny bit on the difficulty of getting Nintendo 64 for Christmas 1996, as well as a review of NHL 97. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This costume head is made from plush faux fur so it feels just like the fur from a real wolf (or so we imagine having never touched a wolf).
But have you ever really seen—or thought about—all of the supplies a proper Zombie raid survival would take? When she isn't covering design, you can find her writing about music, food, and healthy living habits. I have always thought about what i would bring during a zombie attack, however i never had thought about having a vehicle. While searching yet again for the murdered Utopium dealers with the tainted batch, Major and Ravi unearth a body far too fresh to be their prize. They’d hooked up a while back at a place called Possibilities, but Corey never called her again. It all leads to another murder case with Terrell Johnson as the primary person of interest.
I can be paired with someone like EJ Snyder, Meshell Manu, or Alana Barfield in a team Survival situation where our different styles, upbringing, and personalities are guaranteed to draw in viewers. A big reason you want me on a survival show is because I'm Canadian and you don't have any Canadians anywhere. Now basically you have the choice of either casting me or filing a restraining order because I am going to keep sharing this letter and applying to your casting site until you give me a chance.
Folks like Goichi Suda (No More Heroes) or Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) have much better looking cards, but certainly not more amazing than Nihon Falcom's seemingly indestructible cards. It is also completely waterproof, and if the card gets wet, Nihon Falcom says it will dry quickly. This is starting to sound like minutia, but business cards ("meishi" or ?? in Japanese) are extremely important in Japan. They are priced at ¥15,000 (US$163) and come with 4GB SDHC memory cards, instead of the standard 2GB ones.
It's truly some of the most impressive stuff we've ever featured on Fine Art, and that's saying something. A good example are the large, isometric pieces you'll see below; those are wonderful pieces of art, yeah, but they're also the actual maps you play the game on. If you're in the business and have some concept, environment, promotional or character art you'd like to share, drop us a line! But when it comes to the actual men and women running giant video game publishers, there's a lot of love in the house.
Unless it's been patched with an entirely new game I still wouldn't recommend it, but if you feel the need to try it for yourself on the PC gaming platform of choice, now you can. Scoffs that mean absolutely nothing now, because the game's fans, knowing how much work actually goes into creating a fighting game character, have responded with open hearts and, more importantly, open wallets.
If they hit $200,000, they'll add a second character, the game's first male fighter, Big Band. The videos, as uploaded by Oakland's Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment, are a welcome return to a simpler age. I was reminded of this excellent theme when watching those GamePro TV episodes from earlier.
With mesh eyes you can see your victims clearly before you pounce on them and the cushioned chin strap allows for a comfortable fit. Well made and easy to wear it doesn't disappoint (although initially, due to the price, for some reason I was looking for where to put the batteries - then realised that the mouth moves due to the chin strap and not due to electronics!). I guess I always thought that the roads would be to cluttered with abandoned cars that i would need to walk everywhere.

There’s no ID on the mystery dead guy, but he does have a gun and a coaster with a phone number scrawled on the back. Liv gets a few visions magically connecting Big Fish to Terrell and later Fish’s connection to the murdered Utopium dealers planted somewhere in that accursed field.
My dominant and protective personality would make for an entertaining episode of Naked and Afraid depending on who I was paired with; maybe a strong, independent woman. Like in any country, sure, people in Japan notice the paper stock, the font, and the design. Note that you actually might be exchanging cards at the same time, so you could be giving your card with one hand and receiving it with another.
After you exchange cards, put that individual's business card on the table next to where you are sitting. It also sets a record for the IndieGogo service, previously set by StarForge, which raised $135,453. Talk about music, 90s games, or anything else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Mr Wolf had no trouble in blowing down the last house of the three little pigs, he ate the boy who cried wolf and lets not get into what happened to Grandma. Created with Cinema 4D's Physical Renderer, O'Keeffe was inspired by his interest for highly detailed cross-section 3D designs.I wanted to create naratives and characters within the details. Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies. Everytime you speak the wolf's mouth will move in sync with your mouth making this scary mask even more realistic! Wearing this makes you super scary when you creep up to your loved ones and roar at them as they turn round!! I wanted to create a series of renders that people could spend hours looking at, to see something new with every fresh viewing. Blaine’s personal beef takes him from the conflict with the main bad guy and the FBI.
I got 7.9 on you online PSR and my survival skills are more than up to snuff for any show you might want to put me on. On GamePro TV, they say that Tomb Raider is a lot like Resident Evil, which I guess goes to show that there weren't many good points of reference for that kind of game in 1996. Wolf has made his way into our stores and is ready to give your friends and family a fright. Oh, and it can be rude to write on people's business cards in front of them, but I've seen numerous folks here scribble email addresses or phone numbers on cards—so it really depends on the situation. Plus I felt the concept of protection from the outside world and our attempt to cling onto some form of reality was fascinating. No lie was ever grand enough for Corey, who in reality worked for an arcade game company repairing machines and collecting quarters. Well guess what I am here to tell you that I would be perfect on any of these shows, isn't that awesome?
She still calls him her boyfriend after the vision connecting him and Don E to the murder she’s investigating. He even begs Blaine to help—a refreshing turn in the relationship for the son since he was always the one begging when his caretakers abused him. Most of the actual cars were also modeled by O'Keeffe.Of course, you might ask (as I did), how do you know what to have on-hand for such an untimely and sci-fi event? Basics like water and food are a no-brainer, but the real beauty of the series comes from the personalized bond you feel with the objects in the vehicles—they're all well-known car models and big city fixtures.
One step ahead, Blaine brings in Chief and Candy, both of whom have suffered thanks to Angus.
In effect, O'Keeffe has somehow found a way to make a zombie attack much more personal than any movie or series. Blaine is assured the will, currently drafted to give his abusive caretaker the entire inheritance, will be changed soon. People appreciate the detail and personality of each design, relates O'Keeffe, and "everyone has their favorite." "I've also had people interested in commissioning new pieces personal to them, such as modeling their father's car and filling it with his favorite possessions.
Even modeling and designing whole buildings."From the bookshelf on the upper storage space of the royal mail van to the American flag stuck in the grille of the yellow taxi, O'Keeffe has created extremely realistic renditions of everyday vehicles turned zombie killing machines. And possibly helped save all of our lives in the process.Check out more of Donal O'Keeffe's work on Coroflot or his personal website.

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